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Louisville District hosts annual open house

Published Feb. 3, 2020

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District held its annual open house Jan. 30 at the Marriott Hotel, in Louisville, Kentucky.
The event included presentations by district leaders followed by an open networking session where attendees could speak individually to the district’s contracting officials and senior staff. 

Louisville District Commander Col. Antoinette Gant welcomed attendees, which included contractors who could potentially do work to support the Louisville District missions and discussed the importance of partnerships.

There can be power in a successful partnership, and partnerships are key and essential in all that we do,” Gant said. “When we collaborate with other organizations, we share ideas, get inspiration, and achieve independent and collective goals. We grow in our competencies and succeed, which can lead to a mutual passion that helps create truly revolutionary work.”

Following Gant’s presentation, several senior leaders briefed on their respective programs. One of those district leaders was Cristie Mitchell, Reserve Project Management chief, who gave an overview of the district’s Army and Air Force Reserve program, project statuses and upcoming opportunities.   
“We deliver, not only in a five state area, but across the nation, so I really like this opportunity to get this information out,” Mitchell said. “Delivering on our commitment – that is our goal.”

Other presentations included military programs, civil works, veteran affairs and architect-engineering opportunities.

Acting Deputy for Small Business Jesse Scharlow and other presenters emphasized the importance of partnerships and the effect it has on doing successful business with the Corps.

“The Louisville District Open House is my favorite networking event of the year,” Scharlow said. “The event provides face-to-face engagement between district leaders and both small and large businesses. Meaningful partnerships were formed during this event, and we discussed the importance of our common goal of Partnership, Collaboration, Communication and Delivering the Program. I really would like to thank our district leadership for making this event a top priority, and for their participation in both the SAME Small Business Conference and our Louisville District Open House.”

Approximately 400 businesspeople attended the event.