Issued Standard Permits - Last Updated 26 OCT 2020


ID Number




Date Issue


LRL-2020-00168 Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. Boone Co., KY Ohio River 9-Sep-2020 Loading/unloading facility and fleeting area
LRL-2020-00546 Prairie Creek Conservation District Daviess Co., IN North Fork Prairie Creek 17-Sep-2020 Bank stabilization 
LRL-2020-00342 Louisville and Jefferson Co. Riverport Auth.  Jefferson Co., KY Ohio River 17-Aug-2020 Discharge of fill material
LRL-2020-00328 American Rivers Transportation Co. Ballard Co., KY Ohio River 21-Aug-2020 Construction of barge mooring area
LRL-2000-01175 C&B Marine Boone Co., KY Ohio River 6-Aug-2020 Expansion of existing barge fleeting facility
LRL-2019-00444 Nucor Meade Co., KY Ohio River 10-Sep-2020 Discharge of fill material
LRL-1973-00047 Cargill Inc. Hamilton Co., OH Ohio River 6-Aug-2020 Replacement of structures and 10 year dredging operation
LRL-2019-00584 IN Dept. of Transportation Boone C., IN Fishback Creek 4-May-2020 Discharge of fill material
LRL-2013-00084 NKU-CER Nicholas Co., KY Scrubgrass Creek 19-May-2020 Stream Restoration
LRL-2019-00835 D&G Trucking Henderson Co., KY North Fork Canoe Creek 4-Jun-2020 Discharge of fill material
LRL-2010-00683 Prologis Hancock Co., IN Buck Creek 6-Jul-2020 Discharge of fill material
LRL-1991-01005 ADM Vanderburgh Co., KY Ohio River 1-Jun-2020 Construction of outbound fly ash loading terminal
LRL-2019-00930 Anchor Richwood Boone Co., KY Wolf Pen Branch 16-Jun-2020 Discharge of fill material
LRL-1999-00289 Continental Silver Grove, LLC Campbell Co., KY Ohio River 7-May-2020 Discharge of fill material
LRL-2015-00431 Tippmann Construction Johnson Co., IN Youngs Creek 3-Apr-2020 Discharge of fill
LRL-2019-01040 Clark Co. Sherriff's Dept.  Clark Co., IN Lentzier Creek 24-Apr-2020 Installation of a three-slip floating boat dock and two deadmen
Bryant Engineering, Inc. Daviess Co., KY Yellow Creek 9-Apr-2020 Discharge of fill material
Yellow Banks River Terminal, LLC Daviess Co., KY Ohio River 9-Apr-2020 Installation of fleeting are at existing loading/unloading facility
American River Transportation Co., LLC Henderson Co., KY Ohio River 10-Apr-2020 Installation of fleeting structures
Mulzer Crushed Stone Crawford Co., IN Little Blue River 27-Apr-2020 Quarry operation expansion 
Orange Co. Commissioner Orange Co., IN French Lick Creek 13-Feb-2020 Road realignment 
North American Stainless Carrol Co., KY Ohio River 3-Feb-2020 Discharge of fill material into 7.581 acres of wetlands
American River Transportation Co., LLC Henderson Co., KY Ohio River 12-Feb-2020 Installation of barge fleeting area between ORM 788.9-790.3
American River Transportation Co., LLC Daviess Co., KY Ohio River 12-Mar-2020 Installation of barge fleeting along the left descending bank of the Ohio River between mile points 749.0 and 749.7
LRL-2018-00075 Mulzer Crushed Stone Posey Co., IN Black River 23-Mar-2020 Dredge sand and gravel resources
LRL-2018-00071 Mulzer Crushed Stone Orange Co., IN Lick Creek 11-Mar-2020 After-the-fact authorization and quarry operation expansion
LRL-2018-00070 Mulzer Crushed Stone Crawford Co., IN Ohio River 7-Feb-2020 After-the-fact authorization and quarry operation expansion
American River Transportation Co. Henderson Co., KY Ohio River 4-Feb-2020 Fleeting area for 36 barges, covering approximately 420,000 sq/ft
PDC Consultants  Gallatin Co., KY
Eagle Creek
14-Feb-2020  Impacts to 0.37 acres wetland, 1.89 acres open water, 1,446 linear feet intermittent stream, and 2,314 linear feet ephemeral stream
Bright Built Homes, Inc. Jefferson Co., KY
Little Cedar Creek
24-Jan-2020 Impacts to 1.747 acres of emergent wetland from grading and earthen fill
Burn Farms, Inc.  Lawrence Co., IL
Wabash River
30-Jan-2020 Construction and operation of a water drainage and management system
Pine Bluff Materials, LLC Livingston Co., KY Ohio River 2-Jan-2019 Commercial Dredging Operations -Ohio River Miles 920.2 to 922.4
Raindrop LLC Morgan Co., IN
West Fork White Lick Creek
17-Oct-2019 Discharge of 8,910 cubic yards of clean earthen fill material
PNT-04 Transload Facility Hamilton Co., OH
Ohio River
21-Oct-2019 Construction of five (5) mooring cells, placement of two (2) capture barges, and the mooring of up to four (4) transport barges
The Sanctuary Kenton Co., KY Ohio River 4-Sep-2019 Discharge of 32,737 Cubic yards of fill material
Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc Crawford Co., IN
Dry Run
11-Sep-2019 Hard rock mining 
Mulzer Crushed Stone Clark Co., IN
Owen Creek
8-Nov-2019 Discharge dredged and/or fill material
Pine Bluff Materials Pope Co., IL Ohio River 16-Sep-2019 Commercial dredging
Castlen Daviess Co., KY Ohio River 26-July-2019 Establish barge fleeting/loading/unloading activities
AppHarvest Morehead Rowan Co., KY
Bull Fork
15-July-2019 Discharge of fill
INDOT Johnson Co., IN
