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Nationwide Permits (NWPs)

This page lists Nationwide Permits (NWP) for INDOT projects that were authorized during a particular year. To review a particular file, just click on the link below. To accurately read and use the PDF files on this site, we recommend that you download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher.

NOTE files from 2012 and earlier will be added to the site soon. In the meantime, please call (502) 315-6733 for access to those documents.

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LRL-2007-1025-sjk, Des Nos 0100460-61-62 US 52 Rush County

LRL-2008-631-djd; no Des. No.; NW 33 Jack Isom Construction Company temporary crossing Rock Creek SR 25, Carroll County

LRL-2010-919-djd; no Des. No.; NW 33 T.J. Lambrecht Construction Bridge Creek SR 25; Carroll County

LRL-2010-919-djd; No Des. No.; Walsh Construction Company temporary crossing Deer Creek Robinson Branch SR 25

LRL-2011-1040 Des. No. 0301130 NWP reverification

LRL-2011-1069-djd; Des. No. 1005478; US Route 24 small structure replacement, Burnettsville, White County

LRL-2011-1097-dlz, Des. No. 0901888, NWP03, pipeliner, UNT Patoka, Orange Co.

LRL-2011-807-djd; Des. No. 9803730; INDOR SR 5 UNT Clear Creek, Huntington County

LRL-2012-1046-dlz, Des. No. 0200035, NWP03, culvert replacment, SR 256 Austin Ditch, Scott

LRL-2012-1048-dlz, Des. No. 1006497, NWP03, pipe liner, SR-161 UNT Little Red Creek, Warrick

LRL-2012-1049-djd; Des. No. 00401165; INDOT SR 252 over Long Run Creek; Morgan County

LRL-2012-1064-dlz, Des. No. Maint. 51=04 Vincennes, NWP 03, culvert replacement, UNT Little Pigeon Creek, Warrick

LRL-2012-183-sjk, Des. No. 0101523 SR 19 Kosciusko County

LRL-2012-194-djd; Des. No. 0101423; US Route 36 over Little Mud Creek bridge replacement, Randolph County

LRL-2012-194-djd; Des. No. 0101423; US Route 36 over Little Mud Creek bridge replacement, Randolph County

LRL-2012-196-djd; Eastern Heights Utilities water line relocation CR 1250 East; Greene County

LRL-2012-221-djd; Des.No. 0900019; SR 62 over Dry Creek Run bridge rehabilitation, Crawford County

LRL-2012-222-sjk, Des. No. 9901650 SR 244 Rush County

LRL-2012-226-djd; Eastern Heights Utilities water line relocation CR 200 East; Greene County

LRL-2012-227-djd; Des No. 08010232, 0200004, 0800909; INDOT SR 25 small structures replacements, Tippecanoe County

LRL-2012-234-djd; Eastern Heights Utilities water line relocaiton CR 600 South; Greene County

LRL-2012-258-sjk, Des. No. 0710538 SR 44 Johnson County

LRL-2012-296-djd; Des. No. none; City of Delphi water and sewer line relocation for Hoosier Heartland SR 25, Carroll County

LRL-2012-319-dlz, DEs. No. 1173302, Marion, Fall Creek

LRL-2012-366-sjk, Des. No. 0200066 US 24 over Beahm Ditch

LRL-2012-416-dlz, Des No. 0710513, UNT Whitewater River, Fayette

LRL-2012-450-dlz Des. No. 1005476, Eagle Run, Randolph

LRL-2012-513-dlz, DesNo 1005474, Boone

LRL-2012-553-dlz, Des. No. 0400285, Tanners Creek, Dearborn Co.

LRL-2012-572-dlz Des. No. 0710452 UNT Lick Creek Wayne County

LRL-2012-585-djd; Des. No. 0500078; Delaware County CR 800 East bridge replacement Mississinewa River

LRL-2012-587-dlz, Des. No. 0300455, White Co.

LRL-2012-622-dlz, Des. No. 0800774, Jefferson County, Crooked Creek

LRL-2012-663-dlz, Des. No. 0013810, NWP03, Randolph Co., White River

LRL-2012-663-dlz, Des. No. 0013810, NWP03, Randolph Co., White River

LRL-2012-674-dlz, NWP03, Des. No. 0201343, Jennings Co.

