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Dog rescued at Markland Locks and Dam finds new home

Published April 29, 2015
Wayne Adams (left) and Alan Craigmyle rescued Lucky the husky at Markland Locks and Dam, Warsaw, Ky.

Wayne Adams (left) and Alan Craigmyle rescued Lucky the husky at Markland Locks and Dam, Warsaw, Ky.

Lucky’s route to a new home began with his rescue at the Markland project site.

In March, at Markland Locks and Dam, Warsaw, Kentucky, staff members Allen Craigmyle and Wayne Adams rescued a foundering husky dog from the upper outside river wall.

It had come to pass that a representative from ORSANCO (Ohio River Sanitation Commission) was at the Markland Locks and Dam project site collecting water samples. She told Craigmyle that there was a dog on the outside of the river wall.

As the story unfolded, Adams and Craigmyle went to investigate the situation and threw a line on the husky and pulled him up.

“The husky had one brown eye and one blue and no collar,” said Craigmyle, who then gave the dog a temporary home and named him Lucky. “I did take him home with me the first night and wanted to keep him, but I really didn’t have a good place (to house him).”

The next day, Craigmyle put a notice in the county paper about the dog, found in such a precarious situation. “I was sure some family was missing him; he was such a pretty dog and very mannered.”

Two days passed, and no calls came in. Another Markland lock staff member, Jason Heivly, had a friend who worked at a pet store nearby. Heivly told his acquaintance about the mysterious missing husky and how he had been rescued. In a turn of good fortune, Heivly’s friend said she knew a family that already had a husky, and that she would make inquiry to see if “Lucky the Husky”might have a home with this family. The husky introduction proved fortuitous. “They fell in love with him right from the start, and they took him home with them,” said Craigmyle.

The family sent Heivly a video of “Lucky” and their husky running through the backyard playing and having a great time. A very happy ending, Craigmyle said.