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Published July 9, 2020
Expiration date: 8/11/2020

This notice announces an application submitted for a Department of the Army (DA) Permit, subject to Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899 and Section 404 of the Clean Water Act:




the construction, maintenance, repair, and removal of utility lines and associated facilities in “Waters of the United States”

in the state of Illinois


  1. APPLICANT: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District, with regulatory jurisdiction in Illinois is pursuing the development of this regional permit.


  1. LOCATION:  The regional permit will authorize work associated with the discharge of dredged and/or fill material into the Waters of the United States (WOUS), including wetlands, for the construction, maintenance, repair, and removal of utility lines and associated facilities.



a.  Authorized Work.  This Regional General Permit (RGP) authorizes activities required for the construction, maintenance, repair, and removal of utility lines and associated facilities in WOUS, provided the activity does not result in the loss of greater than 1/2-acre of WOUS for each single and complete project.

     b.  Utility lines:  This RGP authorizes discharges of dredged or fill material into WOUS and structures or work in navigable waters for crossings of those waters associated with the construction, maintenance, or repair of utility lines, including outfall and intake structures  There must be no change in pre-construction contours of WOUS.  A “utility line” is defined as any pipe or pipeline for the transportation of any gaseous, liquid, liquescent, or slurry substance, for any purpose, and any cable, line, or wire for the transmission for any purpose of electrical energy, telephone, and telegraph messages, and internet, radio, and television communication.  The term “utility line” does not include activities that drain a WOUS, such as drainage tile or french drains, but it does apply to pipes conveying drainage from another area.  Material resulting from trench excavation may be temporarily side cast into WOUS for no more than three months, provided the material is not placed in such a manner that it is dispersed by currents or other forces.  The District Engineer (DE), may extend the period of temporary side casting for no more than a total of 180 days, where appropriate.  In wetlands, the top 6 to 12 inches of the trench should normally be backfilled with topsoil from the trench.  The trench cannot be constructed or backfilled in such a manner as to drain WOUS (e.g., backfilling with extensive gravel layers, creating a french drain effect).  Any exposed slopes and stream banks must be stabilized immediately upon completion of the utility line crossing of each waterbody.

   c.  Utility line substations:  This RGP authorizes the construction, maintenance, or expansion of substation facilities associated with a power line or utility line in WOUS, provided the activity, in combination with all other activities included in one single and complete project, does not result in the loss of greater than 1/2-acre of WOUS. 

     d.  Foundations for overhead utility line towers, poles, and anchors:  This RGP authorizes the construction or maintenance of foundations for overhead utility line towers, poles, and anchors in all WOUS, provided the foundations are the minimum size necessary and separate footings for each tower leg (rather than a larger single pad) are used where feasible.

     e.  Access roads:  This RGP authorizes the construction of access roads for the construction and maintenance of utility lines, including overhead power lines and utility line substations, in non-tidal WOUS, provided the activity, in combination with all other activities included in one single and complete project, does not cause the loss of greater than 1/2-acre of non-tidal WOUS.  Access roads must be the minimum width necessary.  Access roads must be constructed so that the length of the road minimizes any adverse effects on WOUS and must be as near as possible to pre-construction contours and elevations (e.g., at grade corduroy roads or geotextile/gravel roads).  Access roads constructed above pre-construction contours and elevations in WOUS must be properly bridged or culverted to maintain surface flows.

     f.  This RGP may authorize utility lines in or affecting navigable WOUS even if there is no associated discharge of dredged or fill material (See 33 CFR part 322).  Overhead utility lines constructed over Section 10 waters and utility lines that are routed in or under Section 10 waters without a discharge of dredged or fill material require a section 10 permit.

     g.  This RGP authorizes, to the extent that Department of the Army authorization is required, temporary structures, fills, and work necessary for the remediation of inadvertent returns of drilling fluids to WOUS through sub-soil fissures or fractures that might occur during horizontal directional drilling activities conducted for the purpose of installing or replacing utility lines.  These remediation activities must be done as soon as practicable, to restore the affected waterbody.  DEs may add special conditions to this RGP to require a remediation plan for addressing inadvertent returns of drilling fluids to WOUS during horizontal directional drilling activities conducted for the purpose of installing or replacing utility lines.

     h.  This RGP also authorizes temporary structures, fills, and work, including the use of temporary mats, necessary to conduct the utility line activity.  Appropriate measures must be taken to maintain normal downstream flows and minimize flooding to the maximum extent practicable, when temporary structures, work, and discharges, including cofferdams, are necessary for construction activities, access fills, or dewatering of construction sites.  Temporary fills must consist of materials, and be placed in a manner, that will not be eroded by expected high flows.  After construction, temporary fills must be removed in their entirety and the affected areas returned to pre-construction elevations.  The areas affected by temporary fills must be re-vegetated, as appropriate.