LRL-2012-676-dlz, Des. No. Sey Maint 2013, NWP03, small structure maintenance, various waters

LRL-2012-854-dlz, Des. No. 1173145, NWP03, South Fork Wildcat Creek, Clinton

LRL-2012-860-dlz, Des. No. 0710686, NWP03, Wabash Co., Eel River

LRL-2012-863-djd; Des. No. 090083); Hendricks County Bridge No. 127 replacement

LRL-2012-863-djd; Des. No. 090083); Hendricks County Bridge No. 127 replacement

LRL-2012-917-djd; Des. No. 0301106; INDOT SR 75 small structure replacement Ayers Ditch, Carroll County

LRL-2012-917-djd; Des. No. 0301106; INDOT SR 75 small structure replacement Ayers Ditch, Carroll County

LRL-2012-918-dlz, Des. No. 0300141, NWP33, Deer Creek, Perry

LRL-2012-919-djd; Des. No. - none; Eastern Heights Utilities water main relocation CR 150 North, Greene County

LRL-2012-919-dlz, Des. No. 0300694, NWP33, Carroll Co., Deer Creek & Robinson Branch

LRL-2012-927-djd; Des. No. 0801065; Madison County Bridge #123 rehabilitation; Madison County

LRL-2012-927-djd; Des. No. 0801065; Madison County Bridge #123 rehabilitation; Madison County

LRL-2012-950-dlz, Des. No. 071064, culvert replacement, UNT Whitewater River, Franklin Co.

LRL-2012-951-djd; Des. No. - none; Eastern Heights Utilities Cross Country North water main relocation, Greene County.

LRL-2012-952-dlz, Des. No. 1006503, NWP03, Pinnick Creek, Dubois

LRL-2012-953-djd; Des. No. 0200729; Jackson County Bridge No. 228 replacement; Jackson County

LRL-2012-970-djd; Des. No. 0710648; US 52 over Goose Creek; Franklin County

LRL-2012-980-djd; Des. Nos. 0800078 and 0800079; INDOT SR 43 over Hog Creek and Stucker Creek, Scott County

LRL-2012-997-dlz, De. No. 0800954, NWP03, bridge painting, Randolph Madison Co.

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LRL-1997-1692-djd; Des. No. 9884850; Decatur County Highway Dept. CR 600 North over Flatrock River

LRL-2006-1604-djd; Des. No. 0100315; INDOT SR 15 over Grant Creek bridge replacement; Wabash County

LRL-2008-680; Des. No. 0011110; INDOT Salem SR 60 bypass, Washington County

LRL-2009-390-djd; Des. No. 0066810; INDOT I465 over South Branch Pleasant Run, Marion County

LRL-2009-553-djd; Des No 0101149 and 0710553; INDOT SR 58 bridge replacements over Town Branch Greene County

LRL-2009-689-djd; Des. No. 0100961; INDOT SR 67 culvert replacement over unnamed tributary to Pollard Ditch Knox County

LRL-2010-1188-djd; Indianapolis Power and Light utility relocations, Greene, Daviess, and Pike Counties

LRL-2011-1039-sjk, Des. No. 0901266, Wabash County Bridge 24

LRL-2011-1040-sjk, Des. Nos. 0301130, 0301132, SR 13 bridge replacements

LRL-2011-115-sjm, Des No 0810172, SR16 Cass County

LRL-2011-160-sjm, Indian Creek Blvd bridge, Des No 0810331

LRL-2011-278-sjm, Des No 0400737, SR61 culvert

LRL-2011-322-sjm, Des. No. 0200924, SR 16 over Eel River

LRL-2011-356-sjm, Des. Nos. 0100366,0400087, SR 54 bridge replacements, Sullivan Co

LRL-2011-417-sjm, Des. No. 0301075, US35 structure replacement

LRL-2011-420-sjm, I-164 pipe replacement, Vanderburgh Co

LRL-2011-468-sjm, Des. No. 0401151, SR 43 over Shroeder Ditch

LRL-2011-569-djd; Duke Energy utility line relocation; Pike County

LRL-2011-672-djd; Des. No. 0100917; INDOT SR 257 Veale Creek bridge replacement; Daviess County

LRL-2011-75-sjm, Des No 0800161, SR 124 Wabash Co scour pads

LRL-2011-807-djd; no Des.No.; INDOT SR 5 small structure replacement; Huntington County

Wabash County Highway Department County Bridge 61 replacement
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LRL-2000-1223-djd, Des. No. 0810384, Big Creek bridge mitigation

LRL-2005-25; Des No 0600650; I-465 West Leg, Temporary Eagle Creek Crossing

LRL-2006-1039-sam; Des No 0600227 and 0500918; Bridge 158 and 159 Replacement in Rush County

