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Posted 3/8/2013

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By Carol Labashosky

On March 6, the Louisville District Commander Col. Luke Leonard and Terry Cook, State Director of The Nature Conservancy, signed a Cost Share Agreement for the Green River Watershed Assessment.

The Green River Watershed Assessment will result in a watershed plan that identifies comprehensive strategies for addressing problems in the basin, as well as protecting this resource.  The assessment will focus on two areas for improvement: water quality and quantity issues and community education and outreach.

The watershed assessment, will be cost-shared with the non-federal sponsor, The Nature Conservancy.  Major tasks of the Final Watershed Assessment will include an active river analysis, evaluation of the need for a basin wide water use strategy, and development of a conservation action plan.

"We look forward to continue telling the story of what we have done together on the Green River project," said Terry Cook, State Director of The Nature Conservancy, with Col. Luke Leonard, District Commander.

Planning's Nate Moulder, Project Manager, works on the project.

The Green River Basin, with a drainage area of 9,230 square miles, is located in west-central Kentucky with a small portion in north-central Tennessee.  The Green River is one of the most significant of freshwater aquatic ecosystems in North America.