Backpack Program

Take the kids outside and spend some quality time exploring nature! Don’t have the outdoor equipment to do it? No problem…borrow some from the Caesar Creek Lake Visitor Center free of charge!

For more information contact the Corps of Engineers Visitor Center at (513) 897-1050.

Insect Exploration Pack

Insect Backpack includes: Journeys through Journaling; port-a-bug, 3X magnifier; Golden Guide:Insects; Everything Bug; Peterson Field Guide Color-In Book: Butterflies; dual purpose observation container; and butterfly net.

Bird Exploration Pack

Bird Backpack includes: Journeys through Journaling; student binoculars; Golden Guide: Birds; Take-Along Guide to Birds, Nests, Eggs; Everything Bird; and Peterson Field Guide Color-In Book: Birds.

Pond Exploration Pack

Pond Backpack includes: Journaling at the Water’s Edge; two-way magnifying viewer, 3X magnifier, Golden Guide: Pond Life, field bag, 2 dip nets, Pondwatchers, and One Small Square Pond. 

Rocks and Fossils Exploration Pack

Fossils Backpack includes: Journeys through Journaling, 3X magnifier, Golden Guide: Rocks and Minerals, Geology Rocks, chambered clear storage sort box, and mineral test kit.

Life Jackets

Infant, youth, and adult-sized life jackets can be checked out.