LRL-2007-1661-sam; Des No 0200933, US Route 27 over Limberlost Creek

LRL-2007-902-sam; Des No 9901610; Reverification of small structure replacement on U.S. Route 52 in Rush County

LRL-2007-903-sam; Des No 9901630; Reverification of small structure replacement on U.S. Route 52 in Rush County

LRL-2008-1310-djd, Des. No. 0100343, SR 1 over South Fork Creek Dearborn County

LRL-2008-1471; Des. No. 0400424; SR 227 structure replacement

LRL-2008-689-sam, Des. No. 0100556, SR 3 Culvert Replacement Delware County

LRL-2008-731; Des No 0400534; SR 70 over UNT to Sand Creek

LRL-2008-917-sam; Des No 0710515; SR 1 Culvert Replacement in Wayne County

LRL-2009-1358-sam, Des No 0100344, SR 67 Bridge Replacement

LRL-2009-362; Des no 0400101; SR 54 Culvert Replacement over Buttermilk Creek

LRL-2009-474; Des No 0400558; SR 162 culvert replacement over Hooppole Ditch

LRL-2009-570-lcl; Des no 0400311; Road Hazard Improvements Tippecanoe County

LRL-2009-694; Des No 9902970; SR 45 bridge replacement over Doans Creek

LRL-2009-712-sam; Des No 9135495, SR 5 Culvert Replacement over Smith Ditch

LRL-2009-889-sam; Des No 0810211, US 231 Scour Protectin over Big Walnut Creek

LRL-2010-145-sam; Des No 0100699; U.S. 52 O'Farrell Street Culvert replacement

LRL-2010-146-djd; Des No multiple, Scour Protection Bartholomew, Monroe, and Jackson Counties

LRL-2010-147-sam; Des No 0900173, I-70 Slip Liner Installation

LRL-2010-250-sam; Des No 0900010; Morris Street Bridge Temproary Causeways.pdf

LRL-2010-25-sam, Des No 0710278, I-465 Scour Protection

LRL-2010-275; Des No 0500892; Allen County Bridge 231 & 232 Replacement

LRL-2010-282-djd; Des No 0710596, SR 16 small structure replacement Nieman Creek Huntington County

LRL-2010-319-sam; Des No 0101421 & 0101422, SR 38 small structure replacement

LRL-2010-327-sam; Des No 0901865; I-465 pipe Liner along Bushs Run

LRL-2010-367-sam; Des No 9701810; U.S. 35 Bridge Replacement over Quigley Marsh Ditch

LRL-2010-400-sam; Des No 0800201; SR 9 Slip Liner Installation

LRL-2010-401-sam; Des no 0710460; I-65 Bridge Rehab in Clinton County

LRL-2010-440-sam, Des. No. 0710596 & 0301135, SR 16 Structure Replacements

LRL-2010-441-sam, Des. No. 0200749, SR 59 Curve Correction

LRL-2010-532-sam; Des No 9300840; SR 17 Bridge Replacement over Eel River

LRL-2010-533-sam; Des No 0500912; Montgomery County Bridge 505 Replacement

LRL-2010-539-sam; Des No 0400591; SR 63 Slip Liners

LRL-2010-630-sam; Des No. 0901882; SR 70 SR 145 and I64 Slip Liners

LRL-2010-654-sam; Des No 0710932; Debris Removal from Multiple Location

LRL-2010-655-sam; Des No 9302170; Bridge Replacement over Sand Creek

LRL-2010-70-sam, Des No 0400477, State Route 114 5 Structure Replacement

LRL-2010-72-sam, Des No 0500083, Gibson County Bridge 17 Replacement

LRL-2010-73-sam, Des No 0800204, SR 160 Culvert Replacements

LRL-2010-76-sam, Des No 0710636, SR 56 Culvert Replacements

LRL-2010-821; Des no 0901844; SR 46 Small Structure Rehabilitation Vigo County

LRL-2010-838-sam; Des No 0201034; Structure replacement along U.S. 421 in Carroll County

LRL-2010-90-sam; Des No 0501151; Temp Boat Ramp for Madison-Milton Bridge

LRL-2010-91-sam, Des No 0100363, Replacement of Fayette County Bridge 81

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LRL-1997-1692-djd, Des. No. 9884850, County Bridge 19 CR 600 North over Flatrock River Decatur County

LRL-2005-1756-djd, Des. No. 0500719, County Bridge 54 CR 500 North over Bear Creek Jay County

