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Additional Resources:
Additional Resources: Geotechnical Requirements for Design Build Solicitation 03-08 (Current Version)
Fire Protection/Life Safety Code Submittal
Geotechnical Requirements for Design Build Solicitatiaon 04-07 (superseded on 03-08)
Geotechnical Requirements for Full P&S Solicitation package preparation for Internet 04-07
LEED Unregistered Project Documentation
New Digging Permit (Aug 2007) FC Form 4043
Programming Level Furniture Cost Estimating Tool (Requires Program Download)
USACE Publications Site (AR, TM, EC, EM, EP, ER, and ETL type pubs)
Whole Building Design Guide


Department of Army / DoD Requirements:
AR 190-11, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives
Construction Cost Estimates
DA Facilities Standardization Program (PROJNET Access Password Required)
Design Analysis, Drawings, and Specifications (ER1110-345-700)
DoD Antiterrorism / Force Protection Standards for Buildings
Dod Directive 4270.5, Military Construction
Engineering and Construction Bulletins
Engineering Instructions
Interior Design Requirements, Attachments A&B
Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) Index/Access
Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)

Louisville District Requirements:
A/E/C CADD Standards
Engineering and Design Professional Registration (ER1110-1-8152)
Engineering and Design, Structural Steel Connections (ER1110-345-53)
Louisville District (LRL) Specifications
LRL ATFP Standards Review Checklist
Military Construction Transformation (MT) Model Request for Proposal (RFP) Wizard
Project Design Review / Comment Resolution System - Dr Checks (PROJNET Access Password Required)
Technical Instructions for Code 3 Design with Parametric Estimating