Report a Complaint or Violation to the Corps

You can file a complaint to the Corps by calling (502) 315-6733, calling your nearest field office (see "Contact Information" link), or you can mail or fax a copy of the “Report a Violation” Form with, if possible, supporting information. Please provide as much of the following information as possible when filing a complaint:

Your information:
• Your contact information (You can remain anonymous, please see the “Report a Violation” Form for details)
• Are you available for additional questions?
• Agency or group you are associated with

Information on the Alleged Violator(s):
• Name(s) of property owner
• Name(s) of contractor
• Addresses
• Phone numbers
• Email addresses

Location Information of the Activity:
• Address or descriptive location
• Nearest town to the site
• Nearest named waterbody to the site
• Directions to the site from Louisville

Detailed Description of the Activity:
• Dates you observed the activity
• Description of the activity
• Estimated amount of impact (acreage, linear feet, cubic yards)
• Type of material being used as fill (rock, concrete, soil, etc.)
• Beginning and end dates of the activity
• Type of equipment used (backhoe, bulldozer, dump truck, etc.)
• Type and name of waterbody being impacted (stream, wetland, pond, etc.)
• Photos of the activity

Form: Report a Violation (fillable)