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The Real Estate Division

Our Mission:
Deliver world class quality real estate products and services, on time, within budget and in accordance with statutes and policies, serving our nation in peace and war.
The Real Estate Division provides the required real estate services for the Department of Defense, for Army civil works programs and for other designated government agencies. Administrates the management and disposal of real property for both civil works and military projects. Acquires real estate interests for civil works projects within the district civil boundaries. Acts as the real estate representative for Army in support of land management, disposal, inleasing and outleasing. Works in conjuction with Office of Counsel to provide legal review, advice, and opinions to aid in the accomplishment of all legal functions requested by and in support of the acquisition, disposal and management of DoD holdings and appraisals. 
  • The Real Estate Division acquires, manages and disposes of real estate for the Department of the Army
  • Executes DoD Executive Agent responsibilities
  • Executes specialized programs
  • Provides real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government partners
  • Performs unique contingency capabilities
  • Maintains databases, historic & map files for the US Army & Air Force Real Estate
  • Negotiates for fee title & lesser interests in real estate by purchase, lease, exchange, donation, or transfer from government agencies
  • Negotiates and administers all lease hold estates acquired for civil & military use
  • Requests assignment of leased/government owned GSA-controlled space for military & civil use
  • Administers such space and requests its release when no longer needed
  • Negotiates & administers all lease hold estates acquired for civil & military use
  • Administers such space & requests its release when no longer needed
  • Administers claims & processes requests when applicable for payment of benefits under PL 89-754
  • Provides housing expertise for Military & their families for the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division
  • Administers the real estate services for the Base Realignment & Closure Program (BRAC)

Recruiting and Housing

The Department of the Army established the Leased Government Housing (LGH) program in conjunction with the US Army Corps Engineers (USACE) to procure leased housing for military personnel.

Responsible for acquisition by lease of recruiting facilities and housing for the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Commands; including acquisition of property for the U.S. Army Reserves, the National Guard, other sections/branches of the Department of the Army and for the acquisition of property by lease for Louisville District operations.

Real Estate Services

Acquire Real Property

USACE Acquisition Includes the following activities:
-Fee (training lands, dams reservoirs)
-Easements (access, utilities, flooding, navigation)
-Rights-of-entry, permits, licenses (early access, surveys, environmental investigation)
-Acquire by negotiation or condemnation 

Manage Real Property

Real Estate Management Activities includes the following:
Third-party use of Army and Civil Works property
-Outgrants (lease, easement, license, permit)
-Office space
-Agricultural & grazing
-Fish & wildlife
-National Guard facilities
Asset management
-Army property and land
-Boundary disputes
-Annual inspections of marinas, campgrounds and other facilities

Disposal of Real Property

Real Estate Disposal of Real Property Activities includes the following:
Army or civil works land determined excess
Partner with General Services Administration (GSA)
-Early coordination
-Develop marketing strategies
-Environmental remediation


The Appraisal Branch supports the Real Estate Division in providing estimates of value for planning purposes or the acquisition of real estate.

Appraisal tasks include civil works and military projects, including shore protection, flood control, land exchanges, environmental projects and benefit studies. We also provide appraisal services for two other agencies.

Responsibilities include providing scopes of work to be performed by contract appraiser. We provide cost estimates for renovations for existing leased space as well as estimates for housing or disposal of excess property.

Responsible for the review of all local sponsors' appraisals for crediting. Our appraisers are State Certified, well trained, diverse and very competent for various appraisal tasks.

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