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Issued Standard Permits - Last Updated 20 June 2019

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Date Issue


LRL-2016-148 Rush Properties, LLC Boyd Co., KY Lockwood Creek, of the Big Sandy River 9/30/2019 After-the-fact authorization for the construction of an 8.5-acre recreational pond.
LRL-2018-00073 Tower Quarry-Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Crawford Co., IN Dry Run 9/11/2019 Hard rock mining.
LRL-2019-68 Louisville Parks and Recreation Jefferson Co., KY Ohio River, LB, Mi 610 6/12/2019 Create a public boat ramp on the lower pool of the Ohio River.
LRL-1999-289 Continental, Silver Grove, LLC Campbell Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 459.4 - 460.1 6/10/2019 Expand fleeting at an existing facility.
LRL-2014-209 KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources Bath Co., KY Big Farm Indian Creek 5/29/2019 Aquatic habitat restoration - ILF mitigation project.
LRL-2005-1139 Rivercrest Marina Jefferson Co., IN Ohio River, RB, Mi 559 5/13/2019 Dredge accumulated sediment.
LRL-2018-691 LaGrange, LLC Jefferson Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 5/9/2019 Construction and operation of warehouse/office complex.
LRL-2018-446 Poindexter Excavating Hendricks Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 5/7/2019 Discharge of fill.
LRL-2018-78 Columbus Regional Health System Services, LLC Bartholomew Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 4/4/2019 Discharge clean earthen fill into forested wetlands.
LRL-2018-268 Kenton County Airport Board Boone Co., KY Gunpowder Creek 3/13/2019 Discharge fill material.
LRL-2017-724 Dekoven Dock, Inc. Union Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 870.1 3/13/2019 Construct a new unloading and transfer facility.
LRL-2018-708 L & N Federal Credit Union Jefferson Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 3/6/2019 Place fill material for the expansion of corporate campus.
LRL-2018-156 Vigo Coal Operating Co., LLC Wabash Co., IL Waters of the U.S. 3/6/2019 Discharge of fill and/or dredged material.
LRL-2012-737 Louisville and Jefferson County Riverport Authority Jefferson Co., KY Waters of U.S. 2/8/2019 Discharge of fill material for the construction of the Riverport Phase 5 Development.
LRL-2012-24 Dontar Paper Company, LLC Hancock Co., KY Ohio River, LB, Mi 719 1/8/2019 Expand the barge docking capacity.
LRL-2017-798 Indiana University Monroe Co., IN Jordan River 12/18/2018 Perform stream restoration activities.
LRL-2018-265 Buffalo Trace Distillery Franklin Co., KY Kentucky River, RB, Mi 64.9 12/13/2018 Excavation and placement of fill material.
LRL-2017-274 Pine Bluff Materials, LLC McCracken Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 937.3 - 938.7 11/21/2018 Commercial dredging activities.
LRL-2017-273 Pine Bluff Materials, LLC Livingston Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 917 - 917.8 11/21/2018 Commercial dredging activities.
LRL-2017-104 Tennessee Valley Authority Muhlenberg Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 11/19/2018 Construct a landfill for Coal Combustion Residual
LRL-2003-1473 Riverside Stone Company Meade Co., KY Ohio River, LB, Mi 675.5 11/2/2018 Relocate 5 barge fleeting spaces
LRL-2018-465 Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC Allen Co., KY Bays Fork 10/23/2018 Stream bank stabilization.
LRL-2018-321 Flynn Contracting Jefferson Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 10/11/2018 Place fill material to construct a warehouse distribution facility.
LRL-2015-00059 Perry County Development Corporation Perry Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 9/21/2018 Discharge fill material into "waters of the U.S." to facilitate the construction of a foundry expansion project.
LRL-2015-329 East Kentucky Power Cooperative Mason Co., KY Beasley Creek 9/12/2018 Discharge fill material into "waters of the U.S." for the construction of a Coal Combustion Residual landfill and associated infrastructure.
LRL-2014-408 TBD, LLC Floyd Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 9/10/2018 Impact "waters of the U.S." in association with construction of residential development.
