Regional General Permits (RGPs)

This page lists Regional General Permits (RGP) for INDOT projects that were authorized during a particular year. To review a particular file, just click on the link below. To accurately read and use the PDF files on this site, we recommend that you download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher.

NOTE files from 2012 and earlier will be added to the site soon. In the meantime, please call (502) 315-6733 for access to those documents.

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LRL-2009-680-djd; Des. No. 0011110; INDOT SR 60 Salem Bypass modification, Washington County

LRL-2011-1080-sjk, Des. No. 1005970, Logansport pedestrian bridge

LRL-2011-1134-dlz, Des. No. 0800032, culvert , Burgett Ditch, White

LRL-2011-1134-sjk, (Maintenance) SR 16 over Burgett Ditch White County

LRL-2011-1135-sjk (Maintenance) SR 17 over Indian Creek Cass County

LRL-2012-1000-1000, Des. No. 0100835, RGP01, storm outfall, Morgan

LRL-2012-1047-dlz, Des. No. 0800885, RGP01, bridge replacement, Little Deer Creek, Tippecanoe

LRL-2012-11-djd; Des. No. 0300695; INDOT Segment 4 SR 25 Hoosier Heartland, Cass County

LRL-2012-11-djd; Des. No. 0300695; Segment 4 SR 25 Hoosier Heartland, Cass County

LRL-2012-133-sjk, Des. No. 0801063, Henry Co. bridge 31

LRL-2012-152-sjk, Des Nos 0800968_0902290, SR 1 Wells County

LRL-2012-153-sjk, Des. No. 0710864, US 24 over Tippecanoe River

LRL-2012-158-djd; Des. No. 0600487; INDOT SR 135 small structure replacement; Jackson County

LRL-2012-159-sjk, Des. No. 0710979 US150/SR56 Orange County

LRL-2012-160-djd; Des. No. 0710643; INDOT US 31 small structure replacement; Scott County

LRL-2012-177-sjk, Des. No. 0100517, SR 229 Ripley County

LRL-2012-195-sjk, Des. Nos. 0301066, 0301071 US 231 White County

LRL-2012-259-sjk, Des. No. 0710644 SR 203 Scott County 

LRL-2012-311-djd; Des. No. 0500304; SR 14 bridge wideneing, Allen County 

LRL-2012-318-dlz Des. No. 1006551 Northfield Drive Improvements, Hendricks Co. 

LRL-2012-330-dlz, Des. No. 1173600, Andrew Bronw Drain, Tippecanoe Co.

LRL-2012-331-dlz, Des. No. 0901282, Gibson, Richland Creek

LRL-2012-339-djd; Des. No. 0100750; INDOT SR 144 intersection imparovement, Morgan County

LRL-2012-348-sjk, Des Nos 0100327 0710527 SR 9 Flatrock Rive

LRL-2012-349-djd; Des. No. 0400091; INDOT SR 57 bridge replacement Greene County

LRL-2012-434-dlz, Des. No. 0200642, Montgomery & Boone, Big Raccoon Creek

LRL-2012-447-djd; Des. No. 1297098; INDOT I 70 Greenfield Rest Area additional parking, Hancock County

LRL-2012-494-dlz, Des. No. 0801064, Bridge Replacement, Doe Creek, Hancock

LRL-2012-515-dlz, Des. No. 1006090, UNT Clear Fork Creek, Ripley

LRL-2012-574-dlz, Des. No. 9608960, SR-42 Swalls Road, Vigo Co., Lost Creek

LRL-2012-724-dlz, Des. No. 1173298, Marion Co., Williams Creek

LRL-2012-75-djd; Des. No.0301158; Henry County Engineer Wilbur Wright Trail

LRL-2012-776-dlz, Des. No. 1006547/0900908, RGP01, new bridge, Big Walnut, Putnam

LRL-2012-882-dlz, Des. No. 1173161, addl lanes, various waters, Marion

LRL-2012-89-sjk, Des. No. 0903100 SR 32 structures Boone County

LRL-2012-960-djd; Des. No. 1005627; INDOT SR 37 slide correction, Perry County


LRL-2007-294-sjm, Des. No. 0600284, CR 600 E reconstruction, Grant Co.