                 Note 1:  For utility line activities crossing a single waterbody more than one time at separate and distant locations, or multiple waterbodies at separate and distant locations, each crossing is considered a single and complete project for purposes of RGP authorization.

                 Note 2:  Utility lines consisting of aerial electric power transmission lines crossing navigable WOUS (which are defined at 33 CFR part 329) must comply with the applicable minimum clearances specified in 33 CFR 322.5(i).

                 Note 3:  Access roads used for both construction and maintenance may be authorized, provided they meet the terms and conditions of this RGP.  Access roads used solely for construction of the utility line must be removed upon completion of the work, in accordance with the requirements for temporary fills.

                 Note 4:  Pipes or pipelines used to transport gaseous, liquid, liquescent, or slurry substances over navigable WOUS are considered to be bridges, not utility lines, and may require a permit from the U.S. Coast Guard pursuant to section 9 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899.  However, any discharges of dredged or fill material into WOUS associated with such pipelines will require a section 404 permit (see RGP 15).

                 Note 5:  This RGP authorizes utility line maintenance and repair activities that do not qualify for the Clean Water Act section 404(f) exemption for maintenance of currently serviceable fills or fill structures.

                 Note 6:  For overhead utility lines authorized by this RGP, a copy of the preconstruction notification and RGP verification will be provided to the Department of Defense Siting Clearinghouse, which will evaluate potential effects on military activities.


4.  Permit Conditions.

     a.  General Conditions

(1)  The permittee must notify the District Engineer (DE) in their respective Corps Regulatory District for authorization of this Regional General Permit (RGP).  The notification must include detailed drawings and sufficient information to determine if the proposed work conforms to the criteria and conditions of the RGP, as well as a mitigation plan (see Section D), if unavoidable stream or wetland impacts will occur as a part of the project.  Department of the Army (DA) permit application (ENG Form 4345) should be used for this purpose.

(2)  The time limit for submittals ends 60 days prior to the expiration of the RGP, unless the RGP is modified, reissued or revoked.  If you find that you need more time to complete the authorized activity, submit your request for a time extension to this office for consideration at least one month before that date is reached.  If you commence or are under contract to commence this activity before the date the RGP is modified or revoked, you will have twelve months from this date to complete your activity under the present terms and conditions of this RGP.

(3)  You must maintain the activity authorized by this permit in good condition and in conformance with the terms and conditions of this permit.  You are not relieved of this requirement if you abandon the permitted activity, although you may make a good faith transfer to a third party.  If you sell the property associated by this permit, you must obtain the signature of the new owner in the space provided and forward a copy of the permit to this office to validate the transfer of this authorization.  Should you wish to cease to maintain the authorized activity or should you desire to abandon it without a good faith transfer, you must obtain a modification of this permit from this office, which may require restoration of the area.

(4)  If you discover any previously unknown historic or archaeological remains while accomplishing the activity authorized by this permit, you must immediately notify this office of what you have found.  We will initiate the Federal and state coordination required to determine if the remains warrant a recovery effort or if the site is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. 

(5)  You must allow representatives from this office to inspect the authorized activity at any time deemed necessary to ensure that it is being or has been accomplished in accordance with the terms and conditions of your permit.

     b.  Special Conditions.

(1)  Riprap, if used for bank stabilization, shall be clean native fieldstone, clean quarry rock, or appropriately graded clean broken concrete with all reinforcing rods and/or wire cut flush with the surface of the concrete.  It shall be the permittee's responsibility to maintain the riprap such that any reinforcement material that becomes exposed in the future is removed.  The concrete pieces shall be appropriately graded and no piece shall be larger than 3 feet across the longest flat surface.  Asphalt, broken concrete containing asphalt, petroleum based material, liquid concrete, and items such as car bodies are specifically excluded from this authorization.

(2)  Measures must be taken for heavy equipment usage in wetland areas to minimize soil disturbance and compaction. 

(3)  Any spoil material excavated, dredged, or otherwise produced, must not be returned to the waterway or wetlands but must be deposited in a self-contained area in compliance with all state statutes.  Any backfilling must be done with clean material and placed in a manner to prevent violation of applicable water quality standards.

     c. Temporary Impacts/Restoration Requirements.

(1)  All areas affected temporarily must be returned to pre-construction contours, and must be re-vegetated with native vegetation if not armored.

(2)  Side slopes of a newly constructed channel will be no steeper than 2:1 and planted with permanent, perennial, native vegetation if not armored.