LRL-2018-246 Browning Consolidated PI, LLC Bullitt Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 9/4/2018
  Discharge of fill and/or dredged material into "waters of the U.S."
LRL-2016-1070 Evansville Marine Service, Incorporated

Spencer Co., IN and Daviess Co., KY


Ohio River, RB, Mi 748.5 and 749.5 8/29/2018 Construct and maintain a barge fleeting/mooring facility.
LRL-2013-86 No. KY University-Ctr for Environmental Restoration Campbell Co., KY Uhl Creek 8/15/2018 Restoration Project
LRL-2018-294 Duccentral Farms, LLC Ballard Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 974 8/14/2018 Anchor barge fleeting area.
LRL-2013-444 United Minerals Company, LLC Warrick Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 7/31/2018 Discharge of fill and/or dredged material into "waters of the U.S."
LRL-2017-632 Tanners Creek Development, LLC Dearborn Co., IN Ohio River, Mi 494, 494.1 & 495 7/31/2018 Construct barge loading/unloading facilities.
LRL-2017-92 Advanced Disposal Services Blackfoot Landfill, Inc. Pike Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 7/27/2018 Expand the Blackfoot Landfill
LRL-2016-1083 Franklin Logistics West, LLC Bullitt Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 7/24/2018 Construction of a commercial development.
LRL-2016-110 Greenlife Development Warrick Co., IN Hines Ditch 7/18/2018 Impacts to aquatic resources associated with the construction of a residential development.
LRL-2017-660 Big Monon Joint Drainage Board White Co., IN Big Monon Ditch 7/2/2018
  Discharge of fill material into "waters of the U.S."
LRL-2017-19 Tennessee Valley Authority McCracken Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 6/22/2018 Construct a landfill for Coal Combustion Residual.
LRL-2017-879 Airspace III, LLC Jefferson Co, KY Waters of the U.S. 6/7/2018 Discharge fill/ Construct commercial development
LRL-1962-00017 Nugent Sand Company Jefferson Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 601.7 LB 5/23/2018 Pacement of sheet piling wall; bank stabilization; removal of a partially submerged barge.
 LRL-2017-00028 Bloomington Utilities Monroe Co, IN Weimer Lake and UNT to Clear Creek 4/24/2018 Remove a portion of a "significant hazard" dam
 LRL-2004-01010 Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Clark Co, IN Ohio River mi 586.4 RB  4/13/2018 Add six barge fleeting stations to existing barge fleeting area
 LRL-2015-00868 Mr. Richard Knock Kenton Co, KY Waters of the U.S. 4/10/2018 Construct commercial development
 LRL-2017-00249 Three Rivers Boat and Barge, Inc. Livingston Co, KY Ohio River mi 929.05 LDB 4/9/2018 Modification/Expansion to existing boat and barge repair facility 
 LRL-2017-00054 Indiana Department of Transportation Bartholomew Co, IN UNT's to East Fork White Creek and adjacent wetlands 4/6/2018 Discharge fill
 LRL-2017-00418 Liberty Mine, LLC Warrick Co, IN Waters of the U.S. 4/2/2018 Discharge fill

Office of the Mayor, City of Evansville

Vanderburgh Co, IN Ohio River, Mi 791.2 - 792.5 RB  3/30/2018 Relocation of vessel and construction mooring site 
 LRL-2017-00292 Full House Resorts Ohio Co, IN / Boone Co, KY Ohio River, Mi 505 LB & RB  3/20/2018 Construct a new river ferry service, including two ferry landings
 LRL-2016-00762  Kentucky River Authority Madison Co, KY / Clark Co, KY Kentucky River, Mi 176.4  3/19/2018 Renovate existing lock and dam structures
 LRL-2017-01110 SIF Louisville LLC c/o Stoltz Real Estate Partners Jefferson Co, KY Forested wetlands with the Pond Creek watershed  3/19/2018 Discharge fill; Construction/expansion of existing warehouse, parking, & associated infrastructure
