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The Corps of Engineers is ready to respond to the needs of state and local communities, other Federal agencies, and the Armed Services, by helping resolve water resource problems and provide reliable technical assistance. The Corps maintains a knowledge base to assist our customers with planning, engineering, design, project and contract management and construction.

Our core missions include flood risk management, commercial navigation, environmental restoration, and watershed planning. Other mission we execute include disaster response, water supply, facilities design & construction, installation support, recreation, hydropower, environmental infrastructure, and regulatory.

At the request of local interests, Corps’ assistance in developing and implementing solutions to water resources problems is available under several authorities.

Projects are all cost shared between the federal government and a Non-Federal Sponsor. Cost Shares range from 50/50 to 75/25 depending on the type of project. A Non-Federal Sponsor is a legally constituted public body, such as city, state, county, conservancy district, or non-profit that is capable of financing the project and providing for operation and maintenance of the project once completed.

Funds may be requested to begin the planning process once we receive a Letter of Intent from a Non-Federal Sponsor. Sample Letters of Intent for each of the authorities below can be found here.

For more information on our various programs and authorities please click on the links below, or call our Outreach Coordinator at (502) 315-6883.

Continuing Authorities/Programs Not Requiring Specific Congressional Authorization

Projects/Programs Requiring Specific Congressional Authorization