(3)  If jurisdictional wetlands and/or streams will be excavated within the permit area, the permittee will side-cast and stockpile the topsoil (top 10-12 inches), if practicable and/or if site conditions allow, that is being removed during the initial construction, in order to re-establish the topsoil once construction is complete.  The soil must be returned to its original contours and a re-established topsoil is shall be present prior to the re-planting of vegetation.  This ensures that the organic/hydric soils that were present prior to construction are returned to their natural condition and can provide for a fertile habitat to re-plant vegetation and increase the survival rate of any new habitat.

     d. Mitigation.

(1)  If the cumulative permanent loss of wetland exceeds 0.10 acres or for stream losses greater than 300 linear feet, compensatory mitigation is required and must follow the regulations published in the Federal Register dated April 10, 2008 under 33 CFR Parts 332 and 40 CFR Part 230 – Subpart J entitled “Compensatory Mitigation for Losses of Aquatic Resources,” and any such Corps regulation/guidance that would supplement these mitigation requirements.

(2) The amount of mitigation required will be determined during review for authorization under this permit as per the mitigation rule requirements.  Mitigation must be adequate to offset unavoidable impacts or losses to regulated WOUS.  For all permanent stream losses greater than 300 feet, completion of the appropriate applicable stream mitigation method will determine adequate compensatory stream mitigation.  The Corps has the final approval in determining the appropriate and practicable mitigation necessary.  The discharge of fill material into WOUS prior to Corps approval of the mitigation plan is prohibited. 


5.  Historical/Archaeological

     a. Section 106 consultation is not required when the Corps determines that the activity does not have the potential to cause effects on historic properties (see 36 CFR 800.3(a)).  In cases where the DE determines that the activity may affect properties listed, or eligible for listing, in the National Register of Historic Places (National Register), the activity is not authorized, until the requirements of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) are met.

     b. Federal permittee’s should follow their own procedures for complying with the requirements of Section 106 of NHPA, permittee’s must provide the DE with the appropriate documentation to demonstrate compliance with those requirements.

     c.  Non-federal permittee's must submit information to the DE if the authorized activity may have the potential to cause effects to any historic properties listed, determined to be eligible for listing on, or potentially eligible for listing on the National Register, including previously unidentified properties.  For such activities, the information must state which historic properties may be affected by the proposed work and include a vicinity map indicating the location of the historic properties or the potential for the presence of historic properties.  Assistance regarding information on the location of or potential for the presence of historic resources can be sought from the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) or Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO), as appropriate, and the National Register (see 33 CFR 330.4(g)).  The DE shall make a reasonable and good faith effort to ensure that appropriate identification efforts are carried out, which may include background research, consultation, history interviews, sample field investigation, and field survey.  Based on the information submitted and these efforts, the DE shall determine whether the proposed activity has the potential to cause an effect on the historic properties.  Where the non-Federal applicant has identified historic properties which the activity may have the potential to cause effects, and so notified the Corps, the non-Federal applicant shall not begin the activity until notified by the DE either that the activity has no potential to cause effects, or that consultation under Section 106 of the NHPA has been completed.

     d. The DE will notify the prospective permittee within 45 days of receipt of a complete application whether NHPA Section 106 consultation is required.  Section 106 consultation is not required when the Corps determines that the activity does not have the potential to cause effects on historic properties (see 36 CFR 800.3(a)).  If NHPA Section 106 consultation is required the non-Federal applicant cannot begin work until Section 106 consultation is completed.

     e.  Permittee’s should be aware that section 110k of the NHPA (16 U.S.C. 16 470h-2(k)) prevents the Corps from granting a permit or other assistance to an applicant who, with intent to avoid the requirements of Section 106 of the NHPA has intentionally significantly adversely affected a historic property to which the permit would relate, or having legal power to prevent it, allowed such significant adverse effect to occur, unless the Corps, after consultation with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), determines that circumstances justify granting such assistance despite the adverse effect created or permitted by the applicant.  If circumstances justify granting the assistance, the Corps is required to notify the ACHP and provide documentation specifying the circumstances, explaining the degree of damage to the integrity of any historic properties affected, and proposed mitigation.  This documentation must include any views obtained from the applicant, SHPO/THPO, appropriate Indian tribes if the undertaking occurs on or affects historic properties on tribal lands or affects properties of interest to those tribes, and other parties known to have a legitimate interest in the impacts to the permitted activity on historic properties.