LRL-2006-1604-djd, Des. No. 0100315, SR 15 over Grant Creek Benton County

LRL-2007-1292-sam, Des No 0300106, SR 166 Bridge Replacement

LRL-2007-534-djd, Des. No. none, Business 31 culvert Rife Creek Miami County

LRL-2007-902-lcl, Des No 9901610, US Route 52 structure replacement-Rush County

LRL-2007-903-lcl, Des No 9901630, US Route 52 structure replacement-Rush County

LRL-2009-1004-lcl, Des No VI0001, SR 62 scour repair-Spencer County

LRL-2009-1012-djd, Des. No. 0810081, SR 252 scour repair Youngs Creek Johnson County

LRL-2009-1013-lcl, Des No 0810083, SR 252 scour repair-Franklin County

LRL-2009-1014-lcl, Des No 0810082, SR 252 scour repair-Shelby County

LRL-2009-1017-djd, Des. Nos. 0810077 and 0810078, US 31 scour repair Amity Ditch Johnson County

LRL-2009-1078-djd, Des. No. 0800197, SR 60 pip liners Washington County

LRL-2009-1123-lcl, Des No – Multiple, I-65 scour repair-Johnson County

LRL-2009-1125-lcl, Des No 0810187, US 52 scour protection-Hancock County

LRL-2009-1126-lcl, Des No 0810143, US 40 scour protection-Hancock County

LRL-2009-1127-djd, Des. No. 0014640, SR 56 culverts UNTs West Fork Blue River Washington County

LRL-2009-1176-lcl, Des No – None, SR 5 structure replacement-Grant County

LRL-2009-1240-lcl, Des No 0101394, SR 203 bridge replacement-Scott County

LRL-2009-1252-djd, Des. No. 0810399, Sr 35 scour repair Woods Fork Jefferson County

LRL-2009-1255-lcl, Des No 0810366, US Route 52 scour repair-Franklin County

LRL-2009-1256-lcl, Des No 0810367, SR 156 scour repair-Switzerland County

LRL-2009-1257-lcl, Des No 0810365, SR 46 scour repair-Dearborn County

LRL-2009-1289-lcl, Des No 0710848, Ramsey Creek Culvert Replacement

LRL-2009-1290-lcl, Des No 0901827, Post Road slip liner

LRL-2009-1291-lcl, Des No 0501240, I-74 slip liner

LRL-2009-1345-lcl, Des No 0101424, SR 19 Bridge Replacement

LRL-2009-1357-sam, Des No 0201216, Gephart Magee Culvert Replacement

LRL-2009-275-djd, Des. No. 0100496, SR 55 over UNT to Brown Ditch Benton County

LRL-2009-361-djd, Des. No. 0810029, forest roads UNT to Black Creek Sullivan County

LRL-2009-362-djd, Des. No. 0400101, SR 54 culvert Buttermilk Creek Sullivan County

LRL-2009-363-djd, Des. No. 0100559, SR 32 over Peach Creek Randolph County

LRL-2009-390-djd, Des. No. 006810, I 465 over UNT Pleasant Run Marion County

LRL-2009-400-djd, Des. No. V1001, SR 64 scour repair Riceville Creek Crawford County

LRL-2009-450-djd, Des. No. FT0001, US 30 over UNT Seegar Ditch Allen County

LRL-2009-454-lcl, Des No 0810180, SR 9 scour protection-Madison County

LRL-2009-456-lcl, Des No 0810179, SR 227 scour protection-Wayne County

LRL-2009-457-lcl, Des No – Multiple, I-69 scour protection-Delaware County

LRL-2009-473-lcl, Des No – Multiple, I-69 scour protection-Madison County

LRL-2009-474-djd, Des. No. 0400558, SR 161 over UNT Hooppole Ditch Spencer County

LRL-2009-479-lcl, Des No 0101146, SR 56 culvert replacement-Pike County

LRL-2009-487-djd, Des. No. none, County Bridge 106 over Campbell Creek Delaware County

LRL-2009-511-lcl, Des No – Multiple, I-74 scour protection-Decatur County

LRL-2009-512-lcl, Des No 0810084, SR 135 scour protection-Jackson County

LRL-2009-513-lcl, Des No 0810079, SR 58 scour protection-Jackson County

LRL-2009-514-lcl, Des No 0810080, SR 258 scour protection-Jackson County

LRL-2009-515-lcl, Des No – Multiple, I-65 scour protection-Clark County

LRL-2009-538-lcl, Des No 0810119, SR 48 scour protection-Sullivan County

LRL-2009-540-lcl, Des No 0500514, SR 267 scour protection-Hendricks County

LRL-2009-541-lcl, Des No – None, Tipton County Bridge No 93 Replacement-Tipton County