 LRL-2012-00045  Indian Creek Quarries LLC Lawrence & Martin Counties, IN  UNT to Indian Creek and adjacent wetlands  3/7/2018  Discharge fill


 Edward Britton  Clark Co, IN  Waters of the U.S. that drain to Silver Creek  2/8/2018  Discharge fill
 LRL-2005-00040  City of Wilder  Campbell Co, KY  Confluence of the Licking River and 3 Mile Creek  2/8/2018  Annual Maintenance dredging
 LRL-2017-768 City of Owensboro Engineering Department  Daviess Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 757.4, LB     11/17/2017     Intermittently moor vessels 
 LRL-2017-708 Creekside Landing Marina  Jefferson Co., KY  Harrods Creek, Mi 0.75, RB     1/10/2018 Construction of rock jetty and berm 
 LRL-2017-565 Nugent Sand Company  Jefferson Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 601.7, LB     12/15/2017  Annual Maintenance Dredging 
 LRL-2016-821 Gibson Development Vigo Co., IN Waters of the U.S.     12/11/2017 Commercial Development
LRL-2012-277 Waste Services of the Bluegrass, INC Scott Co., KY West Fork Eagle Creek and Wolf Branch 12/21/2017 Expansion of solid waste landfill
LRL-2015-749 Indiana Department of Transportation Scott Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 08/04/2017 Discharge of fill material. 
LRL-2017-99 Webster Co. Coal, LLC Webster Co., KY Fredricks Ditch  09/05/2017 Discharge of dredge or fill material. 
LRL-2017-109 River Metals Recycling Jefferson Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 601.5, LB 10/05/2017 Conduct annual maintenance dredging.
LRL-1983-90009 Marine Builders, Inc Clark Co., IN Ohio River, Mi 596.3, RB 10/17/2017 Discharge material and dredging.
LRL-2016-435 Louisville Renaissance Zone Corporation Jefferson Co., KY UT to Southern Ditch 07/26/2017 Construction of commercial development. 
LRL-2016-1145 JDG 1849, LLC Jefferson Co., KY UT to Chenoweth Run & UT to Floyds Fork  06/19/2017 Construct residential and commercial development. 
LRL-2016-989 Al. Neyer Kenton Co., Kentucky Waters of the U.S. 08/03/2017 To construct a commercial development.
LRL-2016-516 Clarion Partners Clark Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 10/03/2017 Construct a commercial development.
LRL-2016-322 Three Rivers Boat & Barge Livingston Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 928, LB 09/20/2017 Construct a 105-barge fleeting area.
LRL-2013-906 City of Vine Grove  Hardin Co., KY Rose Creek  09/12/2017 Relocation/replacement of a sewer main and lateral lines.
LRL-2010-711  LG&E and KU Services Company  Trimble Co., KY  Corn Creek  06/28/2017  Construct and operate a special waste landfill.
LRL-2016-1145  JDG 1849, LLC  Jefferson Co., KY  Floyds Fork  06/16/2017  Construct residential and commercial development. 
LRL-2016-1202  Illinois Department of Transportation  Effingham Co., IL  West Salt Creek  05/26/2017  Realign and improve a segment of US-45. 
LRL-2007-1363  HenderSun Energy, LLC  Henderson Co., KY  Green River, Mi 32.3  05/23/2017  Construct a barge unloading facility and modification of the location and design of current permit. 
LRL-2013-00091  KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources  Owen Co., KY  Minors Creek   05/22/2017  Mitigation, restoration, and enhancement.   
LRL-2016-935  CSX Transportation, Inc.  Webster Co., KY  Sugar Camp Creek  05/23/2017  Construct a railroad track. 
LRL-2016-1201  SRI Holdings, LLC  Bullitt Co., KY  Wetlands  05/03/2017  Construct an industrial development 
LRL-2016-01036  Castlen Enterprises, LLC  Daviess Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 753.1, LB  04/20/2017  Construct a ramp. 
LRL-2016-00239  Red Rock Developments  Bullitt Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  04/20/2017  Discharge of clean fill. 
