US Army Corps of Engineers
Louisville District

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)



The LRL Levee Safety Program is currently updating our SOPs. Please contact our office for the most up-to-date SOPs.


  Louisville District has developed 33 SOP's to guide the permit process. SOP's contain general guidance on specific actions.


[Abandon & Seal Existing Pipes]

[Abandon Wells and Piezometers]

[Backfill of Animal Burrows]

[Backfill of Borings in or near levees]

[Belting Replacement]

[Benching and Compaction]

[Closure Anchorage Recesses]

[Closure Sealing]

[Drainage Fill for Pipe Penetrations (reverse filter)]

[Emergency Closure Provisions During Construction (not on Ohio)]

[Emergency Closure Provisions During Construction (on Ohio)]

[External Waterstop]


[Fiber Optic, Electrical, other Non-pressure Lines -- Up and Over Existing Levees]

[Filling abandoned railroad slots in closures]

[Floodwall painting and murals]

[Gravity Pipes thru Existing Earthen Levees - Open Cut Only]

[Greenway Walking Trails]

[Levee Signage]

[New Pressure Pipes Passing Thru Existing Casings in Closure Sills or Floodwall]

[New Pressure Pipes Passing Thru Existing Floodwalls]

[New Pressure Pipes Passing Thru New Floodwalls]

[Poles - Penetrations - Levees]

[Pressure Pipes - thru Existing Gate Closures as New Construction]

[Pressure Pipes - Flowable Fill - Up and Over Existing Earthen Levees]

[Protective Coating of Steel Closure Components]

[Repair of Monolith Joint Material]

[Repair of Spalled or Cracked Concrete]

[Routing of Electrical Lines Up and Around Levees Floodwalls PS]

[Sealing Fiber Optic Lines through a Concrete Floodwall]

[Sealing Fiber Optic Lines Up and Over Existing Levees]

[Sliplining Existing Pipes Through Levee Structures]

[Tree and Vegetation Removal]

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