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Lessees and Concessionaires

The Corps of Engineers has entered into partnerships with various agencies, organizations, and businesses to increase recreational opportunities and facilitate management of Green River Lake. These partnerships include the following commercial concessions (marinas) and parks.

From camping to swimming to picnicking, the Green River Lake State Park offers a wonderful variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. For more information on the park's facility and program offerings, feel free to call the state park office at (270) 465-8255 or just click on the link below. In addition to the state park's facilities, the Green River Marina is also located nearby.

Two other marinas are also located on Green River Lake. Emerald Isle Marina is located in the Smith Ridge Recreation Area while Holmes Bend Marina is located in the Holmes Bend Recreaton Area. For more information on the services offered by thse marinas, feel free to contact each.

Emerald Isle Marina (270) 465-3412

Green River Marina (270) 465-2512

Holmes Bend Marina (270) 384-4425

In addition to the partnerships listed above, the local Adair County, Kentucky government maintains the Butler Creek Recreation Area and the Arnold's Landing Recreation Area.

Green River Lake also supplies drinking water to a large part of the surrounding area. Both Adair and Taylor counties maintain water intake facilities.

  Green River Lake State Park Information