 LRL-1950-00027 Knights of Columbus  Jefferson Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 598.4, LB  04/13/2017  Perform annual maintenance dredging. 
LRL-2012-00646  KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources  Casey Co., KY  Goose Creek  03/23/2017  Mitigation/restoration/preservation 
LRL-2015-00926  Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores, Incorporated  Hopkins Co., KY  Otter Creek 


Construct travel stop for fueling stations, market, tire store, and restaurant.
LRL-2010-00576  Armstrong Coal Company, Inc.  Ohio Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.   03/16/2017 Discharge fill and/or dredged material. 
LRL-2015-00756  NALC, LLC  Putnam Co., IN  Waters of the U.S.  02/27/2017  Construct the northern reserves limestone quarry and associated infrastructure. 
LRL-2013-00336  KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources  Lewis Co., KY  Old Trace Creek   02/13/2017



LRL-1981-00002  Evansville Marine Service  Henderson Co., KY  Green River, LB, Mi .6  02/08/2017  Re-establish terminal and repair facility. 
LRL-2013-1114  Kosmos Cement Company  Meade Co., KY  Ohio River, LB, MI 653.4 - 654.4  12/27/2016  Expand existing riverfront facility. 
LRL-2016-229  Riverport Kentucky Land, LLC  Jefferson Co., KY UNT to Mill Creek  12/27/2016  Discharge fill material to construct warehouse facility. 
LRL-1995-1060  Nucor Gallatin Steel  Boone Co., KY  Ohio River, LB, Mi 534.3  12/20/2016  Discharge fill material. 
LRL-2015-236  LIT-Acquisitions, LLC  Jefferson Co., KY  Emergent wetlands  12/19/2016  Construct a warehouse building and associated infrastructure. 
LRL-2013-907  Lafarge North America  Hardin Co., IL  UNT to Anthony Creek  12/06/2016  Increase the footprint of the quarry. 
LRL-2015-844  Strategic Capital Partners  Hendricks Co., IN  UNT to Middle Creek   11/01/2016 Excavate/discharge fill material. 
LRL-2016-00065  Al. Neyer  Boone Co., KY  Woolper Creek  09/21/2016  Discharge fill material. 
LRL-2013-272  ICG Hazard, LLC  Knott Co., KY  Dan's Fork  09/15/2016  Discharge dredged and/or fill material. 
LRL-1976-90047  Aquaramp Marine  Campbell Co., KY  Ohio River, LB, Mi 463.9  09/14/2016  Replace docks, expand/reconfigure existing marine. 
LRL-2016-310  Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern KY  Kenton Co., KY  Bullock Pen Creek   09/01/2016 Construct a drilled shaft retaining wall. 
LRL-1981-00042  Limestone Bay Yacht Club  Jefferson Co., KY  Ohio River, LB, Mi 596.4  08/31/2016  Annual dredging. 
LRL-2015-645  Yager Materials, Inc.  Daviess Co., KY  Ohio River, RB, Mi 756  08/25/2016  Modify the existing unloading facility. 
LRL-2008-1072  Meade County Quarry, LLC  Meade Co., KY  Ohio River, LB, Mi 671.6  08/17/2016  Install barge loading/unloading terminal. 
LRL-2015-636  Hunter Sand & Gravel, LLC  Massac Co., IL  Ohio River, RB, Mi 951.3  07/26/2016  Construct/operate a new crew changing facility. 
LRL-2013-172  Northern Kentucky University - CER Boone Co., KY  Landing Creek  07/14/2016  Implement aquatic resource restoration activities on the Big Bone Lick Phase III site.
LRL-2016-210  City of Covington  Kenton Co., KY  Ohio River, LB, Mi 470.5  08/12/2016  Construct a bulkhead along river's edge. 
LRL-2011-707-b  Harthshorne, Mining Group, LLC  McLean Co., KY  Cypress Creek  06/22/2016  Relocation of loading facility. 
LRL-2007-144  Rose Island Yacht Club  Oldham Co., KY  Ohio River, LB, Mi 589.6  06/17/2016  Perform annual maintenance dredging. 