LRL-2007-78-sjk, US 35 riprap replacement Cass County 

LRL-2008-1418-djd; Des. No. 0400283; I-465 and I-69 Northeast Corridor project, Marion County 

LRL-2009-1078; Des. No. 0800197; INDOT SR 60 slip liners Clark and Washington Counties

LRL-2009-174-sjm, Des No 0500082, Fulton Co. Bridge 88, Mt Zion Mill Pond dam spillway

LRL-2009-399-sjm, Des No 0301155, SR116 Wells County

LRL-2010-1050-sjm, DN 0400146,0400987, 0400988, Township Line Rd, Hendricks Co 

LRL-2010-1135-djd; Des. No. 0800420; INDOT I-64 slip liner; Floyd County

LRL-2010-1199-sjm, Des No 0800801, SR37 orange county pipe liners

LRL-2010-1201-sjm; Des No. 1005747; SR 37 pipe liners

LRL-2010-1202-sjm, Des No 0901894, SR 245 pipe liner

LRL-2010-1206-sjm, Des No 1005747, SR66 over L Poison Creek pipe liner

LRL-2010-1207-sjm, Des No 1005747, SR 145 pipe liners

LRL-2010-1216-djd, Des. No. 0600431, INDOT Segment 5 and 7 US 31 upgrade Hamilton County

LRL-2010-1216-djd; Des. No. 0600431; US 31 Hamilton County upgrade

LRL-2011-1009-djd; Des. No. 0901705; Hendricks County Ronald Reagan Parkway extension

LRL-2011-100-sjm, Hovey Lake FWA culverts, Des No 1005895, Posey Co

LRL-2011-101-sjm Des No 0800716, CR 600W over B Racoon Creek Parke Co

LRL-2011-102-sjm, Des No 1005839, I-64 Gibson County slip liners

LRL-2011-103-sjm, CR 200 N over Buck Creek, Des No 0810490

LRL-2011-1043-djd; Des. No. 1172417; INDOT US Route 40 pipe liner Marion County

LRL-2011-104-sjm, Des No 0301168, Mounds Trail

LRL-2011-1063-sjk, Des. Nos. 1005693,94,97_US 52 intersections

LRL-2011-1097-sjk, Des. No. 0901888, SRR145_545 pipe liners

LRL-2011-159-sjm, Des. No. 0800795, SR64 culverts, Gibson Co

LRL-2011-174-sjm, Des. No. 9682190, Shelby CR600W over Sugar Creek

LRL-2011-212-sjm, Des No 0800792, SR66 pipe liner spencer county

LRL-2011-214-sjm, Des No 0900544, US35 over Fredericks Ditch

LRL-2011-21-sjm, Des No 0810329, Jackson St walkway Hamilton Co

LRL-2011-238-sjm, Des. No. 0900175, I-74 slip liners

LRL-2011-241-sjm, Des No 0300755, SR157 structure replacement, Greene Co

LRL-2011-281-sjm, Des No 0400312, SR58 culvert, Lawrence Co

LRL-2011-284-sjm, Des. No. 0101145, SR58 over UNT Leatherwood Creek, Lawrence Co.

LRL-2011-294-sjm, DN 0100324, Hiser Station Road culvert

LRL-2011-295-sjm, DN 1005838, various pipe liners

LRL-2011-360-sjm, Des. No. 0810039, I-74 over Black Creek, Montgomery Co. 

LRL-2011-379-sjm, Des No 0810039, US 52 scour protection, Benton Co 

LRL-2011-380-sjm, Des No 0810039, SR71 scour protection, Benton Co 

LRL-2011-414-djd; Pike County Commissioners Coal Mine Road 

LRL-2011-415-sjm Des. No. 1005837 SR60 pipe liners 

LRL-2011-416-sjm Des. No. 0600539 SR356 pipe liners 

LRL-2011-432-sjm, Des. No. 0401206, SR1 over Bills Creek, Wells Co. 

LRL-2011-441-sjm, Des. Nos. 1005470, 1005472, I-465 slip liners

LRL-2011-484-djd; Des. No. 0100867; SR 56 improvements Ohio County 

LRL-2011-485-sjm, (maintenance) I-65 RP16+65 Clark Co. pipe liner 

LRL-2011-499-sjm, Des. No. 0400778, SR 14 pipe liner, Pulaski Co 

LRL-2011-517-sjm, Ds. No. 0400214, US 41 HMA, Gibson Co 

LRL-2011-55-sjm, Des No 1005751, Pike Co pipe liners 

LRL-2011-561-sjm, Des. No. 0710867, SR256 Scott Co.

LRL-2011-607-sjm, Des. No. 1005972, SR 68 pipe liners, Gibson Co. 

LRL-2011-608-sjm, Maint Project, SR 550 pipe liner, Knox Co. 

