About Louisville District Water Quality

The Water Quality Team is responsible for monitoring and evaluating water quality in the 17* reservoirs and 542 river miles of the Ohio River that are within the Louisville District civil works boundaries. This effort includes measurement of selected physical, chemical, and biological parameters at river and lake project stations, including Biological assessments  and harmful algal bloom (HAB) response.

Lake project personnel take frequent and regular measurements of temperature and dissolved oxygen at the dam site during lake stratification, which are made available on the Water Quality Data and Reports page.  For tailwater temperatures outside of lake stratification, go to Observations of All Lakes.

*Prior to October 1, 2020, the Louisville District Water Quality Team was responsible for 20 reservoirs. However, the three Upper Wabash reservoirs (J. Edward Roush Lake, Mississinewa Lake, and Salamonie Lake) are currently under the authority of the Chicago District Water Quality Program


The Louisville District website (lrl.usace.army.mil) is moving to the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division website (lrd.usace.army.mil). This website is scheduled to be decommissioned on July 15, 2024. Please update all saved links to www.lrd.usace.army.mil.

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