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Army Reserve Requirements:

Air Barrier Sheet Examples

Arms Vault Security Checklist

Army Reserve Design Process & Submittal Requirements Part A (Inception & Project Definition) Apr07

Army Reserve Design Process & Submittal Requirements Part B D-B-B April 2007

Army Reserve Design Process & Submittal Requirements Part C D-B April 2007

Army Reserve Design/Build RFP Instruction Manual - February 2020

Army Reserve Design/Build RFP - Outline Technical Specs - February 2020

Army Reserve Design/Build RFP Specifications (Word Files) 2020

Army Reserve Enterprise Building Control System (EBCS) Technical Design Guide July 2020

Army Reserve Enterprise Building Control System (EBCS) Attachments Updated April 2021

Army Reserve Kitchen Details

ARNEC Infrastructure Change 3 - Addendum - Telecom Outlet Table - July 2020

ARNEC Infrastructure Technical Criteria Change 3 - Feb 2020

ARNEC 48 Series Telecommunications Specifications 2020

Army Reserve OMS Details

Bi Level Loading Ramp

Caging Details

DRAFT: Army Reserve Design Guide - DA PAM - August 2020

DRAFT: UFC 4-171-05 Design Guide for Army Reserve Facilities, Nov 15, 2012

IDS Responsibilities

IT Quality Assurance Checklist

Kitchen Drawings and Details - Aug 2020

Memo to PPMD for ATFP

Minuteman Plaque Details

OMAR Project Funding Requirements

Warranty Implementation Plan


Corps / Louisville District Requirements:

A/E/C CADD Standards

Additional Resources: Geotechnical Requirements for Design Build Solicitation 03-08 (Current Version)

BCOE and RTA Requirements for A-E Designs

BCOE and RTA Requirements for In-House Designs

Design Build Checklist

Fire Protection/Life Safety Code Submittal

Geotechnical Requirements for full P&S Solicitation package preparation for Internet 04-07

Louisville District (LRL) and Army Reserve (AR) Specifications

Project Design Review / Comment Resolution System - Dr. Checks (PROJNET Access Password Required)

Standard Fence Drawings

Typed Summary Estimate Spreadsheet-DD1391 Format-29 Mar 07

USACE Army LEED Implementation Guide V4

 Department of Army / DoD Requirements:

ABA Accessibility Standards for Federal Facilities

AR 140-483 , Army Reserve Land and Facilities Management

ASA Sustainable Design and Development Policy Update (SDD Memo) 2013

SDD Policy Update 2017

DD Form 1354 (for transfer of real property upon completion of a project)

DoD Antiterrorism / Force Protection Standards for Buildings

Engineering and Construction Bulletins

I3A: Technical Guide for Installation Information Infrastructure Architecture (Feb 2010)

OACSIM LID Guidance Memo 2017

Unified Facilitites Criteria (UFC) Index/Access

Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)



 Louisville District Requirements:

Engineering Considerations and Instructions for Field Personnel (includes form)

LRL ATFP Standards Review Checklist

Military Construction Transformation (MT) Model Request for Proposal (RFP) Wizard


Whole Building Design Guide


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