LRL-2011-619-sjm, SR161 pipe liner Spencer Co

LRL-2011-620-sjm, SR64 pipe liner Crawford Co

LRL-2011-621-sjm, SR145 pipe liner Orange Co

LRL-2011-622-sjm, SR 545 pipe liner Spencer Co

LRL-2011-624-sjm, SR 356 pipe liner Pike Co

LRL-2011-625-sjm, SR 257 pipe liner Daviess Co

LRL-2011-673-sjm, Des. No. 0902295, Old US 30 outfall

LRL-2011-695-sjm, Des. No. 0810013, Old US 231 Spencer Co

LRL-2011-697-sjm, Des. No. 0101309, SR 75 bridge rehab Clinton Co

LRL-2011-705-sjk, Des. No. 0900910, Carr Hill Road reconstruction

LRL-2011-714-sjm, Des. No. 9900830, SR 39 reconstruction, Hendricks Co

LRL-2011-742, Des. No. 0300595, Cumberland Rd Extension, Tippecanoe County

LRL-2011-745-sjm Des No 1172468, I-164 pipe liner Warrick Co

LRL-2011-84-sjm, Des No 1005893, Lincoln Park pipe liners

LRL-2011-856-sjk (re-verification), Des. No. 1005613, US 50 spot improvements

LRL-2011-856-sjk, Des Nos. 1005613,1005614,1005615 US 50 Spot Improvements

LRL-2011-85-sjm, Des No 0710978, SR56_US150 Orange County

LRL-2011-867-sjm, Des No 0201094, SR119 White County

LRL-2011-906-sjk, Des. No. 1005596, US 30 pipe liner

LRL-2011-907-sjk, Des. No. 0711027, US 30 pipe liner

LRL-2011-908-sjk, Des. No. 0301146, US 30 pipe liner 

LRL-2011-909-sjk Des. No. 0900113, Apple St/New Rd Roundabout

LRL-2011-98-sjm, Des. No. 0501004, Parke Co. Bridge 22


January 2010 Multiple Ids and Des No. INDOT RGP Reissuance

LRL-2004-11121; Multiple Des No; US 31 Kokmo Bypass Mod for Contract 5

LRL-2004-1112c-sam; Des No 0710944; Kokomo Permit Gropu 2 modification for Stahl Ditch.pdf

LRL-2004-1112-sam; Multiple Des No. US 31 Kokomo Bypass Permit Package 2 Modification

LRL-2004-1344; Des. Nos. 0600424 and 10000013; US31 Hamilton County Segments 2 and 5a

LRL-2004-1344-djd; Des Nos 0600424 and 10000013; US 31 improvements Hamilton County

LRL-2006-229-sam, Des No 9901270, US 27

LRL-2007-1043-djd, Des. No. multiple, Interstate 69 Section 1

LRL-2007-1320-sam; Des No 0300469; Widening of Hancock County Bridge 65A

LRL-2007-1370-sam; Des No 0006741 & 0006742; Widening of I-70 Bridges over Buck Creek in Hancock County

LRL-2007-1373-lcl; Des No 0500597; Hoosier Heartland Modification

LRL-2007-1373-lcl; Des No 0500597; Hoosier Heartland Modification

LRL-2008-1120-sam, Des. No. 9706380, US35-SR22 Added Travel Lanes

LRL-2008-1175-sam; Des No 0200231; SR 105 Bridge Replacement over the Wabash River

LRL-2008-1244-sam; Des. No. 030038, etc; SR39 Small Structure Replacement

LRL-2008-254-sam; Des No 0710512; SR44 Small Structure Replacement in Fayette County

LRL-2008-268-sam; Des No. 0401188; South White River Greeways Trail

LRL-2008-333-sam; Des No 9700230; Bridge Replacement of US31 in Bartholomew County

LRL-2008-567-sam; Des No 9610180; SR 26 Rehabiliation

LRL-2008-567-sam; Des. No. 9610180; SR26 Reconstruction

LRL-2008-586-sam; Des No 0201245; SR 56 Bridge Rehabiliation

LRL-2008-680-lcl; Des No 0011110; SR 60 Salem Bypass Reverification; Washington County

LRL-2008-765-sam, Des No 0600731, SR 39 Bridge Replacement

LRL-2009-1236-sam; Des No 9700830 & 0300431; U.S. 231 Lafayette Bypass.pdf

LRL-2009-1323-sam, Des No 0400040, Carthage Pike Roadway

LRL-2009-1323-sam; Des No 0400040; Carthage Pike Roadway Phase 2

LRL-2009-1377-sam, Des No. 0200699, I 70 Added Travel Lanes

LRL-2009-1377-sam; Des No 0200699; I70 lane addition modification.pdf

LRL-2009-536-sam; Des No 0088800; Culvert Replacement long Maish Road, Clinton County.pdf

