Louisville District security office offers Antiterrorism Awareness Month messages

USACE - Louisville District
Published Aug. 1, 2022
Updated: Aug. 1, 2022

August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month and is an excellent opportunity for soldiers, civilians and families to increase their understanding of personal safety and safety in the workplace. It is also an opportune time to review topics like extremism, terrorism, insider threats and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 

It’s important that district employees be vigilant and practice personal and professional security. Thankfully, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District has a security office who is solely focused on these efforts. 

The district recently welcomed several new members to the security office, including Jim Milner and Jason Almodovar to work alongside Roy Stone and Charles Tanner. Together, they have worked diligently to supply the district with as much information as possible about personal and professional security. 

“When it comes to the Antiterrorism Awareness Month, we’re just making sure all of our fellow employees have a refresher and reminder of being aware of their surroundings during holidays or when they’re conducting site visits,” said Jason Almodovar, Louisville District physical security officer. “It’s an extra month we get to push out extra knowledge so that everyone is informed.”

The extra knowledge the security office provided throughout the month is meant to protect and act as a defensive measure. 

“Antiterrorism is the defensive measure. Counterterrorism is the active measure where you’re actually going out there going against the bad guys. We are the defensive measure,” said Jim Milner, Louisville District antiterrorism officer. 

Defensive measures include being aware, not leaving important documents or security badges unattended and reporting suspicious activities. Security, both at work and in personal life, starts with the individual. 

“Each member of the Army community should be actively involved in combatting against these threats through sustained vigilance and prevention,” said Milner. “There’s a whole bunch you have to mesh together. It’s easy for us because we do it every day, but as soon as I step outside this office, I have to be aware.” 

The following are important places to be especially aware of your surroundings: 
• USACE Infrastructure & facility access points
• Religious facilities & Schools, libraries, day care centers
• Amusement parks
• Sports/entertainment venues such as: ball games, concerts, recreation centers and fitness facilities
• Hospitals & lodging facilities
• Mass gatherings—running events, parades, fairs, farmers markets, etc.
• Grocery stores, malls, gas stations, banks

It is important to be aware, and if you see something out of the ordinary, say something. Call the Louisville District Security Office at 502-315-6915 or call local law enforcement.