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Louisville District welcomes new deputy commander

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District
Published Aug. 5, 2020

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District welcomed Maj. Latoya Manzey as the new deputy commander when she arrived in Louisville, July 31.
Although the Louisville District is her first USACE assignment, Manzey has a diverse career as an engineer officer.

“Prior to coming here I served as the XO (executive officer) for the deputy commanding general at Army Central,” Manzey said. “My most rewarding assignment to-date has been serving as an XO and operations officer for a brigade engineer battalion because it was there that I truly learned the importance of empowering people to realize their true potential and really getting teams to work together.”

Manzey was handpicked by Louisville District Commander Col. Eric Crispino and former Louisville District Commander Col. Antoinette Gant from several very qualified applicants, according to Crispino. 

Manzey says she is very happy to be a part of the Louisville District. 

“What I'm looking forward to most during my time here at the Louisville District is the opportunity to continue to broaden professionally by learning the business of the district and USACE,” Manzey said. “I am excited and truly feel privileged to have this opportunity to work amongst professionals and continue to develop professionally.”

Manzey comes from a military family and is married with three children. 

“My hobbies include crafting. Yes, I Cricut,” Manzey said. “I also enjoy finding fun new activities to do with my kids and reading.”

Manzey said she is excited for the challenge and experience she will gain from this assignment.

“I would like to express my thanks to the Louisville District,” Manzey said. “The entire team has worked hard to ‘get me smart’ quickly while making me feel welcomed.”