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Louisville District Military Design Guide (LDMDG)

The Louisville District Military Design Guide (LDMDG) provides guidance regarding criteria, submittals, review processes, and other requirements applicable to military projects executed for the Louisville District, USACE.  The LDMDG applies to Army Reserve projects only to the extent specified in AE or construction contracts; for Army Reserve guidance, see the Design Process and Submittal Requirements at

The LDMDG is separated into 18 chapters.  Where a chapter is still under-development, comply with all other existing applicable criteria and the contract.  AE and contractors may refer questions regarding the material to the Contracting Officer's Representative.  USACE personnel may address questions and comments to the proponent listed within the relevant chapter.

Each chapter is effective as of the date listed below.  Comply with the chapter versions in effect at the time of contract solicitation for AE and contractor projects or at the time the ED Services agreement is signed for USACE in-house projects. 

Previous versions of the chapters will be found using the Archives link.  Versions no longer stored with the archives can be found by contacting the Contracting Officer's Representative for AE or contractors or the chapter proponent for USACE personnel.  Archives

Chapter 1 - General_20210308

Chapter 2 - Deliverables_20211101

Chapter 3 - Civil_20230823

Chapter  4 - Structural_20160503

Chapter  5 - Architecture_20151201

Chapter  6 - Interiors_20151001

Chapter 7 - Mechanical_20200720

Chapter 8 - Electrical_20201201

Chapter  9 - LSFP&ATFP_20160630

Chapter 10 - Energy&Sust_20200803

Chapter 11 - Cost_20230414

Chapter 12 - Geotechnical_20190207

Chapter 13 - Survey_20151201

Chapter 14 - Environmental Considerations_20200513

Chapter 15 - CADDBIM_20200908

Chapter 16 - Commissioning_20200803

Engineering Considerations and Instructions for Field Personnel

Fire Protection/Life Safety Code Submittal

LRL ATFP Standards Review Checklist (Antiterrorism)