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Fishing at Green River Lake

Fun Facts ----> Green River Lake offers one of the premiere muskie fisheries in Kentucky. The KDFWR annually stocks muskellunge in the lake, and fish up to 40 inches long aren't uncommon. Muskies are most active in March/April, and then September through November.

Other Fish Found in Green River Lake
Smallmouth, largemouth, crappie and other species are present in the lake for anglers to pursue. The Corps of Engineers and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources work together on various projects to improve fish habitats as well. The results from valuable partnerships such as this result in increased angler success, thus providing enjoyable fishing experiences for folks of all ages.

Where to Find Fishing Rules and Regulations:

When fishing Green River Lake, remember that all Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources fishing regulations are enforced at the lake. For additional information about fishing regulations, including size limits, visit the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website.

Don't Miss Out on this too...
The Corps, the Friends of Green River Lake and KDFWR team up annually to host a fishing day especially for kids. The event, which always includes free take home treats for the kids who participate, is held generally in August and is open free of charge to anyone who would like to participate. For more information on this event, call the Corps office at (270) 465-4463.

Don't forget too that all Green River Lake related special events, including the kid's fishing day, are posted on the " Upcoming Events" page. 









KDFWR Fish Attractor Map