LRL-2005-204  Marina Village Dockowners Association  Jefferson Co., KY  Harrods Creek  06/17/2016  Dredge marina basin. 
LRL-2014-725  Seven N Lake, LLC  Nelson Co., KY  Tributaries of West Fork of Simpson Ck  06/09/2016  Place earthen material to construct lake 
LRL-2015-785  FedEx Ground Package System, Inc.  Kenton Co., KY  Stream channels and Wetlands  06/08/2016  Commercial development 
LRL-2013-448  Armstrong Coal Company, Inc.  Ohio Co., KY  UNT of Williams Ck & Elk Ck  06/08/2016  Place fill material to develop mixed coal refuse disposal site. 
LRL-2009-127  Rolling Acres Farms, LLC  Bullitt Co., KY  Wetlands  06/06/2016  After-the-Fact permit for discharge of fill material 
LRL-2014-868  Browning Construction  Hendricks Co., IN  March Ck, tributary to Clarks Ck, & wetlands to March & Clarks Creeks  06/01/2016  Discharge of fill material 
LRL-1961-14-C  Lafarge Cave-In-Rock Quarry  Hardin Co., IL  Ohio River, Mi 879, RB  06/01/2016  Perform maintenance dredging 
LRL-2015-601 KY Transportation Cabinet  Clay Co., KY  Upper Bullskin Ck & Left Fk Buffalo Ck  05/24/2016  Place dredged & fill material  
LRL-2015-518  Purdue Research Foundation  Tippecanoe Co., IN  Todds Creek  05/18/2016  Discharge fill to relocate the channel into a new stream corridor. 
LRL-2015-282  Louisville Renaissance Zone Corporation  Jefferson Co., KY  Wetlands & stream channels to Mud Ck  05/03/2016  Commercial and industrial development 
LRL-2012-1095  Western Kentucky Minerals  Daviess Co., KY  Wetlands of Joes Run  5/2/2016  Discharge fill and/or dredged material 
LRL-2015-614 City of Newport  Campbell Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 469, LB  04/22/2016  Install 3 additional deadmen along bank to provide mooring 
LRL-2012-637  KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Res  Nicholas Co., KY  Cassidy Creek  04/20/2016 Meyers Station Stream Restoration 
LRL-2004-1506  Louisville Yacht Club  Oldham Co., KY  Pond Creek  04/20/2016  Annual maintenance dredging 
LRL-2015-463 KY Transportation Cabinet  Green Co., KY  Clover Lick Creek  4/13/2016  Bridge replacement/place fill material 
LRL-2014-163 KY Transportation Cabinet Menifee Co., KY  Hackney Branch & Stone Quarry Branch  4/13/2016  Discharge dredged & fill material for road realignment 
LRL-2015-809  Jesse Cook  Letcher Co., KY  No. Fk. Kentucky River  3/23/2016  Bank stabilization. 
LRL-2009-358  Kentucky Utilities  Carroll and Gallatin Counites, KY  Wetlands  3/17/2016  Discharge of fill material.
LRL-2015-684  Hunter Sand & Gravel, LLC.  McCracken Co., KY  Ohio River. Mi 950.6 to 951.1, LB  2/18/2016  Operate 2 in-river fleets consisting of 12 barges moored by 2 drag anchors per fleet.
LRL-2014-798  Indiana Department of Transportation  Warrick Co., IN  Carter-Traylor Ditch, Cypress Creek & UTs  2/17/2016  Discharge fill material. 
LRL-2014-336  Liberty Mine, LLC  Warrick Co., IN  UTs/wetlands of Squaw Creek  2/11/2016  Removal of subsurface coal. 
LRL-2015-400  Prairie Creek Conservancy District  Daviess Co., IN  Prairie, North Fk Prairie, South Fk Prairie Creeks  1/25/2016  Bank stabilization. 
