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Monroe Lake Shoreline Management Plan

Monroe Lake Shoreline Management Plan has been developed, which provides guidance and policy on management of the shoreline. The goal of the Shoreline Management Plan is to provide a balance of permitted private uses, while preserving and protecting Monroe Lake’s natural resources. This plan designates what activities and facilities may be permitted on U.S. Government property at Monroe Lake, as well as describing application procedures for those landowners who qualify for an authorized activity.

According to the Monroe Lake Shoreline Management Plan, landowners in subdivisions adjacent to Monroe Lake may be eligible to apply for a license or permit to conduct certain activities on government property, including placement of a boat dock (permits issued by IDNR- limited to 11 dock sites that are already in place), construction of stairs or steps, construction of a pathway (improved or unimproved, and vegetation alteration (mowing). Restrictions apply as to where on the lake these activities may take place.

Shoreline at Monroe Lake is zoned as prohibited access, public recreation area, protected shoreline area or a limited development area. View our Shoreline Management Map for information on zoning in a particular area.

In areas where the shoreline is classified as protected, no permits for docks shall be authorized, nor any licenses for fixed recreational facilities, including stairs, steps, roadways, electric service, or water withdrawal shall be authorized either. Landowners in subdivisions adjacent to government property zoned as protected may apply for a permit for a 5-foot unimproved path to access the lakeshore if they are adjacent landowners or if they can supply a notarized letter of consent to cross property adjacent to government property.

In areas which are zoned for limited development, licenses and permits may be authorized to allow for improved services only to approved community docks. These services may include utility services; improved pathways for access to the shoreline; cart paths for those with mobility impairments; erosion control; footpaths and footbridges and vegetation alteration (mowing). Licenses or easements may be allowed as well for driveways to homes in certain locations on a case by case basis. Restrictions apply as to how and where these improvements may be installed, and once placed on Government land they are considered public facilities. License and permit fees are assessed on these facilities. Contact the project office or the state property office at Paynetown for a list of current fees.

For additional information, read the Monroe Lake Shoreline Management Plan or contact the Monroe Lake project office.

Some permits are required for work even if it is on private property. The Corps evaluates permit applications for essentially all construction activities that occur in, or have the potential to impact, navigable and non-navigable waterways or wetlands. For more information, see the Operations Division Regulatory page.

Monroe Lake Shoreline Management Plan