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Blue Grass Army Depot

Until 1992 the Blue Grass Army Depot was merged with the Lexington Signal Depot and was known as the Lexington-Blue Grass Army Depot. The Blue Grass Army Depot is a Tier 1 Power Projection Platform for munitions, chemical defense equipment and special operations support for all of the Department of Defense. It is located in east-central Kentucky several miles south of the town of Richmond. Approximately consisting of 14,600 acres of land, this installation has 852 igloos used for munitions storage. The Blue Grass Army Depot is the only Department of Defense site using the ammunition peculiar equipment 1300 system; a process used to resource, recover and recycle conventional munitions within the demilitarization program.

Currently most of Military Branch’s involvement with this facility has to do with maintenance and operations, however; plans are being made to construct new facilities in the near future.