Partners and Stakeholders

In managing recreation and natural resources, it is often necessary that agencies work together with neighbors and local communities - in everything from wildlife protection and habitat improvement to recreational facility enhancements and customer service. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers is no exception to this rule and welcomes the myriad of present and future partners who share common goals and interests in our resources. It is no secret that many of our most valuable resources, such as endangered species, do not recognize human or property boundaries. Additionally, funding and labor resource shortages affect all levels of government and society. Partnering can avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, provide for the pooling of scarce resources, and promote coordinated, focused, and consistent mutual efforts to resolve common problems and missions in a united effort that best benefits all concerned. The bottom line is that partnering is smart business.

There are several types of partnerships that the Corps of Engineers may enter into:

Volunteer Program:
By far the most utilized of the partnership efforts, the Volunteer Program in the Louisville District provided the Government approximately $1,494,055.77 in savings (2001-2006) from volunteer clean-up and maintenance efforts as well as services in the campgrounds and at Visitor Centers at the Lakes and the Locks and Dams projects. Online information: Louisville District Volunteer Information

Cooperating Associations Program:
 Cooperating associations are non-profit, tax-exempt educational corporations. They are free-standing corporate entities with boards of directors, purposes, and abilities consistent with their boards and objectives. Some associations work in single areas; others are involved in various areas achieving multiple tasks. Other than this distinction, cooperating associations are largely alike. The Louisville District currently has several Cooperating Associations. Visit them at:

Friends of Caesar Creek Lake Cooperating Association
Friends of Barren River Lake Cooperating Association
Friends of Nolin River Lake Cooperating Association
Friends of Rough River Lake Cooperating Association

Contributions Program:
Louisville District does participate in the contributions programs. Intrested stakeholders who may want to pursue making a donation through this program should first contact the Park Manager at any Lake office.

Challenge Partnerships Program:
In addition to working with a variety of National Partners the Corps of Engineers in the Louisville District does participate in the challenge partnerships (formerly cost-share agreements) at the Lake projects. Interested parties should first contact the Park Manager at any Lake office.