6.  Endangered Species

     a. No activity is authorized under this RGP which is likely to directly or indirectly jeopardize the continued existence of a threatened or endangered species or a species proposed for such designation, as identified under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), or which will directly or indirectly destroy or adversely modify the critical habitat of such species.  No activity is authorized under this RGP which “may affect” a listed species or critical habitat, unless Section 7 consultation addressing the effects of the proposed activity has been completed to address the effects of the proposed activity on a listed species or critical habitat.

     b. Federal permittees and their designated state agencies should follow their own procedures for complying with the requirements of the ESA.  Federal permittees must provide the Corps with the appropriate documentation to demonstrate compliance with those requirements.  The Corps will review the documentation and determine whether it is sufficient to address ESA compliance for the activity, or whether additional ESA consultation is necessary.

     c. Non-federal permittees must provide the Corps with the appropriate documentation to demonstrate compliance with the ESA.  If the authorized activity may have the potential to effect any listed species or designated critical habitat might be affected or is in the vicinity of the project, or is located in designated critical habitat, permittee shall not begin work on the activity until notified by the DE that the requirements of the ESA have been satisfied and that the activity is authorized.  For activities that may affect Federally-listed endangered or threatened species or designated critical habitat, the notification must include the name(s) of the endangered or threatened species that may be affected by the proposed work or that utilize the designated critical habitat that may be affected by the proposed work.  The DE will determine whether the proposed activity “may affect” or will have “no effect” on listed species and designated critical habitat. 

     d. Authorization of an activity by this RGP does not authorize the "take" of a threatened or endangered species as defined under the ESA.  In the absence of separate authorization (e.g., an ESA Section 10 Permit, a Biological Opinion with "incidental take" provisions, etc.) from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), both lethal and non-lethal "takes" of protected species are in violation of the ESA.  Information on the location of threatened and endangered species and their critical habitat can be obtained directly from the USFWS webpage.


7.  Public Interest Review.  The decision whether to issue the Corps permit will be based on an evaluation of the probable impact including cumulative impacts of the proposed activity on the public interest.  That decision will reflect the national concern for both protection and utilization of important resources.  The benefit which reasonably may be expected to accrue from the proposal must be balanced against its reasonably foreseeable detriments.  All factors which may be relevant to the proposal will be considered including the cumulative effects thereof; among those are conservation, economics, aesthetics, general environmental concerns, wetlands, cultural values, fish and wildlife values, flood hazards, floodplain values, land use, navigation, shoreline erosion and accretion, recreation, water supply and conservation, water quality, energy needs, safety, food production and, in general, the needs and welfare of the people.


8.  Who Should Reply.  The Corps of Engineers is soliciting comments from the public; Federal, State, and local agencies and officials; Indian tribes; and other interested parties in order to consider and evaluate the impacts of this proposed activity.  It is presumed that all interested parties and agencies will wish to respond; therefore, a lack of response will be interpreted as meaning that there is no objection to the proposed project.  Any comments received will be considered by the Corps of Engineers to determine whether to issue, modify, condition or deny a permit for this proposal.  To make this decision, comments are used to assess impacts on endangered species, historic properties, water quality, general environmental effects, and the other public interest factors listed above.  Comments are used in the preparation of an Environmental Assessment and/or an Environmental Impact Statement pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act.  Comments are also used to determine the need for a public hearing and to determine the overall public interest of the proposed activity. These statements should be submitted on or before the expiration date specified at the top of page 1.  These statements should bear upon the adequacy of plans and suitability of locations and should, if appropriate, suggest any changes considered desirable.


9.  Public Hearing Requests.  Any person may request, in writing, within the comment period specified in this notice, that a public hearing be held to consider this application.  Requests for public hearings shall state, with particularity, the reasons for holding a public hearing.  A request may be denied if substantive reasons for holding a hearing are not provided.


10.  Reply to the Corps of Engineers.  Comments concerning the Corps permit should be addressed to the District Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District, ATTN: RDS (Meagan Knuckles), P.O. Box 59, Louisville, Kentucky 40201-0059


A copy of this notice is located on Louisville District's Internet site at  All comments regarding this proposal should be addressed to Meagan Knuckles, CELRL-RDS at the address noted above and should refer to the Public Notice Number LRL-2020-00559-mlk. 

If you desire to submit your comments by email, you must comply with the following:

    a) In the subject line of your email, type in ONLY the Public Notice ID No. LRL-2020-00559-mlk.


                                                                 Subject: Public Notice LRL-2020-00559-mlk

    b) Provide your physical mailing address and telephone number.

    c) Send your email to:

    d) If you are sending attachments greater than 1 Mb in size with your email, you must send a hard copy (CD or paper) to the Corps’ physical address as well.

