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Symposium to Advance Ohio River Basin Strategy

Published Sept. 5, 2019

Ohio River Basin stakeholders will have an opportunity to impact a basin-wide strategy document during an upcoming symposium. During this symposium, the Ohio River Basin Alliance (ORBA) will present a draft strategy for the Ohio River Basin. The draft strategy presents the collaborations and priorities of numerous basin-wide organizations and covers parts of fifteen states from the southwestern corner of New York to the northeastern corner of Mississippi. Participants of the Symposium will be encouraged to provide input on the strategy during facilitated discussions.

The opportunity to provide input on this Ohio River Basin draft strategy will occur during the Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education (ORBCRE) Symposium-Ohio River Basin Alliance (ORBA) Summit. Registration for the Symposium is now open. Ohio River Basin stakeholders are invited to register for the Symposium which will occur October 2-4, 2019, at Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio. This year’s theme is “Managing our Water in a Changing World: from Social, Environmental, and Policy Perspectives,” Anyone may register through:

The draft, basin-wide strategy is the culmination of ten years of collaboration at eleven prior summits held in five basin states - Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia- that involved hundreds of stakeholders from state, local and federal agencies, industry, academia, and nonprofit organizations in the Ohio River Basin. The basin-wide strategy is scheduled to be completed by March of 2020.

ORBA collaborated with multiple, existing authorities to develop this strategic planning initiative. This formal planning process is supported by a Planning to States (PAS) initiative, organized by the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The strategy document will be shared with participants of the Symposium. Input to the strategy will be encouraged from all participants of the Symposium. Registration is open now: https://


The Ohio River Basin Alliance (ORBA) is a regional collaborative that provides a forum for addressing issues facing the Ohio River Basin in today’s changing environment.

ORSANCO and its member states cooperate to improve water quality in the Ohio River Basin, ensuring the river can be used for drinking, industrial supplies, and recreational purposes; and can support a healthy and diverse aquatic community.

The mission of the US Army Corps of Engineers is to deliver vital public and military engineering services; partnering in peace and war to strengthen our nation’s security, energize the economy and reduce risks from disasters.

Harry Stone (ORBA)
Laura Mattingly, USACE

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