LRL-2013-83  NKU, CER  Gallatin Co., KY  Stephens Creek  1/12/2016  Stream and Wetland Restoration 
LRL-2014-196 Sebree Mining, LLC  Webster Co., KY  UT and wetlands of Deer Creek  1/6/2016  Discharge of fill and/or dredged material. 
LRL-2015-417  Tennessee Valley Authority  McCracken Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 946, LB  12/15/2015  Remove, repair, and replace mooring cells. 
LRL-2015-225  North American Stainless Carroll Co., KY  Tributaries of McCools Creek  12/14/2015  Disposal of stainless steel plant by-product. 
LRL-2004-324  Fischer Homes Development Company  Hamilton Co., IN  UT to Thorpe Creek  12/11/2015  Discharge fill material. 
LRL-2014-54  The Kroger Co.  Boone Co., KY  Wetlands/pond to Fowlers Creek  12/8/2015  Discharge fill material. 
LRL-2008-642  Consolidated Grain and Barge Company  Union Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 842.5, LB  12/1/2015  Perform maintenance dredging.
LRL-2012-327  City of Cincinnati  Hamilton, OH  Ohio River, Mi 470, RB 11/18/2015  Extend Riverfront Park and the installation of a public marina.
LRL-2012-737  Louisville and Jefferson County Riverport Authority  Jefferson Co., KY  Wetlands and Tributaries of Pond Creek  11/3/2015  Construct the Riverport Phase 5 Development
LRL-2014-  Chavez Properties  Boone Co., KY  UTs and wetlands to Elijah Creek 9/22/2015  Discharge fill material. 
LRL-2014-665  IRJ, LLC  Jefferson Co., KY  UT to Northern Ditch   9/3/2015 Commercial development. 
LRL-2013-617  Duke Energy  Gibson Co., IN  Wetlands of UTs to Wabash River  8/26/2015   Borrow cover material for an adjacent landfill facility.
LRL-2012-802A  Western Kentucky Minerals, Inc.  Ohio Co., KY  UTs & wetlands of No. Fk Barnett Creek  8/25/2015  Surface coal mining project. 
LRL-2014-617  Magoffin County Fiscal Court  Magoffin Co., KY  Wetlands/UTs of Licking River  8/25/2015  Construct an industrial development. 
LRL-2014-954  East Kentucky Power Cooperative  Clark Co., KY  Stream Channels & Wetlands  8/21/2015  Coal ash impoundment closure. 
LRL-2015-21  Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)  Muhlenburg Co., KY  Green River, Mi 99.5 - 99.6, LB  6/25/2015  Construct an unloading ramp. 
LRL-2014-235  Mulzer Crushed Stone Company, Inc.  Spencer Co., IN  Ohio River, Mi 738 - 741, RB  6/23/2015  Dredge sand and gravel for a period of 10 years 
LRL-2014-24  Armstrong Coal Company, LLC  Union Co., KY  Smith Ditch  6/22/2015  Construction of surface facilities associated with an underground mine operation.
LRL-2013-1125  Bayer Properties, LLC  Fayette Co., KY  UNT to West Hickman Creek  6/18/2015  Construct the Summit at Fritz Farm 
LRL-2015-11  River View Coal, LLC  Union Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 842.69 - 843.7, LB  6/15/2015  Dredge and maintenance
LRL-2008-297  Arvin Sango, Inc.  Jefferson Co., IN  Clifty Creek  5/26/2015  Discharge of fill material 
LRL-2009-1210  SITran, LLC  Posey Co., IN  Ohio River, 819.6 - 820.2, RB  5/21/2015  Modifcation to expand existing fleeting area further downstream. 
LRL-2015-344  Aquarius Marine  Boone Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 480.8, LB  5/11/2015  Dredge around barge docking area. 
LRL-2014-878  Kentucky Transportation Cabinet  Magoffin Co., KY  Streams to Gardner Branch, Gullett Banch, & Oxier Branch  5/8/2015  Widen 2.5 miles of Mountain Pkwy (KY 9009) 
LRL-2014-905  Kentucky Transportation Cabinet  Morgan Co., KY  UNT to Elk Fork, Straight Creek, & Conley Branch  5/7/2015  Widen and reconstruct a 3-mile segment of KY 172. 