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LRL-2013-635 Public NoticeLRL-2013-635 Public Notice3/9/20167.13 MB
LRL-2013-680 Public NoticeLRL-2013-680 Public Notice2/26/2014Unknown
LRL-2013-729 Public NoticeLRL-2013-729 Public Notice9/30/20141.09 MB
LRL-2013-739 PN ProspectusLRL-2013-739 PN Prospectus12/2/2013Unknown
LRL-2013-739 Public NoticeLRL-2013-739 Public Notice12/2/2013Unknown
LRL-2013-742 Public NoticeLRL-2013-742 Public Notice4/22/2014Unknown
LRL-2013-757 Public NoticeLRL-2013-757 Public Notice11/21/2013Unknown
LRL-2013-83 Public NoticeLRL-2013-83 Public Notice9/1/20151.29 MB
LRL-2013-86 Public NoticeLRL-2013-86 Public Notice4/24/2018Unknown
LRL-2013-906 Public NoticeLRL-2013-906 Public Notice12/22/20152.86 MB
LRL-2013-907 Public NoticeLRL-2013-907 Public Notice3/26/20158.03 MB
LRL-2013-917 Public NoticeLRL-2013-917 Public Notice3/5/2014Unknown
LRL-2013-919 Public NoticeLRL-2013-919 Public Notice11/8/2013Unknown
LRL-2014-00500 Public NoticeLRL-2014-00500 Public Notice1/3/2018Unknown
LRL-2014-00685 Public NoticeLRL-2014-00685 Public Notice3/10/20161.03 MB
LRL-2014-100 Public NoticeLRL-2014-100 Public Notice7/15/2014174.73 KB
LRL-2014-100 Public NoticeLRL-2014-100 Public Notice5/31/2018Unknown
LRL-2014-100 Public Notice ProspectusLRL-2014-100 Public Notice Prospectus7/15/20144.39 MB
LRL-2014-145 Public NoticeLRL-2014-145 Public Notice6/5/20141.23 MB
LRL-2014-182 Public NoticeLRL-2014-182 Public Notice6/18/2014Unknown
LRL-2014-196 Public NoticeLRL-2014-196 Public Notice1/20/20151.01 MB
LRL-2014-235 Public NoticeLRL-2014-235 Public Notice5/16/2014Unknown
LRL-2014-24 Public NoticeLRL-2014-24 Public Notice7/25/20141.03 MB
LRL-2014-299 Public NoticeLRL-2014-299 Public Notice12/3/20142.72 MB
LRL-2014-299-b Public NoticeLRL-2014-299-b Public Notice8/18/2016Unknown
LRL-2014-310 Public NoticeLRL-2014-310 Public Notice12/18/20142.60 MB
LRL-2014-336 Public NoticeLRL-2014-336 Public Notice8/5/20141.69 MB
LRL-2014-346 Public NoticeLRL-2014-346 Public Notice3/12/20152.52 MB
LRL-2014-374 Public NoticeLRL-2014-374 Public Notice12/16/20151.43 MB
LRL-2014-408 Public NoticeLRL-2014-408 Public Notice12/15/2017Unknown
LRL-2014-408-A-teh Public NoticeLRL-2014-408-A-teh Public Notice1/8/2018Unknown
LRL-2014-417-mdh Public NoticeLRL-2014-417-mdh Public Notice4/14/2016576.61 KB
LRL-2014-5-1 Public NoticeLRL-2014-5-1 Public Notice4/18/2014Unknown
LRL-2014-515 Public NoticeLRL-2014-515 Public Notice9/17/20141.61 MB
LRL-2014-5-2 Ext PN for Proposed RuleLRL-2014-5-2 Ext PN for Proposed Rule9/22/201468.94 KB
LRL-2014-5-2 Public NoticeLRL-2014-5-2 Public Notice6/13/201445.69 KB
LRL-2014-5-2 Public NoticeLRL-2014-5-2 Public Notice10/14/201443.28 KB
LRL-2014-53 Public NoticeLRL-2014-53 Public Notice3/20/2014Unknown
LRL-2014-54 Public NoticeLRL-2014-54 Public Notice12/19/20142.52 MB
LRL-2014-599 Public NoticeLRL-2014-599 Public Notice8/6/20141.04 MB
LRL-2014-603 Public NoticeLRL-2014-603 Public Notice11/21/20141.56 MB
LRL-2014-604 Public NoticeLRL-2014-604 Public Notice9/2/2014694.41 KB
LRL-2014-617 Public NoticeLRL-2014-617 Public Notice5/5/2015802.68 KB
LRL-2014-621 Public NoticeLRL-2014-621 Public Notice8/27/20145.18 MB
LRL-2014-648 PN Reissuance of RGPLRL-2014-648 PN Reissuance of RGP12/19/2014188.63 KB
LRL-2014-648 Public Notice - RGP 001LRL-2014-648 Public Notice - RGP 0019/3/2014209.27 KB
LRL-2014-664 Public NoticeLRL-2014-664 Public Notice8/18/20159.93 MB
LRL-2014-665 Public NoticeLRL-2014-665 Public Notice5/11/20151.70 MB
LRL-2014-671 Public NoticeLRL-2014-671 Public Notice9/17/20142.21 MB
LRL-2014-710 Public NoticeLRL-2014-710 Public Notice11/20/2014765.17 KB
LRL-2014-725 Public NoticeLRL-2014-725 Public Notice12/22/20141.31 MB
LRL-2014-728-mck Public NoticeLRL-2014-728-mck Public Notice10/4/2016Unknown
LRL-2014-798 Public NoticeLRL-2014-798 Public Notice10/23/20151.72 MB
LRL-2014-859 Public NoticeLRL-2014-859 Public Notice7/11/2018Unknown
LRL-2014-868 Public NoticeLRL-2014-868 Public Notice3/14/20163.54 MB
LRL-2014-885 Public NoticeLRL-2014-885 Public Notice2/2/2015504.17 KB
LRL-2014-927 Public NoticeLRL-2014-927 Public Notice2/24/20154.30 MB
