US Army Corps of Engineers
Louisville District

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Louisville District has developed 33 SOP's to guide the permit process. SOP's contain general guidance on specific actions. There are 3 types of SOP's:

  • USACE Permit Reviews
  • Sponsor O&M Efforts
  • Sponsor Permit Review




The LRL Levee Safety Program is currently developing a numbering methodology to help better organize the current SOPs. Until the numbering system is approved, please find at the link below a single PDF with all of the below SOPs bookmarked. The pages have been numbered for additional ease of reference. If any of the SOPs get updated, we will save the newest version on our ftp site. The "as of" date on the bottom left of each page will be updated accordingly. In the future, the SOPs will also be available for separate download.








All SOPs in one pdf document


last updated 11 Dec 2013



[Abandon & Seal Existing Pipes]

[Abandon Wells and Piezometers]

[Backfill of Animal Burrows]

[Backfill of Borings in or near levees]

[Belting Replacement]

[Benching and Compaction]

[Closure Anchorage Recesses]

[Closure Sealing]

[Drainage Fill for Pipe Penetrations (reverse filter)]

[Emergency Closure Provisions During Construction (not on Ohio)]

[Emergency Closure Provisions During Construction (on Ohio)]

[External Waterstop]


[Fiber Optic, Electrical, other Non-pressure Lines -- Up and Over Existing Levees]

[Filling abandoned railroad slots in closures]

[Floodwall painting and murals]

[Gravity Pipes thru Existing Earthen Levees - Open Cut Only]

[Greenway Walking Trails]

[Levee Signage]

[New Pressure Pipes Passing Thru Existing Casings in Closure Sills or Floodwall]

[New Pressure Pipes Passing Thru Existing Floodwalls]

[New Pressure Pipes Passing Thru New Floodwalls]

[Poles - Penetrations - Levees]

[Pressure Pipes - thru Existing Gate Closures as New Construction]

[Pressure Pipes - Flowable Fill - Up and Over Existing Earthen Levees]

[Protective Coating of Steel Closure Components]

[Repair of Monolith Joint Material]

[Repair of Spalled or Cracked Concrete]

[Routing of Electrical Lines Up and Around Levees Floodwalls PS]

[Sealing Fiber Optic Lines through a Concrete Floodwall]

[Sealing Fiber Optic Lines Up and Over Existing Levees]

[Sliplining Existing Pipes Through Levee Structures]

[Tree and Vegetation Removal]

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