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Louisville District employees win national-level USACE awards

Published Aug. 15, 2018

Two Louisville District employees have received national-level USACE recognition.

The Program and Project Management Community of Practice recently selected Cristie Mitchell, Louisville District program manager, as the USACE 2018 Program Manager of the Year for her work as the program manager for Air Force Reserve.


Mitchell was recognized and presented with the USACE 2018 Program Manager of the Year Award at the 2018 National Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C.  August 2, 2018, during the 4th Quarter Executive Governance Meeting.


“Cristie proved with teamwork and strong leadership skills that she could execute the program and get it awarded ahead of schedule,” said Sharon Raque, Louisville District Army Reserve Chief.


This prestigious national recognition also welcomes Mitchell as a member to the Program and Project Management Community of Practice steering committee for a three year period.


Calvin Schmid, Louisville District civil engineer, was also recognized Corps-wide for his selection of the FY18 USACE Construction Management Excellence Award for his efforts as project engineer and contracting officer’s representative at the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois.


Schmid worked with contractors, stakeholders and USACE personnel from three different districts to safety deliver quality projects. He ensured project safety by proactively communicating USACE requirements to all parties and by assuring rigorous adherence to contract requirements.

In his first two months as the contracting officer's representative for the Rock Island Arsenal Army Family Housing contract, Schmid successfully negotiated over 18 changes totaling in $212,000, allowing modifications to be issued.


“Calvin’s effort during this two month period reduced the backlog of pending changes by 50% on this contract,” said Don Peterson Louisville District Rock Island Resident Engineer.  “These efforts, in addition to what he was already doing, clearly demonstrated that Calvin is very deserving of this award.”