Projects and Review Plans

Avon, Hendricks County, IN
- CAP Section 14 Review Plan (2017)

Barren River Lake, KY, Water Supply Storage Reallocation
Approved Review Plan (2018)

Barren Lake, KY WCM Review Plan
- WCM Review Plan, Rev. 2 June 2014

Beargrass Creek Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study - Final Report  (Appendices can be found here)

Buckhorn Sanitary Sewer Relocation, Raw Water Intake, and Water Treatment Plant Project
Cave Run Lake
Chickasaw Park, Louisville, Ky.
Green and Barren Disposition Study, KY
- Decision/Feasibility (2013)
Indiana Department of Natural Resources Hovey Lake Fish & Wildlife Area Moist Soil Wetland Units
Indiana Lakes (USACE) Projects 
Kentucky River Locks and Dams 1-4 Disposition Study

Ledbetter, KY, CAP Sec. 14 Streambank Stabilization Study
- Review Plan (April 2021)
- Detailed Project Report with Integrated Environmental Assessment (May 2021)

Lewistown Sanitary Sewer Collection System

Louisville Levee System Evaluation
Review Plan - LRD Approval Memo 2014
Review Plan (Approved)

Madison, Indiana 

Metro Louisville, KY, Feasibility Study
- Feasibility Study Final Report
- Louisville Metro Proposed Chief's Report
- Feasibility Study with Integrated Environmental Assessment Nov. 2019
- Notice of Availability Nov. 2019
Review Plan -- July 2019
- LRD Approval Memo -- July 2019

Mill Creek, OH - Flood Damage Reduction Project
Approval memo
- Review plan   

Morehead, KY, Water Supply Reallocation Feasibility Study at Cave Run Lake
- Integrated Feasibility Study & Environmental Assessment (October 2021)
Review Plan (August 2021)

Mt. Vernon, Sec 531 Environmental Infrastructure 
Finding of No Significant Impact (Dec 2020)

Nolin Lake, KY WCM Review Plan
- WCM Review Plan (June 2014) Approval 6 May 2015

Northern Kentucky Ecosystem Restoration
- Draft Final - Detailed Project Report and Environmental Assessment -- September 2019
-​ Decision Document Review Plan -- Approved May 2019

Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO)

Ohio Riverfront - Cincinnati, Ohio
- Design and Implementation (2014)
- Approval Memo (2014)

Olmsted Lock and Dam
Implementation (2013)
In the Dry (2012)
Post Authorization Change Report

Ohio River Shoreline, Paducah, KY LFPP
Design and Construction (2013)
Decision/Feasibility (2009)

Portland Wharf, Louisville, KY
- CAP 14 Design and Implementation Review Plan (2015)

Rough River Dam Safety Modification Project  (webpage)
Russells Point, Logan County, Ohio
Section 594 Ohio and North Dakota Environmental Infrastructure Program 
Summerford, Ohio
Wabash and Ohio River Dikes
Vermilion County, IL CAP Sect 14, Emergency Streambank Stabilization Feasibility Study

LRD Regional Review Plans

    - CAP Sections 14, 107, 111, 204, 206, 208, and 1135 Model (2014 Update)
    - 2014 MSC Update Approval -   Commanding General Approval Memorandum (2012) 
    - Environmental Infrastructure Model (2012)
    - Great Lakes Fisheries and Ecosystem restoration Model (2012)
    - Operations and Maintenance (2012)
    - LRD_Sect408_Regional_Procedural_ReviewPlan.pdf

USACE National Review Plans

    - Operations and Maintenance (2013)

USACE Review Plan Policy and Guidance

    - EC 1165-2-217 - Civil Works Review (2018)

Other Review Plans


Independent External Peer Review (IEPR) is required under EC 1165-2-214 for decision documents.  IEPR documents for projects within the Louisville District boundaries can be viewed using the link below.

LRL Reports and Comment Responses

Project Partnership Agreements

A Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) is a legally-binding agreement between the Government and a non-federal sponsor (state, municipal government, flood control district, port authority, etc.) for construction of a water resources project. It describes the project and the responsibilities of the Government and the non-federal sponsor in the cost-sharing and execution of work.

Project Partnership Agreements (1997-Present) 


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