LRL-2009-553-djd, Des. Nos. 0101149 and 0710553, SR 58 bridge over Town Branch Greene County

LRL-2009-570-lcl, Des No 0400311, Tyler Road culvert improvements-Tippecanoe County

LRL-2009-617-lcl, Des No – None, Roeder Road culvert maintenance-Warrick County

LRL-2009-643-lcl, Des No 0013490, SR 26 Bridge Replacement-Grant County

LRL-2009-645-lcl, Des No 0800794, SR 66 culvert maintenance-Spencer County

LRL-2009-689-djd, Des. No. 0100961, SR 67 culvert UNT Pollard Ditch Knox County

LRL-2009-690-lcl, Des No 0201355, US Route 24 culvert replacement-White County

LRL-2009-691-djd, Des. NO. 0500096, County Bridge Number 143 over Conns Creek Rush County

LRL-2009-693-lcl, Des No – Multiple, US Route 231 scour protection-Greene County

LRL-2009-694-djd, Des. No. 9902970, SR 45 bridge over UNT Doans Creek Greene County

LRL-2009-695-lcl, Des No VI0001, SR 64 scour repair-Dubois County

LRL-2009-712-lcl, Des No 9135495, SR 5 culvert replacement-Whitley County

LRL-2009-731-djd, Des. No. 0400534, SR 70 culvert UNT Sandy Creek Spencer County

LRL-2009-781-lcl, Des No 0810076, SR 35 scour protection-Grant County

LRL-2009-782-lcl, Des No 0810035, Multiple scour protection projects-Multiple Counties

LRL-2009-784-djd, Des. No. 0810197, US 30 scour protection Spring Creek Whitley County

LRL-2009-785-djd, Des. No. 0810192, SR 15 scour protection Walnut Creek Kosciusko County

LRL-2009-786-djd, Des. No. VI0001, SR 69 culverts Smith Creek UNT Indian Creek Posey County

LRL-2009-787-djd, Des. No. 0810198, SR 114 scour protection UNT Clear Creek Whitley and Huntington Counties

LRL-2009-788-lcl, Des No 0400293, SR 121 Bridge Replacement-Franklin County

LRL-2009-789-djd, Des. No. 0810193, SR 15 scour repair Pee Dee Creek Wabash County

LRL-2009-790-lcl, Des No – Multiple, I-69 pipe liners-Allen County

LRL-2009-794-lcl, Des No – Multiple, SR 56 culvert replace and bridge rehab-Orange County

LRL-2009-795-lcl, Des No 0810191, SR 18 scour protection-Grant County

LRL-2009-796-lcl, Des No 0810196, County Road 300 West scour protection-Wabash County

LRL-2009-842-lcl, Des No 0400100, SR 54 structure replacement-Greene County

LRL-2009-843-lcl, Des No 0810188, US Route 52 scour protection-Hancock County

LRL-2009-844-lcl, Des No 0810186, US Route 40 scour protection-Henry County

LRL-2009-845-lcl, Des No 0810175, I-865 scour protection-Boone County

LRL-2009-889-lcl, Des No – Multiple, Several scour protection projects-Multiple Counties

LRL-2009-890-lcl, Des No 0810183, SR 32 scour protection-Hamilton County

LRL-2009-891-lcl, Des No 0810182, SR 32 scour protection-Hamilton County

LRL-2009-892-djd, Des. No. VI1110, US 50 scour repair Patrick Ditch Knox County

LRL-2009-893-djd, Des. No. 0810125, SR 70 culvert UNT Crooked Creek Spencer County

LRL-2009-960-lcl, Des No 0901630, SR 358 scour protection-Knox County

LRL-2009-961-lcl, Des No VI0001, SR 550 scour protection-Knox County

LRL-2009-972-djd, Des. No. 0901227, US 30 culvert Pole Run Ditch, Huffer Ditch, UNT Tippecanoe River, UNT Pike Lake Kosciusko County

LRL-2009-975-djd, Des. No. none, CR 850 East bridge over Clifty Creek Bartholomew County

LRL-2009-976-djd, Des. No. 0401213, US 31 culvert UNT Eel Creek Miami County

LRL-2009-977-djd, Des. No. 0301151, SR 67 culvert Montgomery Ross Ditch Jay County

LRL-2009-989-lcl, Des No 0200753, Warren County Bridge No 6 Replacement-Warren County