LRL-2014-947 Public NoticeLRL-2014-947 Public Notice1/28/201510.44 MB
LRL-2014-954 Public NoticeLRL-2014-954 Public Notice1/6/20152.86 MB
LRL-2015-11 Public NoticeLRL-2015-11 Public Notice1/8/20153.74 MB
LRL-2015-21 Public NoticeLRL-2015-21 Public Notice3/6/201510.12 MB
LRL-2015-225 Public NoticeLRL-2015-225 Public Notice9/22/20151.68 MB
LRL-2015-236 Public NoticeLRL-2015-236 Public Notice4/4/20161.62 MB
LRL-2015-282 Public NoticeLRL-2015-282 Public Notice7/21/2015843.79 KB
LRL-2015-329 Public NoticeLRL-2015-329 Public Notice6/6/2017Unknown
LRL-2015-400 Public NoticeLRL-2015-400 Public Notice8/13/20152.36 MB
LRL-2015-417 Public NoticeLRL-2015-417 Public Notice6/16/20152.55 MB
LRL-2015-486 Public NoticeLRL-2015-486 Public Notice7/15/2016Unknown
LRL-2015-518 Public NoticeLRL-2015-518 Public Notice1/26/20165.03 MB
LRL-2015-552 Public NoticeLRL-2015-552 Public Notice3/7/20161.84 MB
LRL-2015-558 Public NoticeLRL-2015-558 Public Notice8/14/201519.37 KB
LRL-2015-558-2 Public NoticeLRL-2015-558-2 Public Notice12/18/2015170.00 KB
LRL-2015-578 Public NoticeLRL-2015-578 Public Notice8/27/20151.26 MB
LRL-2015-59 Public NoticeLRL-2015-59 Public Notice8/4/2017Unknown
LRL-2015-614 1Public NoticeLRL-2015-614 1Public Notice2/18/20163.48 MB
LRL-2015-636 Public NoticeLRL-2015-636 Public Notice1/13/20162.21 MB
LRL-2015-645 Public NoticeLRL-2015-645 Public Notice8/19/2015268.14 KB
LRL-2015-684 Public NoticeLRL-2015-684 Public Notice10/26/20151.37 MB
LRL-2015-698 Public NoticeLRL-2015-698 Public Notice1/26/20161.36 MB
LRL-2015-749-sjk Public NoticeLRL-2015-749-sjk Public Notice4/18/2017Unknown
LRL-2015-756-sjk Public NoticeLRL-2015-756-sjk Public Notice10/19/2016Unknown
LRL-2015-785 Public NoticeLRL-2015-785 Public Notice11/19/20157.00 MB
LRL-2015-809 Public NoticeLRL-2015-809 Public Notice1/6/2016766.56 KB
LRL-2015-844 Public NoticeLRL-2015-844 Public Notice6/27/2016Unknown
LRL-2015-868 - 2 Public NoticeLRL-2015-868 - 2 Public Notice6/7/2016Unknown
LRL-2015-868-mdh Public NoticeLRL-2015-868-mdh Public Notice6/3/20161.59 MB
LRL-2015-926 Public NoticeLRL-2015-926 Public Notice7/6/2016Unknown
LRL-2015-949-teh Public NoticeLRL-2015-949-teh Public Notice9/23/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-00006 IN 2017 NWP Public NoticeLRL-2016-00006 IN 2017 NWP Public Notice6/14/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-00006 Public NoticeLRL-2016-00006 Public Notice6/8/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-00006-kjs IN Public NoticeLRL-2016-00006-kjs IN Public Notice3/23/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-00006-mck PN for 2017 NWPsLRL-2016-00006-mck PN for 2017 NWPs3/23/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-00014-gjd Public NoticeLRL-2016-00014-gjd Public Notice3/1/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-00065 Public Notice 5/26/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-00110-gjd Public NoticeLRL-2016-00110-gjd Public Notice2/3/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-00148 Public NoticeLRL-2016-00148 Public Notice12/5/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-1036-pjl Public NoticeLRL-2016-1036-pjl Public Notice12/19/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-1070-pjl Public NoticeLRL-2016-1070-pjl Public Notice1/12/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-1083 Public NoticeLRL-2016-1083 Public Notice3/30/2018Unknown
LRL-2016-111-sam Public NoticeLRL-2016-111-sam Public Notice6/7/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-1145-jea Public NoticeLRL-2016-1145-jea Public Notice1/24/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-114-mdh Public NoticeLRL-2016-114-mdh Public Notice1/9/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-1165-mck Public NoticeLRL-2016-1165-mck Public Notice1/13/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-1201-jea Public NoticeLRL-2016-1201-jea Public Notice2/2/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-1202-pjl Public NoticeLRL-2016-1202-pjl Public Notice2/7/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-138 Public NoticeLRL-2016-1386/1/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-210 Public NoticeLRL-2016-210 Public Notice3/9/20163.68 MB
