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In the News


Sampling begins at Raco Army Airfield and Missile Site
Contaminated soil removed at Hanna City Air Force Station
Lockbourne Landfill cover nearly complete
Corps acts quickly to remove mortar found along Dolly Sods trails
Sifting through the past: Cleanup of buried “bomblets” continues at Scioto Ordnance Plant
Rock Island Arsenal achieves response complete at former test range
Remedy In Place (RIP) for Former TNT Washout Plant
Blue Grass Army Depot: Contaminated lagoons restored to pasture land


Installation Restoration Program: Savanna Army Depot sites get green light for environmental cleanup
USACE makes strides at Plum Brooks Ordnance Works
Louisville engineers survey desert terrain at Fort Bliss
Air quality concerns call for Corps' quick action in the Golden State
Improving water quality: Corps biologist fights algae blooms at Salamonie
Congratulations to Earth Day Contest Winners
Corps scopes out endangered species at KYARNG training facility (March 2013)
Completing a 14-year cleanup (Published in The Military Engineer magazine's January/February 2013 issue)


LRL environmental program closes out another successful year (October 2012)
Submersible takes investigation to new depths published in
The Corps Environment (Page 7, October 2012 Issue)
Environmental sampling goes one step further at Nike C-32 to ensure resident's safety (Sept. 2012)
LRL awards largest environmental contract to date for Lockbourne Landfill cover (Sept. 2012)
Corps completes 14-year environmental cleanup at Marion Engineer Depot (July 2012)
Submersible 'fish' takes environmental investigation, cleanup to new depths (June 2012)
Janet Lee bids farewell to Corps after 34 years of government service (May 2012)
Innovative technology to aid in clean-up at Camp Ellis (April 2012)


Districts dig up success in soil cleanup (August 2011)
Native grasses help restore former defense site (August 2011)
Building Strong: Corps employee manages projects in Afghanistan (August 2011)
Employee Spotlight: Gunnell gets the job done (August 2011)
Quyet La recognized for significant contributions to environmental program (August 2011)


Back to Nature: Former defense site added to wildlife refuge (Dec. 2010)
Construction project begins early at fraction of projected cost (June 2010)
Corps, community members end RAB; partnership continues (Feb. 2010)