Louisville District meets 2021 goal of 280 Jacobsville properties remediated

USACE - Louisville District
Published Nov. 24, 2021
Updated: Nov. 24, 2021

Commercial and industrial manufacturing during the late 1800’s produced airborne dust, soot and smoke containing lead and arsenic, which contaminated about 4,000 residential properties in 12 neighborhoods in Evansville, Indiana. The Environmental Protection Agency began cleanup of the contaminated soil in 2007. 
In 2019, after remediating contaminated soil for about half of the properties, the EPA asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to remediate the remaining 2,000 properties. 
Removal and remediation of contaminated soil for the Jacobsville neighborhood proved to be challenging for the USACE in 2021. The project team had to overcome 23 lost working days due to inclement weather and COVID-19 related issues to meet the 2021 goal of 280 properties restored. USACE, the contractor and the EPA collaborated to develop a schedule that continued remediation of properties while ensuring worker safety.
“The contractor’s response and protocols to COVID-19 have been instrumental in the continuation of the field work while ensuring the crews are able to work in a healthy environment,” said Corey Knox, project manager.
On behalf of the EPA, USACE removed and disposed of 17,940 cubic yards or 23,322 tons of lead and arsenic-contaminated soil for the 2021 field season. Residences received 25,010 cubic yards of clean soil and 571,031 square feet of new sod. Last year, 13,178 tons of soil was removed with 188 properties restored with 14,118 cubic yards of clean soil and 375,980 square feet of sod installed.
“The 2021 season was a success due to homeowner cooperation, interagency support, a streamlined remediation process in place and efficient effort of the contractors,” said Brett Smith, onsite project engineer, Louisville District. “I feel the experience and knowledge we gained this year will further the project’s success in the coming years.”