LRL-2016-229 Public NoticeLRL-2016-229 Public Notice3/16/20161.93 MB
LRL-2016-239 Public NoticeLRL-2016-239 Public Notice3/8/2016885.87 KB
LRL-2016-257 Public NoticeLRL-2016-257 Public Notice9/21/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-272-kjs Public NoticeLRL-2016-272-kjs Public Notice7/20/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-310-pjl Public NoticeLRL-2016-310-pjl Public Notice4/1/20161.80 MB
LRL-2016-322-lae Public NoticeLRL-2016-322-lae Public Notice6/16/20161.33 MB
LRL-2016-435-mad Public NoticeLRL-2016-435-mad Public Notice1/17/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-46 PNLRL-2016-46 PN12/4/2018Unknown
LRL-2016-46 Public NoticeLRL-2016-46 Public Notice7/8/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-46 Public NoticeLRL-2016-46 Public Notice12/3/2018Unknown
LRL-2016-481 Public NoticeLRL-2016-481 Public Notice12/6/2018Unknown
LRL-2016-516-kjs Public NoticeLRL-2016-516-kjs Public Notice12/21/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-525 Public NoticeLRL-2016-525 Public Notice8/31/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-6 Federal Register NoticeLRL-2016-6 Federal Register Notice1/10/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-6 Public NoticeLRL-2016-6 Public Notice1/10/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-630-mad Public NoticeLRL-2016-630-mad Public Notice2/9/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-718 Public NoticeLRL-2016-718 Public Notice7/27/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-762-pjl Public NoticeLRL-2016-762-pjl Public Notice5/1/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-808-jlb Public NoticeLRL-2016-808-jlb Public Notice9/15/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-821-mdh Public NoticeLRL-2016-821-mdh Public Notice3/10/2017Unknown
LRL-2016-853 Public NoticeLRL-2016-853 Public Notice7/24/2018Unknown
LRL-2016-935-mad Public NoticeLRL-2016-935-mad Public Notice12/30/2016Unknown
LRL-2016-989-mdh Public NoticeLRL-2016-989-mdh Public Notice11/22/2016Unknown
LRL-2017-00021-kjs Public NoticeLRL-2017-00021-kjs Public Notice6/5/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-00028 Public NoticeLRL-2017-00028 Public Notice3/12/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-00028 Public NoticeLRL-2017-00028 Public Notice3/12/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-00092 Public NoticeLRL-2017-00092 Public Notice10/11/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-00099-gjd Public NoticeLRL-2017-00099-gjd Public Notice1/31/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-00798 Joint Public NoticeLRL-2017-00798 Joint Public Notice4/17/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-01110 Public NoticeLRL-2017-01110 Public Notice11/27/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-104 Public NoticeLRL-2017-104 Public Notice8/16/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-104 Public NoticeLRL-2017-104 Public Notice5/31/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-108 Public NoticeLRL-2017-108 Public Notice2/13/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-109-pjl Public NoticeLRL-2017-109-pjl Public Notice3/23/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-110 -pjl Public NoticeLRL-2017-110 -pjl Public Notice5/11/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-1190 Public NoticeLRL-2017-1190 Public Notice12/21/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-19 Public NoticeLRL-2017-19 Public Notice1/24/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-249-gjd Public NoticeLRL-2017-249-gjd Public Notice4/20/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-269-mad Public NoticeLRL-2017-269-mad Public Notice5/10/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-274-pjl Public NoticeLRL-2017-274-pjl Public Notice5/5/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-292 Public NoticeLRL-2017-292 Public Notice10/11/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-365-gjd Public NoticeLRL-2017-365-gjd Public Notice6/22/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-418 