Louisville District's Patti-Grace-Jarrett cited for region-wide achievements

Published May 25, 2012

Dr. Patti Grace-Jarrett, Louisville District Regulatory Branch senior project manager and biologist, has received distinction as both the district and division Regulator of the Year. With this achievement, she becomes the division nominee for the prestigious Don Lawyer National Regulator of the Year Award.

Grace-Jarrett works on many of the district’s most challenging issues especially as they relate to mitigation. As the district’s in-lieu fee and mitigation bank specialist she is the “go-to” person in the office regarding many technical issues as well as issues in the field regarding stream quality and assessing mitigation. She also created a letter of permission that provides a streamlined method of approving types of compensatory mitigation projects.

Another achievement was her recognition for completing the instrument modification for an in-lieu fee sponsor to bring its program into compliance with the 2008 Mitigation Rule.

“This was one of the first such instruments completed in the country,” said Lee Anne Devine, chief, South Section Regulatory Branch.

Grace-Jarrett is also active in outreach concerning the Corps’ regulatory processes.

“She was a presenter at the Appalachian Stream Mitigation Workshop and the National Mitigation and Ecosystem Banking Conference this past year regarding the great work she has done with the in-lieu fee program in Kentucky,” said Devine.

“We are all very proud of Patti's accomplishments and her commitment to public service and the Corps Regulatory Program. She is a model regulator,” said Jim Townsend, Regulatory Branch Chief.

Grace-Jarrett will be recognized at the fall Louisville District award ceremony. She will also be invited to attend the National Regulatory Conference in Sacramento, Calif., where the Don Lawyer National Regulator of the Year will be announced.

“We are all hoping she will return with the Don Lawyer Award ‘Grammy,’” said Townsend.

Grace-Jarrett’s background includes a Ph.D. in Aquatic/Environmental Biology and previous work experience with Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District as the Water Quality/Quantity Manager.