LRL-2009-86; Des No 0200861; New Road Construction Jackson Co

LRL-2010-1004-sam; Des No 0200011; SR250 Bridge Replacement in Jennings County

LRL-2010-1006-sam; Des No 0400354; CR 900 S Bridge REplacement Wells Co

LRL-2010-1012; Des No 0710091; Delaware County Bridge 513 Replacement

LRL-2010-1087-sam; Des No 0101425; SR 9 Bridge Replacment over Lewis Creek.pdf

LRL-2010-1088-sam; Des No. 1005893; Pipe Replacement at Spring Mill State Park.pdf

LRL-2010-1089-sam; Des No Maint09_SR331_233.37; Pipe Replacement along SR 331.pdf

LRL-2010-1091-sam; Des No 0901884; Green-Sullivan State Forest Road maintenance.pdf

LRL-2010-1092-sam; Des No 0901884; Shakamak State Park Pipe Replacement.pdf

LRL-2010-1093-sam; Des No Maint10_SR25_25146; CR 500 No Pipe Replacement Fulton Co.pdf

LRL-2010-1094-sam; Des No Maint10_SR17_25140; CR100S Pipe Replacement.pdf

LRL-2010-1095-sam; Des No 0301148 and 0301150; U.S. 30 Pipe Liner in Allen County.pdf

LRL-2010-1096-sam; Des No 9467555; SR 46 Structure Replacements.pdf

LRL-2010-1097-sam; Des No 0600364 and 0710214; Emerson Avenue Added Travel Lanes.pdf

LRL-2010-1135-sam; Des No 0800420; I-64 Pipe Liners Floyd County.pdf

LRL-2010-1151-sam; Des No 0301128; SR 9 small Str replacement in Hunting County.pdf

LRL-2010-1181-sam; Des No. 0100478; U.S. Route 24 over Diener Ditch in White County.pdf

LRL-2010-250-sam; Des No 0900010; Morris Street Bridge.pdf

LRL-2010-328-sam; Des No 9802490; SR 261 Added Travel Lanes

LRL-2010-328-sam; Des No 98-2480; SR261 added travel lanes

LRL-2010-356-sam; Des No 0800248; Chase Road Reconstruction; Cass County

LRL-2010-39-djd, Des. No. multiple, Interstate 69 Section 3

LRL-2010-39-djd, Des. No. multiple, Section 3 Interstate 69

LRL-2010-442-sam, Des. No. 0710982, SR 37 Box culvert extension Orange County

LRL-2010-466; multiple Des. No.; Section 2 Interstate 69 Evansville to Indianapolis extension

LRL-2010-466-djd; Des. No. multiple; Interstate 69 extension Section 2 final RGP.pdf

LRL-2010-466-djd; multiple Des No.; Interstate 69 Section 2 Evansville to Indianapolis extension

LRL-2010-505-sam; Margaret Avenue Phase III, Vigo County

LRL-2010-506-sam; Des No 0014380; SR 46 Road Reconstruction Owen County

LRL-2010-506-sam; Des No 0014380; SR 46 Road reconstruction preliminary Letter

LRL-2010-659; Des no 0710633; SR 58 Pipe Liner Installation

LRL-2010-690; Des no 0200362; SR 450 Culvert replacement over Beech Creek

LRL-2010-691; Des no 0500799; SR 38 Bridge Rehabilitation in Hamilton County

LRL-2010-71-sam, Des No 710114, Slide Repair

LRL-2010-747; Des no 0201148; US 40 Structure Replacement in Wayne Co

LRL-2010-74-sam, Des No 0100254, SR 39 CSX Railroad Crossing

LRL-2010-750-sam; Des No 0100463; SR 38 Culvert Replacement over Bear Creek in Wayne Co

LRL-2010-75-sam, Des No 0100662, SR 64 and CR 350E Intersection Improvement

LRL-2010-805-sam; Des No 0900174, I-65 Pipe Liner Project

LRL-2010-837-sam; Des No 0500281; Pipe liner along U.S. 421 in Pulaski County

LRL-2010-866-sam; Des No 9901290; U.S. 27 Road reconstruction Union County

LRL-2010-867-sam; Des No 9901280; U.S. 27 Road Rehabilitation ATF

LRL-2010-896-sam; Des No 0401168; Salt Creek Trail Brown County.pdf

LRL-2010-901-sam; Des No Maint10_SR25_25145; SR 25 Structure Replacement Fulton County