Public NoticeLRL-2017-418 Public Notice9/14/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-46 Public NoticeLRL-2017-46 Public Notice9/21/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-496 Public NoticeLRL-2017-496 Public Notice9/7/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-54 Public NoticeLRL-2017-54 Public Notice12/18/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-565 Public NoticeLRL-2017-565 Public Notice8/30/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-612 Public NoticeLRL-2017-612 Public Notice12/8/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-632 Public NoticeLRL-2017-632 Public Notice2/14/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-660 Public NoticeLRL-2017-660 Public Notice4/12/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-724 Public NoticeLRL-2017-724 Public Notice8/29/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-768 Public NoticeLRL-2017-768 Public Notice8/28/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-812 Public NoticeLRL-2017-812 Public Notice9/13/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-812 W/D Public NoticeLRL-2017-812 W/D Public Notice9/22/2017Unknown
LRL-2017-879 Public NoticeLRL-2017-879 Public Notice1/25/2018Unknown
LRL-2017-899 Public NoticeLRL-2017-899 Public Notice3/9/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-00073 Public NoticeLRL-2018-00073 Public Notice8/16/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-00461 Public NoticeLRL-2018-00461 Public Notice7/27/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-156 Amended Public NoticeLRL-2018-156 Amended Public Notice8/3/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-156 Public NoticeLRL-2018-156 Public Notice7/25/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-246 Public NoticeLRL-2018-246 Public Notice4/20/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-265 Public NoticeLRL- 2018-265 Public Notice8/3/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-265-Public NoticeLRL-2018-265-Public Notice8/3/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-268 Public NoticeLRL-2018-268 Public Notice9/12/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-294 Public NoticeLRL-2018-294 Public Notice3/30/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-321 Public NoticeLRL-2018-321 Public Notice4/11/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-352 Public NoticeLRL-2018-352 Public Notice8/23/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-43 Public NoticeLRL-2018-43 Public Notice4/17/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-465 Public NoticeLRL-2018-465 Public Notice7/5/20182.30 MB
LRL-2018-572 Public NoticeLRL-2018-572 Public Notice11/30/2018Unknown
LRL-2018-581 Public NoticeLRL-2018-581 Public Notice9/13/20182.49 MB
LRL-2018-602_Public NoticeLRL-2018-602 Public Notice11/30/20182.95 MB
LRL-2018-632-letPublic Notice1/15/2019Unknown
LRL-2018-642 Public NoticeLRL-2018-642 Public Notice8/1/2018671.87 KB
LRL-2018-691 Public NoticeLRL-2018-691 Public Notice8/15/20182.46 MB
LRL-2018-70 Public NoticeLRL-2018-70 Public Notice11/1/20181.66 MB
LRL-2018-708 Public NoticeLRL-2018-708 Public Notice8/15/20181.41 MB
LRL-2018-72 Public NoticeLRL-2018-72 Public Notice11/1/20181.23 MB
LRL-2018-74 Public NoticeLRL-20108-74 Public Notice11/9/20189.38 MB
LRL-2018-75 Public NoticeLRL-2018-75 Public Notice11/1/20181.71 MB
LRL-2018-784 Public NoticeLRL-2018-784 Public Notice9/19/2018600.93 KB
LRL-2018-785 Public NoticeLRL-2018-785 Public Notice9/19/2018597.30 KB
LRL-2018-831 Public NoticeLRL-2018-831 Public Notice10/26/20182.59 MB
LRL-2018-963 Public NoticeLRL-2018-963 Public Notice12/6/20183.04 MB
PN 2013-01-LRD PN 2013-01-LRD 8/15/2013Unknown
PN 2016-01-LRD Proposed TN RealignmentPN 2016-01-LRD Proposed TN Realignment2/17/2016341.88 KB
Public Notice - CWA Interpretive Rule for 404(f)(1)(A) WitdrawalPublic Notice - CWA Interpretive Rule for 404(f)(1)(A) Witdrawal2/2/201524.70 KB
Public Notice LRL-2017-708Public Notice LRL-2017-7088/16/2017Unknown
Public Notice No. LRL-2017-273-mckPublic Notice No. LRL-2017-273-mck5/10/2017Unknown