Swimming Areas and Beaches

Click to view Corps and Non-Corps Operated Swimming Areas

For safety, swimmers are encouraged to swim in designated areas only.  For questions about swimming, contact the park manager at the specific Lake project.Swimming

Designated swimming beaches are provided by the Corps of Engineers and Non-corps entities.  A daily fee may be charged for use of the swimming beaches. All animals, pets, and all types of glass containers are prohibited in any swimming beach area.  Each swimming area has rules specific to that area - check for rules when entering the swim area and obey all park rules and regulations.  Don't forget to bring your sunscreen and towels. We hope that your visit is pleasant, safe, and enjoyable.

Please take a few moments to read the following precautions that should be taken when at the lake.

  1. Learn to swim.
  2. Never swim alone.
  3. Swim only in designated areas.
  4. Watch children at all times. NEVER leave a child unattended while near the water.
  5. Wear a lifejacket.
  6. Alcohol and water do not mix. NEVER consume alcohol while boating or swimming.
  7. Never rely on toys such as inner tubes and rafts to stay afloat.
  8. Do not overestimate your ability to swim.
  9. Never dive into lakes or rivers.
  10. Boaters should observe all warning signs and buoys. Please use caution when boating in unfamiliar waters.

Enjoy your visit and plan to return home safely!