USACE Program Manager of the Year Award goes to Mark Ringenberg.

Published Oct. 7, 2015
Mark Ringenberg, Louisville District program manager, stands with Brig. Gen. Richard Kaiser after receiving the USACE program manager of the year award

Mark Ringenberg, Louisville District program manager, stands with Brig. Gen. Richard Kaiser after receiving the USACE program manager of the year award

(Louisville, KY) -- The 2015 Nationwide Army Corps of Engineers Program Manager of the Year Award goes to Louisville District's Mark Ringenberg.

Ringenberg oversees the management of the national Air Force Reserve Program related to planning, coordinating, engineering design and construction. As chief of the national Army Reserve West Support Section, Reserve Project management branch, he heads up all program and project matters for Army and Air Force Reserve programs. In his nomination, Ringenberg was credited for his serving as a role model and mentor to those less experienced in project management.

His program management and oversight includes supervising a staff of eight project managers with a program execution estimated at close to $1 billion in military construction and $500 million in sustaining, restoring and modernization/operation and maintenance for the Air Force Reserve and Army Reserve.
Of note, Ringenberg was credited with developing a strong, resilient team of project management experts with superior program delivery for the Air Force Reserve program. Several of his projects have been selected for Air Force Design awards including the Air Reserve Personnel Center at Buckley Air Force Base, Denver, CO.

"His outstanding partnering skills and orchestration with the project delivery team is the reason why the Air Force Reserve Command is consistently pleased year in and out, said Joanne Milo, Deputy Division Chief, Planning, Programs, and Project Management Division (P3MD). "The district really took a look at who we had as a candidate and he rose to the top. He gave us so much good material to work with," said Milo. "The scope and breadth of his work revealed in the award submittal packet was tremendous on a national scale," she said, "and it shows the importance of the military mission."
"I think the key to being a successful program manager is to develop meaningful relationships not only with your customer but with all elements with your organization who work with you to execute the program," said Ringenberg.

Critical in project management is customer satisfaction.  Customer satisfaction surveys revealed that the programs and teams Ringenberg had involvement with met or exceeded customer expectations.  The Air Force Reserves Command (AFRC) customer, Scot Wall, Engineering  Project Manager (A7PM), reported, "Mark challenges his staff, engineering, resource management and contracting to think outside the box to solve even the most complex issues." Wall commented that Ringenberg always goes the extra mile to find ways to help the AFRC get the best product at the least cost.
Ringenberg began his career with the district as a civil engineer intern in 1981. "He continues to share his expertise in engineering developing a legacy of outstanding work for others to emulate," said Milo.

Currently, he serves on the Purdue University Engineering Alumni Association Board of Directors, West Lafayette in conjunction with the College of Engineering. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University in 1980. He resides in Georgetown, Indiana, and is a graduate of Our Lady of Providence High School.