Pleasant Run Creek
17-Oct-2019 Discharge of fill associated with I-69 crossings
 Blackford Co., IN
Little Lick Creek
5-Nov-2019 Discharge of fill
Nugent Milton  Carrol Co., KY Ohio River  17-Oct-2019 DREDGE THE OHIO RIVER FROM MILES 551.5 TO 554.7
Nugent Sand Company-Bethlemhem Clark Co., KY
Knob Creek
11-July-2019 Dredge approximately 829,000 cubic yards of material
Greenville Quarries, Inc
Muhlenberg Co., KY
Slaughter Branch
Hard rock quarry
Ohio River
17-July-2019 Dredge approximately 8,700 cubic yards of sediment from around the loading dock and access channel
LRL-2016-148 Rush Properties, LLC Boyd Co., KY Lockwood Creek, of the Big Sandy River 9/30/2019 After-the-fact authorization for the construction of an 8.5-acre recreational pond.
LRL-2018-00073 Tower Quarry-Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Crawford Co., IN Dry Run 9/11/2019 Hard rock mining.
LRL-2019-68 Louisville Parks and Recreation Jefferson Co., KY Ohio River, LB, Mi 610 6/12/2019 Create a public boat ramp on the lower pool of the Ohio River.
LRL-1999-289 Continental, Silver Grove, LLC Campbell Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 459.4 - 460.1 6/10/2019 Expand fleeting at an existing facility.
LRL-2014-209 KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources Bath Co., KY Big Farm Indian Creek 5/29/2019 Aquatic habitat restoration - ILF mitigation project.
LRL-2005-1139 Rivercrest Marina Jefferson Co., IN Ohio River, RB, Mi 559 5/13/2019 Dredge accumulated sediment.
LRL-2018-691 LaGrange, LLC Jefferson Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 5/9/2019 Construction and operation of warehouse/office complex.
LRL-2018-446 Poindexter Excavating Hendricks Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 5/7/2019 Discharge of fill.
LRL-2018-78 Columbus Regional Health System Services, LLC Bartholomew Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 4/4/2019 Discharge clean earthen fill into forested wetlands.
LRL-2018-268 Kenton County Airport Board Boone Co., KY Gunpowder Creek 3/13/2019 Discharge fill material.
LRL-2017-724 Dekoven Dock, Inc. Union Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 870.1 3/13/2019 Construct a new unloading and transfer facility.
LRL-2018-708 L & N Federal Credit Union Jefferson Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 3/6/2019 Place fill material for the expansion of corporate campus.
LRL-2018-156 Vigo Coal Operating Co., LLC Wabash Co., IL Waters of the U.S. 3/6/2019 Discharge of fill and/or dredged material.
LRL-2012-737 Louisville and Jefferson County Riverport Authority Jefferson Co., KY Waters of U.S. 2/8/2019 Discharge of fill material for the construction of the Riverport Phase 5 Development.
LRL-2012-24 Dontar Paper Company, LLC Hancock Co., KY Ohio River, LB, Mi 719 1/8/2019 Expand the barge docking capacity.
LRL-2017-798 Indiana University Monroe Co., IN Jordan River 12/18/2018 Perform stream restoration activities.
LRL-2018-265 Buffalo Trace Distillery Franklin Co., KY Kentucky River, RB, Mi 64.9 12/13/2018 Excavation and placement of fill material.
LRL-2017-274 Pine Bluff Materials, LLC McCracken Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 937.3 - 938.7 11/21/2018 Commercial dredging activities.
LRL-2017-273 Pine Bluff Materials, LLC Livingston Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 917 - 917.8 11/21/2018 Commercial dredging activities.
LRL-2017-104 Tennessee Valley Authority Muhlenberg Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 11/19/2018 Construct a landfill for Coal Combustion Residual
LRL-2003-1473 Riverside Stone Company Meade Co., KY Ohio River, LB, Mi 675.5 11/2/2018 Relocate 5 barge fleeting spaces
LRL-2018-465 Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC Allen Co., KY Bays Fork 10/23/2018 Stream bank stabilization.
LRL-2018-321 Flynn Contracting Jefferson Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 10/11/2018 Place fill material to construct a warehouse distribution facility.
LRL-2015-00059 Perry County Development Corporation Perry Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 9/21/2018 Discharge fill material into "waters of the U.S." to facilitate the construction of a foundry expansion project.
LRL-2015-329 East Kentucky Power Cooperative Mason Co., KY Beasley Creek 9/12/2018 Discharge fill material into "waters of the U.S." for the construction of a Coal Combustion Residual landfill and associated infrastructure.
LRL-2014-408 TBD, LLC Floyd Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 9/10/2018 Impact "waters of the U.S." in association with construction of residential development.
LRL-2018-246 Browning Consolidated PI, LLC Bullitt Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 9/4/2018
  Discharge of fill and/or dredged material into "waters of the U.S."
LRL-2016-1070 Evansville Marine Service, Incorporated

