Section 408

Through the Civil Works program, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) serves the public by providing the Nation with quality and responsive management of the Nation’s water resources.  As a result, USACE, in partnership with stakeholders, has constructed many Civil Works projects across the Nation’s landscape.  Given the widespread locations of these projects, many embedded within communities, over time there may be a need for others outside of USACE to alter or occupy these projects and their associated lands.  Reasons for alterations could include improvements to the projects; relocation of part of the project; or installing utilities or other non-project features.  In order to ensure that these projects continue to provide their intended benefits to the public, Congress mandated that any use or alteration of a Civil Works project by another party is subject to the approval of USACE.  This requirement was established in Section 14 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899, which has since been amended several times and is codified at 33 USC 408 (Section 408).  Section 408 provides that USACE may grant permission for another party to alter a Civil Works project upon a determination that the alteration proposed will not be injurious to the public interest and will not impair the usefulness of the Civil Works project.

Information regarding requests to pursue Section 408 approval for an alteration can be found in the following link: Section 408 Requests 


In order to facilitate the synchronization of USACE, Louisville District, business processes related to the Regulatory Program (Section 10/404 reviews) and the Section 408 Program reviews, applicants can provide one submittal that includes both the Section 10/404 application and the request for the Section 408 permission to the email address below.

 Submit proposed projects using the forms provided on the "Obtain A Permit" page to the email address below:



Mr. Eric Reusch – Regulatory Division Chief (502) 315-6692

Mr. Matt Dennis – Section 408 Regulatory POC (502) 315-6689

Mr. Junette Toe – Section 408 Coordinator (502) 315-6495