LRL-2010-919-djd; Des. No. 0300694; SR 25 Hoosier Heartland Segment 2 Carroll County.pdf

LRL-2010-919-djd; Des. No. 0300694; SR 25 Segment 2 Hoosier Heartland Highway

LRL-2010-921-sam; Des No 1005704; CUlvert Exetension along 62nd Street in Indianapolis

LRL-2010-943-sam; Des No. 0301154; SR 114 Structure Replacement

LRL-2010-983-sam; Des No 0500723; Bridge Replacement over Altar Creek in Dubois County; Pending RGP ltr

LRL-2010-983-sam; Des No 9620040; SR 56 Bridge Replacement over Altar Creek.pdf

LRL-209-528-sam, Des No 0500307, I-64 widening in Floyd County Re-verification

LRL-2007-1373-lcl, Des No 9802920, SR 25 Hoosier Heartland-Seg 1-Tippecanoe County

LRL-2008-1077-lcl, Des No 0101101, I65-SR58 intersection improvements-Bartholomew County

LRL-2008-1120-lcl, Des No 9706380, US35-SR22 Added Travel Lanes

LRL-2008-1234-djd, Des. No. 0101234, Mill Creek Road bridge Sly Run Hamilton County

LRL-2008-1418-djd, Des. No. 0400283, I 465 and I69 Northeast Corridor Project Marion and Hamilton Counties

LRL-2008-1418-djd, Des. No. 0400283, I 465 and I69 Northeast Corridor Project Marion and Hamilton Counties

LRL-2008-680-lcl, Des No 0011110, SR 60 Salem Bypass-Washington County

LRL-2008-809-djd, Des. No. 0400785, SR 55 over Montgomery Ditch Benton County

LRL-2009-1057-lcl, Des No 0810289, Olio Road culvert extension-Hamilton County

LRL-2009-1059-lcl, Des No–None, Bridge Creek temporary crossing-Tippecanoe County

LRL-2009-1060-lcl, Des No–None, UNT to Bridge Creek temporary crossing-Tippecanoe County

LRL-2009-1061-lcl, Des No–None, Sugar Creek temporary crossing-Tippecanoe County

LRL-2009-1124-djd, Des. No. 0710568, SR 62 bridge Carter Traylor Ditch and Cypress Creek Warrick County

LRL-2009-207-djd, Des. No. 0900122, UNT Little Honey Creek culvert protection

LRL-2009-240-djd, Des. Nos. 0300556 and 9903170, SR 54 bridge replacements Greene County

LRL-2009-260-djd, Des. No. 9803440, SR 135 added travel lanes Johnson County

LRL-2009-268-djd, Des. No. 0400856, SR 28 over Halfway Creek Delaware County

LRL-2009-273-djd, Des. No. 0101147, SR 61 UNT Kessinger Ditch Knox County

LRL-2009-302-djd, Des. No. 9407900, I 70 Centerville Welcome Center Wayne County

LRL-2009-360-djd, Des. No. 0101420, SR 32 over Indian Camp Creek Madison County

LRL-2009-451-djd, South Branch Judah Branch bank stabilization Monroe County

LRL-2009-528-djd, Des. No. 0500307, I 64 widening Floyd County

LRL-2009-529-djd, Des. No. none, County Bridge Number 39 replacement Lewis Creek Jefferson County

LRL-2009-533-djd, Des. No. 0200903, I 65 added travel lanes Boone County

LRL-2009-533-djd, Des. No. 0200903, I 65 added travel lanes Boone County

LRL-2009-536-djd, Des. No. 0088800, Maish Road culvert UNT Prairie Creek Clinton County

LRL-2009-618-lcl, Des No – None, Covington Circle Trail Phase 2 and 3-Fountain County

LRL-2009-631-lcl, Des No 9904200, SR 25 Hoosier Heartland-Seg 3-Carroll & Cass Counties

LRL-2009-651-lcl, Des No 9902990, US Route 231 bridge replacement-Martin County

LRL-2009-679-lcl, Des No – None, SR 25 haul road-Tippecanoe County

LRL-2009-780-lcl, Des No 0800342, Neely Avenue culvert replacement-Delaware County

LRL-2009-783-lcl, Des No 0810194, SR 124 scour protection-Wabash County