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Reserve EPR provides project updates to high-ranking military agencies

Published July 24, 2009

The Louisville District held its quarterly Engineer Program Review for Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management-Office of the Directorate (ACSIM-ODR) June 22-24 at the Seelbach Hotel. Project managers in Reserve Support Branch briefed their projects—most by a line-by-line review—providing updates and milestones to visitors from across the country. Attendees included the leadership and project officers from ACSIM-ODR. The District manages the projects for the Army Reserve, including the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) projects for the Army Reserve.

Due to Army Reserve projects requiring real estate off of military installations, leadership from USACE and ACSIM-ODR discussed the use of specific pre-award and post-award metrics and forward-looking indicators on Army Reserve projects that could be different than the current military CCG metrics.

Programs reviewed included the Full Facility Restoration Program, MILCON (MCAR, BRAC), and the RPX or real estate. Some projects reviewed are under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. These, and most of the military projects in general, need to be kept on a tight schedule, according to Joe Gates, project management, reserve branch.

"The EPR provides visibility on all reserve projects so everyone involved in the District—and customers and all project stakeholders related to design, construction, real estate and environmental—knows exactly where we are in the process and where emphasis needs to be placed to get over any potential hurdle," said Gates.

"What is remarkable is how many diverse projects across the country the District is responsible for," said Dottie Krause, reserve project manager. Krause discussed several construction projects in Texas, including one Army Reserve Center training building in Houston.

In total, there are more than several hundred projects ongoing in this program. For example, the District has several construction projects in Puerto Rico, construction of a light demolition training range at Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif. and an Annual Training and Mobilization facility at Fort McCoy, Wis.

The complete list of project reviews included:

  • Full facility restoration program
  • Furniture
  • MCAR-military construction army reserve
  • MCAR and BRAC real estate acquisitions and disposals
  • RPX-Real property exchange program
  • MCAR and BRAC environmental
  • MCAR and BRAC construction management
  • Army Reserve national roofing program

Senior representatives of the Louisville District included Commander Col. Keith Landry, and David Dale, deputy district engineer; the senior representative from ACSIM-ODR, Eric Loughner; and the senior representative from ACSIM-ODB, Debra Young. Approximately 75 individuals attended the function.

A follow-up team effort will occur to provide recommendations on revised and appropriated Army Reserve program execution metrics.