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Boundary and Adjacent Landowner Information

Green River Lake has approximately 155 miles of fee boundary line (often referred to as the “red line") surrounding 23,967 acres of fee property above the summer pool. The boundary for Government owned land around Green River Lake is marked with red blaze marks on trees, and with farm-type metal posts, also painted red. Some of the metal posts mark the location of brass-capped monument markers that denote the boundary line. There are also plastic orange boundary line posts and small, red metal placards in some areas.

It is possible that recorded plats of private property do not agree with the true boundary line at Green River Lake. To prevent encroachments, the Corps recommends that adjacent property buyers contract the services of a licensed surveyor prior to purchase, and that current owners contract the services of a licensed surveyor prior to any construction. Any discrepancies must be resolved prior to any construction activities on any land in question. Any encroachments onto lands owned in fee by the United States are subject to collateral citations, which can result in a fine not to exceed $5,000 and/or up to six months in jail
(Title 36 - Regulation Governing Use of Federal Property), and the responsible party will be required to remove the encroaching structure. Questions and requests for assistance should be made to the project office.

In addition to fee property, the Corps of Engineers has also purchased flowage easements on over 1,616 acres of land around Green River Lake, using the ground elevation of 718 as an acquisition guide. These easements were purchased for the temporary storage of flood water during periods of high rainfall. Because of the potential for flooding, allowable improvements to property with flowage easement restrictions are limited. Vegetation alteration (mowing, agriculture, timber harvesting, etc.) is allowed under the flowage easement restrictions. Structures not intended for human habitation are allowed only after written permission in the form of a Consent to Easement has been obtained from the Corps of Engineers. Septic systems and structures intended for human habitation are prohibited on land encumbered with a flowage easement.

The boundary line of flowage easement property is not well marked. Legal descriptions of acquired flowage easements are contained in the Government’s acquisition documents recorded in the County Recorder’s Office, and should appear as an encumbrance against the property during a title search. Some information on the boundary of flowage easement property is available at the Green River Lake project office. To locate the boundary line on any affected property, however, the Corps of Engineers recommends that landowners obtain the services of a licensed surveyor. Encroachments on land encumbered by a flowage easement are violations of legal restrictions on the property and are subject to litigation. They also constitute a title defect which may affect the future sale of the landowner’s property, and the Government cannot assist landowners in the resolution of title defects.

If questions about the fee or flowage easement boundary line at Green River Lake, contact the Green River Lake project office at (270) 465-4463. An appointment with a Corps Ranger can be scheduled to assist with answering any questions.