Projects and Review Plans

Avon, Hendricks County, IN
- CAP Section 14 Review Plan (2017)

Barren River Lake, KY, Water Supply Storage Reallocation
Approved Review Plan (2018)

Barren Lake, KY WCM Review Plan
- WCM Review Plan, Rev. 2 June 2014

Beargrass Creek Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study - Final Report  (Appendices can be found here)

Floyd's Fork, Louisville, KY, Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Study
- Final Integrated Detailed Project Report and Environmental Assessment (August 2021)
- Decision Document Review Plan -- Approved May 2019

Green and Barren Disposition Study, KY
- Decision/Feasibility (2013)
Kentucky River Locks and Dams 1-4 Disposition Study

Ledbetter, KY, CAP Sec. 14 Streambank Stabilization Study
- Review Plan (April 2021)
- Detailed Project Report with Integrated Environmental Assessment (May 2021)

Lewistown Sanitary Sewer Collection System

Louisville Levee System Evaluation
Review Plan - LRD Approval Memo 2014
Review Plan (Approved)

Metro Louisville, KY, Feasibility Study
- Feasibility Study Final Report
- Louisville Metro Proposed Chief's Report
- Feasibility Study with Integrated Environmental Assessment Nov. 2019
- Notice of Availability Nov. 2019
Review Plan -- July 2019
- LRD Approval Memo -- July 2019

Mill Creek, OH - Flood Damage Reduction Project
Approval memo
- Review plan   

Morehead, KY, Water Supply Reallocation Feasibility Study at Cave Run Lake
- Integrated Feasibility Study & Environmental Assessment (October 2021)
Review Plan (August 2021)

Mt. Vernon, Sec 531 Environmental Infrastructure 
Finding of No Significant Impact (Dec 2020)

Nolin Lake, KY WCM Review Plan
- WCM Review Plan (June 2014) Approval 6 May 2015

Northern Kentucky Ecosystem Restoration
- Draft Final - Detailed Project Report and Environmental Assessment -- September 2019
-​ Decision Document Review Plan -- Approved May 2019

Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO)

Ohio Riverfront - Cincinnati, Ohio
- Design and Implementation (2014)
- Approval Memo (2014)

Olmsted Lock and Dam
Implementation (2013)
In the Dry (2012)
Post Authorization Change Report

Ohio River Shoreline, Paducah, KY LFPP
Design and Construction (2013)
Decision/Feasibility (2009)

Portland Wharf, Louisville, KY
- CAP 14 Design and Implementation Review Plan (2015)

Wabash and Ohio River Dikes
Vermilion County, IL CAP Sect 14, Emergency Streambank Stabilization Feasibility Study

LRD Regional Review Plans

    - CAP Sections 14, 107, 111, 204, 206, 208, and 1135 Model (2014 Update)
    - 2014 MSC Update Approval -   Commanding General Approval Memorandum (2012) 
    - Environmental Infrastructure Model (2012)
    - Great Lakes Fisheries and Ecosystem restoration Model (2012)
    - Operations and Maintenance (2012)
    - LRD_Sect408_Regional_Procedural_ReviewPlan.pdf

USACE National Review Plans

    - Operations and Maintenance (2013)

USACE Review Plan Policy and Guidance

    - EC 1165-2-217 - Civil Works Review (2018)


Independent External Peer Review (IEPR) is required under EC 1165-2-214 for decision documents.  IEPR documents for projects within the Louisville District boundaries can be viewed using the link below.

LRL Reports and Comment Responses

Project Partnership Agreements

A Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) is a legally-binding agreement between the Government and a non-federal sponsor (state, municipal government, flood control district, port authority, etc.) for construction of a water resources project. It describes the project and the responsibilities of the Government and the non-federal sponsor in the cost-sharing and execution of work.

Project Partnership Agreements (1997-Present) 


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