Spencer Co., IN and Daviess Co., KY


Ohio River, RB, Mi 748.5 and 749.5 8/29/2018 Construct and maintain a barge fleeting/mooring facility.
LRL-2013-86 No. KY University-Ctr for Environmental Restoration Campbell Co., KY Uhl Creek 8/15/2018 Restoration Project
LRL-2018-294 Duccentral Farms, LLC Ballard Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 974 8/14/2018 Anchor barge fleeting area.
LRL-2013-444 United Minerals Company, LLC Warrick Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 7/31/2018 Discharge of fill and/or dredged material into "waters of the U.S."
LRL-2017-632 Tanners Creek Development, LLC Dearborn Co., IN Ohio River, Mi 494, 494.1 & 495 7/31/2018 Construct barge loading/unloading facilities.
LRL-2017-92 Advanced Disposal Services Blackfoot Landfill, Inc. Pike Co., IN Waters of the U.S. 7/27/2018 Expand the Blackfoot Landfill
LRL-2016-1083 Franklin Logistics West, LLC Bullitt Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 7/24/2018 Construction of a commercial development.
LRL-2016-110 Greenlife Development Warrick Co., IN Hines Ditch 7/18/2018 Impacts to aquatic resources associated with the construction of a residential development.
LRL-2017-660 Big Monon Joint Drainage Board White Co., IN Big Monon Ditch 7/2/2018
  Discharge of fill material into "waters of the U.S."
LRL-2017-19 Tennessee Valley Authority McCracken Co., KY Waters of the U.S. 6/22/2018 Construct a landfill for Coal Combustion Residual.
LRL-2017-879 Airspace III, LLC Jefferson Co, KY Waters of the U.S. 6/7/2018 Discharge fill/ Construct commercial development
LRL-1962-00017 Nugent Sand Company Jefferson Co., KY Ohio River, Mi 601.7 LB 5/23/2018 Pacement of sheet piling wall; bank stabilization; removal of a partially submerged barge.
 LRL-2017-00028 Bloomington Utilities Monroe Co, IN Weimer Lake and UNT to Clear Creek 4/24/2018 Remove a portion of a "significant hazard" dam
 LRL-2004-01010 Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc. Clark Co, IN Ohio River mi 586.4 RB  4/13/2018 Add six barge fleeting stations to existing barge fleeting area
 LRL-2015-00868 Mr. Richard Knock Kenton Co, KY Waters of the U.S. 4/10/2018 Construct commercial development
 LRL-2017-00249 Three Rivers Boat and Barge, Inc. Livingston Co, KY Ohio River mi 929.05 LDB 4/9/2018 Modification/Expansion to existing boat and barge repair facility 
 LRL-2017-00054 Indiana Department of Transportation Bartholomew Co, IN UNT's to East Fork White Creek and adjacent wetlands 4/6/2018 Discharge fill
 LRL-2017-00418 Liberty Mine, LLC Warrick Co, IN Waters of the U.S. 4/2/2018 Discharge fill

Office of the Mayor, City of Evansville

Vanderburgh Co, IN Ohio River, Mi 791.2 - 792.5 RB  3/30/2018 Relocation of vessel and construction mooring site 
 LRL-2017-00292 Full House Resorts Ohio Co, IN / Boone Co, KY Ohio River, Mi 505 LB & RB  3/20/2018 Construct a new river ferry service, including two ferry landings
 LRL-2016-00762  Kentucky River Authority Madison Co, KY / Clark Co, KY Kentucky River, Mi 176.4  3/19/2018 Renovate existing lock and dam structures
 LRL-2017-01110 SIF Louisville LLC c/o Stoltz Real Estate Partners Jefferson Co, KY Forested wetlands with the Pond Creek watershed  3/19/2018 Discharge fill; Construction/expansion of existing warehouse, parking, & associated infrastructure
 LRL-2012-00045  Indian Creek Quarries LLC Lawrence & Martin Counties, IN  UNT to Indian Creek and adjacent wetlands  3/7/2018  Discharge fill


 Edward Britton  Clark Co, IN  Waters of the U.S. that drain to Silver Creek  2/8/2018  Discharge fill
 LRL-2005-00040  City of Wilder  Campbell Co, KY  Confluence of the Licking River and 3 Mile Creek  2/8/2018  Annual Maintenance dredging