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Posted 2/5/2011

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LOUISVILLE, KY – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District recently announced that a Department of the Army permit was issued in accordance with Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act to Ohio Valley Marine Service, Inc. for a barge fleeting facility near Mount Vernon in Posey County, Indiana.  The project is located on the left bank of the Ohio River between Mile 828 and 829.14 and at Mile 830.7 in Henderson County, Kentucky and near Mount Vernon in Posey County, Indiana.

Ohio Valley Marine Service, Inc. will assume operation of a previously permitted barge fleeting area on this reach of the Ohio River in order to provide service to facilities in the area needing ready access to empty barges and a convenient location to temporarily moor loaded barges.   

The property is subdivided into an upper reach spanning from the left descending bank at Ohio River Mile 828 to 829.14, and a lower reach spanning from the left descending bank of Mile 830.7 to 1150 feet downriver.  The maximum fleeting capacity for these fleets is authorized at 66 barges.  Six fleets are authorized in the upper reach.  Two Fleets configured 5 long by 3 wide, one fleet configured 4 long by 3 wide, and three fleets configured 2 long by 3 wide.  One fleet is authorized in the lower reach; it is configured 2 long by 3 wide.  This project would also involve installation of 23 “deadmen” on the adjacent riverbank. 

The Corps worked with Ohio Valley Marine Service, Inc., coordinating agencies such as U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Coast Guard, Kentucky Heritage Council, and the Indiana State Historic Preservation Officer and interested members of the public to conduct a public interest review.  The Corps has determined that all requirements have been met.

The Corps determined that the proposed project is environmentally and navigationally sustainable, and that issuance of the permit, properly conditioned, would not be contrary to the public interest.