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Cagles Mill Lake Shoreline Management Plan

Cagles Mill Lake Shoreline Management Plan has been developed which provides guidance and policy on management of the shoreline. The goal of the Shoreline Management Plan is to provide a balance of permitted private uses, while preserving and protecting Cagles Mill Lake’s natural resources. This plan designates what activities and facilities may be permitted on U.S. Government property at the lake, as well as describing application procedures for those landowners who qualify for an authorized activity.

Shoreline at Cagles Mill Lake is zoned as either a prohibited access area, public recreation area or protected shoreline area. View our Shoreline Management Map (copies available for viewing at the Project Office) for information on zoning in a particular area.

In areas where the shoreline is classified as protected, no new permits for docks will be authorized, and no new licenses for fixed recreational facilities (including stairs, steps, roadways, electric service, and water withdrawal) will be authorized. Normal foot traffic for access, hiking, fishing, or other activities not involving alteration of the resource is allowed. The only other private uses allowed in these areas are erosion protection using riprap or minor vegetation alteration which includes mowing and the removal of trash and debris. These uses may be allowed only after the Corps park manager or ranger has determined that no adverse environmental impact will result and a permit has been issued to the individual. For additional information, contact the Corps park manager at (765) 795-4439.

Special Events: Activities which may be allowed through Special Event Permits include, but are not limited to, water carnivals, boat regattas, music festivals, club meetings/socials, weddings, and dramatic presentations. Contact the Indiana Department of Natural Resources property Manager at (765) 795-4576 with any questions or to apply for a Special Event Permit.

Regulatory Permits: Some permits are required for work even if it is on private property. The Corps evaluates permit applications for essentially all construction activities that occur in, or have the potential to impact, navigable and non-navigable waterways or wetlands. For more information, see the Operations Division Regulatory web page.

Consents to Easement: The Government may issue a Consent to Easement for the placement of non-habitable structures within a flowage easement if the structure does not jeopardize the Government’s right to flood the property or present an environmental or hazardous threat to the project. Construction within a flowage easement, without a Consent to Easement, constitutes an encroachment. There is no fee for a Consent to Easement. Contact the project office before initiating any construction that might be within a flowage easement area.

Cagles Mill Lake Shoreline Management Plan