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Indiana team wins Silver Jackets Team of the Year award

Published June 15, 2018
The Indiana Silver Jackets team has been awarded the 2017 Silver Jackets Team of the Year honor. This award was presented to the team May 3, 2018 during the Interagency Flood Risk Management Community of Practice Training Seminar in Indianapolis.

The Silver Jacket Team of the Year award recognizes an outstanding interagency team that exemplifies the goal of effective flood risk management within the context of shared responsibility. The award seeks to acknowledge the efforts of state teams as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers transitions from flood risk reduction to management of flood risk through communication, cooperation, coordination and collaboration with federal, state, regional, tribal and local partners.
Members of developing and active state teams were invited to vote for their selection via a website. 

“I was very pleased that the Indiana team was voted on by the other teams as the team of the year,” said Brandon Brummett, Louisville District outreach coordinator and Indiana Silver Jackets coordinator. 

The Indiana Silver Jackets Team has served the citizens of the state of Indiana for more than 11 years. Team members meet monthly where their collaboration assists in addressing issues and advancing the implementation of multiple flood risk management projects. The team has led efforts examining fluvial erosion hazards— a flood risk that most federal and state agencies have no authority to address. The team also continues efforts with Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis to use LiDAR data and GIS technology to identify non-levee embankments along streams and has led the way in development of flood inundation map libraries throughout the state. To date, over 40 sites have been developed.   

“This team is one of the highest functioning teams I have ever been a part of and really has a can-do attitude,” said Brummett. 

USACE Louisville District Silver Jackets team members include Brandon Brummett, Nate Moulder, Chuck Oliver, Richard Pruitt, Todd Hagman and Roger Setters (retired).