LRL-2014-310  Big Shoe Properties, LLC/Olympus Investments, LLC Vanderburgh Co., IN  Bluegrass Creek  5/1/2015  Discharge fill material 
LRL-2014-203 Lincoln Allen Taylor  Clark Co., IN  Ohio River, RB, Mi 585  4/24/2015  Construct seawall 
LRL-2014-603  Kenton County Airport Board  Boone Co., KY  Gunpowder Creek  4/16/2015  Discharge fill material to construct the DHL North Expansion Project 
LRL-2014-515  Walmart Real Estate Business Trust  Hopkins Co., KY  Otter Creek  4/16/2015  Discharge of fill and/or dredged material 
LRL-2015-162  City of Madison, IN  Jefferson Co., IN  Ohio River, Mi 557.5, RB  4/15/2015  Rehabilitate existing concrete boat ramp 
LRL-2014-603  Kenton Airport Board  Boone Co., KY  Gunpowder Creek  4/14/2015  Discharge fill material 
LRL-2008-336  Consolidated Grain and Barge Co.  Dearborn Co., IN  Ohio River, RB, Mi 496.6  3/30/2015  Maintenance dredging 
LRL-2001-1492  Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club  Kenton Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi 473.8  3/23/2015  Dredging activity to re-establish navigational ingress/egress 
LRL-2012-606  Ecosystem Investment Partners, Credit Company, LLC  Lawrence Co., KY  Tributaries to Collier Creek & Knob Branch  3/19/2015   Discharge fill material
LRL-2014-640  KY Transportation Cabinet  Bullitt, Spencer, and Nelson Cos., KY  Powell Run  3/12/2015  Widen US 31 
LRL-2007-816  KY Transportation Cabinet  Warren Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  3/11/2015  Construct a new roadway 
LRL-2014-1022  Jeffrey Dunn  Campbell Co., KY  Ohio River  3/10/2015  Excavate a ramp 
LRL-2014-888 KY Transportation Cabinet  Hopkins Co., KY  Flat Creek  3/4/2015  Place fill material 
LRL-2014-182  Corporex Parks of Kentucky, LLC  Boone Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  3/3/2015  Discharge fill material 
LRL-2007-1330-A  United Minerals Company, LLC  Warrick Co., IN  Waters of the U.S.  3/3/2015  Surface coal mining 
LRL-2011-925  David W. Auxier  Jefferson Co., IN  Ohio River, RB   2/27/2015  Move existing boat dock 450 ft upstream 
LRL-2015-83  Arvel Dunaway  Jessamine Co., KY  Kentucky River  2/23/2015  Water logging 
LRL-2015-93  Sycamore Gas Company  Dearborn Co., IN  Tanners Creek  2/20/2015  Relocate an existing natural gas pipeline 
LRL-2014-919  Paul McGraw  Switzerland Co., IN  Ohio River, Mi 527.8, RB  1/30/2015  Discharge fill material 
LRL-2012-716  KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources  Union Co., KY  Eagle Creek  1/26/2015  Eagle Creek Tributaries Restoration Project 
LRL-2014-221  KY Transportation Cabinet  Nicholas Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  1/15/2015  Discharge of dredged and fill material 
LRL-2014-824  Mark Taylor  Clermont Co., OH  Ohio River, Mi 446.8 1/13/2015  Construct a new boat dock 
LRL-2013-729  RH of Indiana, LP (dba Ryland Homes)  Hamilton Co., IN  Waters of the U.S.  1/12/2015  Discharge fill material 
2013-1073  KY Transportation Cabinet  Martin Co., KY  Big Elk Creek  1/5/2015  Relocate 2 miles of KY 40 
LRL-2014-604  Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc.  Posey Co., IN  Ohio River, rb, Mi 833.1  12/9/2014  Modify existing loading/unloading facility 
LRL-2008-654  Enterprise Mining Company, LLC  Knott Co., KY  Alum Cave Branch  12/3/2014  Construct two hollow fills 
LRL-2012-201  NKU Ctr. for Environmental Restoration`  Kenton Co., KY Waters of the U.S.  11/29/2014  Stream restoration 
