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Corps completes Infantry Platoon Battle Course at Fort Knox

Published July 23, 2013

The Corps recently completed a sprawling 500-acre Automated Infantry Platoon Battle Course (IPBC) at Fort Knox in Kentucky where Soldiers can train.

The project converted a previously used Tank and Bradley gunnery range, known as the Cedar Creek Range, into a new battle course, which will train and test infantry platoons on the skills necessary to conduct tactical operations with direct and indirect live fire.

“It’s a very important project because it not only supports all units training here at Knox, but also units who travel here to train so it’s very important for the Army overall,” said Rodney Manson, Installation Range Control Officer, Fort Knox.


The battle course features 43 Stationary Infantry Targets (SITs), 6 Stationary Armor Targets (SATs) with Battle Effects Simulator (BES), 1 Moving Armor Target (MAT), 9 Machinegun-Observation Bunkers (MGB) equipped with a Sound Effects Simulator (SES), 8 Mortar Simulation Devices (MSDs), 14 Moving Infantry Targets (MITs), 1 Trench Obstacle, 2 Helicopter Landing Zones and 1 Assault/Defend House to ensure optimal training for the infantry platoons. 

One important feature of the new battle course is video recording capability, which provides Soldiers with real time feedback and allows for after action reviews. “It’s one of the few ranges that have that capability,” said Manson.

In addition to the battle course there were necessary site improvements that had to be made including installation of electric service, information systems and demolition of two buildings. Other facilities that had to be constructed include the Range Operations Center, the Range Operations and Control Area, which consists of an Operations and Storage Building, Classroom Building, Covered Mess, Bleacher Enclosure, Aerated Vault Latrine, and Ammunition Breakdown Building surrounding a central parking lot, and building information systems.

The $4.2 million project was constructed by Barlovento LLC., Dothan, Ala. Construction was completed June 8 and the new range will be in use by the fall after additional computer systems and targets are installed.

Project Engineer - Scott Hennig

Project Engineer - MAJ Gleason

Construction Rep - Jerry Rabalais

Construction Rep - Ken Jaggers

Design Project Engineer – Junette Toe

Project Manager - Michael Moore