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The Louisville District covers more than 306,000 square miles and supports the Army, Air Force and other Department of Defense agencies in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

The Louisville District serves 7 Army Installations, 5 Air Force Installations, 3 DoD sites, 6 BRAC sites and provides worldwide support to Army Reserve Centers.

The award winning Military Branch of the district’s Planning, Programs, and Project Management Division (P3MD) is essential to the nation’s defense. The Military Branch is responsible for managing the future and ongoing projects of the nation’s bases and defense systems.

All projects are lead by project managers who are responsible for organizing a panel of professionals who then as a team will plan/design, contract, and construct the projects.

The Army/Air Force projects range anywhere from developing training facilities for U.S. military forces to providing homes and schools for the families of U.S. troops.

The district also provides project management and planning support for Army Reserve Centers in the United States and Puerto Rico. The district’s Reserve Support Team also serves as the design agent for the Air Force Reserve program. The Reserve program makes up more than 30 percent of the district’s military workload.The Corps plays a vital role in national security during peace and war. The district supports military construction as part of the Overseas Contingency Operations.

Staff and Capabilities

The Military Support Section is a multi-talented and disciplined team that is composed of Project Managers, budget analysts, and program analysist. This branch's wide range of professionals include Architects, Chemist, Lawyers, as well as Civil and Mechanical Engineers.