Project Partnership Agreements

A Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) is a legally-binding agreement between the Government and a non-federal sponsor (state, municipal government, flood control district, port authority, etc.) for construction of a water resources project. It describes the project and the responsibilities of the Government and the non-federal sponsor in the cost-sharing and execution of work.  

Below is list of Louisville District water resources PPAs. By default, this list is sorted in alphabetical order by project name.

   Beargrass Creek, KY PCA 12 Sep 2001

September 12, 2001

   Cincinnati Riverfront, OH PCA 24 Feb 2010  February 24, 2002
   Feather Creek Clinton, IN PCA  May 15, 2002
   Holes Creek, OH PCA

 September 30, 1996

   Holes Creek, OH PCA Amendment #1  September 15, 2000
   Hovey Lake., IN PCA  October 31, 1999
   Indianapolis Central, IN PCA  December 16, 1997
   Indianapolis Central, IN PCA Amendment #1  June 30, 1999
   Indianapolis Central, IN PCA Amendment #2  February 2, 2001
   Indianapolis CSO, IN PPA  January 12, 2009
   Kentucky L&D 10, KY PCA  October 14, 2004
   Mill Creek, OH PCA  February 6, 1975 and August 7, 1998
   Ohio River Greenway Public Access, IN PCA  June 2, 2003
   Pond Creek Jefferson Co, KY PCA  March 20, 1998

 Portland Wharf, KY PPA

 Rolling Fork, Lebanon Junction, KY PCA

 September 17, 2015

 March 17, 2000

   White River Anderson, IN PPA  September 19, 2008
   White River, Indianapolis North PCA  December 8, 2000