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Olmsted Locks and Dam - Current Status

The team building the Olmsted Locks and Dam project completed its third low-water season of dam construction by placing five shells in the Ohio River, one more than scheduled. By the end of December 2012 the Corps had placed thirteen shells in the Ohio River. The fourteenth shell was moved to the waters edge, but a rising river and increased velocities prevented further work on the dam. As soon as river conditions allow, work will continue and foundation preparations will be completed so sill shell 5 can be placed. Work is underway in the casting yard on the last three shells for the tainter-gate portion of the dam and the remaining five shells are scheduled to be set in 2013 and 2014.

Currently we have placed three quarters (nine of 12) of the flat shells and a two-thirds (four of six) of the vertical lower pier shells of the tainter-gate portion of the dam.

In 2011, the Corps built stilling basin shells three and four (SBS3 and SBS4), sill shells three and four (SS3 and SS4) and lower pier shells three and four (LP3 and LP4). In the river, all of the 425 pipe pilings were driven for season two.

In 2012 SBS-4, SS-4, SBS-5, LP-3 and LP-4 were set on the foundation footprint. SS-5 was within 36 hours of being set; setdown was cancelled due to rising river elevations and velocities impacting dive operations on the SS-5 footprint clean-up. LP-1 and LP-2 were filled with Self Consolidating Concrete up to the trunnion girder; SCC infill was initiated on LP-3 and LP-4, but there were only 4 lifts placed due to rising river elevations late in the year. In the precast yard, work was started on SBS-6, SS-6, LP-5 and LP-6. In the Navigable Pass area, Phase I of the Navigable pass test piling program was completed. Rapid Impact Compaction, mass excavation, fine grading and scour stone installation was accomplished for Navigable Pass monoliths 6, 5 and 4.

In 2009 and 2010, the Corps built stilling basin shells one and two (SBS1 & SBS2), sill shells one and two (SS1 & SS2) and lower pier shells one and two (LP1 & LP2). In the river, all of the 382 pipe pilings have been driven for season one. During the fall of 2010, the Corps installed five shells into the Ohio River on the prepared foundation and filled up the submerged underside of the shells with tremie concrete. Shell LP2 was left on the cradle over the winter for setting during the start of the 2011 season.