LRL-2012-203  NKU Ctr. for Environmental Restoration  Campbell Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  11/29/2014  Stream restoration 
LRL-2013-515  Indiana Department of Transportation  Monroe & Morgan Counties, IN  Waters of the U.S.  11/21/2014  Discharge fill material 
LRL-2013-742  Armstrong Logistics Services, LLC`  Union Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  11/13/2014  Construct an overland conveyor 
LRL-2013-1077  Illinois Department of Transportation  Saline Co., IL  Waters of the U.S.  10/30/2014  Discharge fill material 
LRL-2013-620  City of Jeffersonville, IN  Clark Co., IN  Ohio River, rb, Mi 602.5  10/15/2014  Improvement to riverfront 
LRL-2013-1132  McBride River Services, LLC  Harrison Co., IN  Ohio River, rb, Mi 650.5  10/7/2014  Commercial barge fleeting facility 
LRL-2014-599  Crounse Corporation  McCracken Co., KY  Ohio River, Mi944.5  10/6/2014   Anchor fleet of up to 45 barges
LRL-2014-53  Hosts Development, LLC  Jefferson Co., KY  Pope Lick Creek  9/10/2014  Construct 2 distribution facilities 
LRL-2012-1006  Peabody Arclar Mining, LLC  Saline Co., IL  Waters of the U.S.  9/2/2014  Surface coal mine 
LRL-2013-680  Ark Encounter, LLC  Grant Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  8/14/2014  Construct theme park 
LRL-2013-757 Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc.  Crawford Co., IN  Ohio River, RB, Mi 673 to 675  8/5/2014  Expand 10 existing commercial barge fleeting areas 
LRL-2008-950  Hilltop Basic Resources, Incorporated  Meade Co., KY  Ohio River, LB, Mi 660  7/29/2014  Install 5 additional dolphins and reconfigure the fleeting arrangements 
LRL-2012-440  White Oak Resources, LLC  Hamilton Co., IL  Waters of the U.S.  7/7/2014 Underground coal mine 
LRL-2013-919  4 H Family  Hamilton Co., OH  Ohio River, rb/Mi 483.8  7/2/2014  Install head boat and docks for transient recreational boaters. 
LRL-2000-935  Faulkner Real Estate Corporation  Jefferson Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  6/27/2014  Place fill for residential and commercial development. 
LRL-2013-499  Martin P. Riche  Jefferson Co., KY  Ohio River/lb/Mi 596.5  5/27/2014 Bank stabilization
LRL-1974-30  Frankfort Boat Club  Franklin Co., KY  Waters of the  U.S.  5/19/2014  Changes to existing floating dock facility 
LRL-2002-1389  Mr. John Walling; Koetter Group  Clark Co., IN  Waters of the U.S.  5/16/2014  Discharge fill material 
LRL-2013-917  Pulte Homes of Indiana  Hamilton Co., IN  Waters of the U.S.  5/16/2014  Discharge fill material 
LRL-2013-944  Greer Mining LLC Carter Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  5/15/2014  Discharge fill material 
LRL-2011-348  Oxford Mining Company-Kentucky, LLC  Muhlenberg Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  4/28/2014  Surface mining 
LRL-2010-519  Laurel Mountain Resources LLC  Floyd Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  3/25/2014  Construct project for surface coal mining operation.
LRL-2012-235  Hughes Group, Inc. Clark Co., IN  Ohio River/rb/Mi 587.0  3/12/2014  Barge fleeting facility 
LRL-2009-752 MPI Energy, LLC  Jackson Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  2/28/2014  Surface coal mining 
LRL-2012-600  Trust Resources, LLC  Daviess Co., IN  Waters of the U.S.  2/24/2014  Surface mining 
LRL-2012-200 NKU-Center for Env. Restoration  Grant Co., KY  Waters of the U.S.  2/12/2014  Modification - Wetland restoration