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  • Locking temporarily suspended at McAlpine Locks and Dam

    The south (landside) chamber at McAlpine Locks and Dam (Ohio River mile 606.8) in Louisville, Kentucky, is currently closed to traffic due to a navigation accident involving the bridge over the lock chamber approach.
  • Public meeting to be held to share Lock 53 demolition blasting plan

    A public meeting is being held in Olmsted, Illinois, Tuesday, May 11, to inform the community about the blasting plan for the upcoming demolition work at Lock and Dam 53 on the Ohio River.
  • Markland Locks and Dam temporarily ceases locking due to high water

    Locking operations have been temporarily suspended at Markland Locks and Dam on the Ohio River (Ohio River Mile 531.5) due to high water.
  • Scheduled maintenance underway at McAlpine Locks and Dam

    Due to scheduled maintenance and repairs, the north (1,200 ft.) chamber at McAlpine Locks and Dam on the Ohio River in Louisville, Ky., will be closed from June 15 through November 13, 2020 for miter gate replacement. During this time all traffic will be passed through the south (1,200 ft.) chamber. Starting around June 20, dredging operations of the lower approach will also be conducted. This will include a total river closure during nighttime hours of 6 p.m. to 6 a.m from July 3 through July 7.

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