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Posted 5/21/2014

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Lower Pier shell No. 5 (LP-5) of the Olmsted Dam construction project was successfully set on May 16 marking the beginning of the 2014 Low Water Season which extends through November. For the Olmsted Dam construction, this means that river elevation and velocity are conducive to utilizing the "In-The-Wet" construction method. LP-5 is the 17th of the tainter gate shells placed to date out of a total of 18 required to build-out this phase of the dam construction. The lower pier shells sit upon the previously placed sill shell foundation elements and provide the vertical structural support needed to hang the 5 tainter gate hydraulic features used for pool control.

"Through careful planning and staging of resources, the project team found a window of opportunity to place the shell early, and subsequently, achieve this milestone 42 days ahead of schedule," said Mike Braden, Olmsted Division chief, Louisville District Army Corps of Engineers.  The last tainter gate shell, Lower Pier No. 6 (LP-6), is scheduled for placement near the end of June.