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Posted 12/16/2007

Release no. 07-006

The Army Corps of Engineers and contractor T.J.C. Engineering have begun construction of Phase 4B (part one) of the Duck Creek local flood protection project in the Oakley neighborhood of Cincinnati.
This phase of the project will include channel improvements and construction of earthen and concrete levees along both banks of Duck Creek. The levee is in a populated area where homes and businesses exist in closely knit quarters. The levee will be constructed by driving steel sheet piling into the ground with a low impact vibrating hammer, and then forming a decorative concrete facing on the land side of the wall. An automated road closure will be constructed that when activated by a high water event, will cross Madison Road, a well-traveled four lane street.

An information open house was held on Dec. 4 from 6-8 p.m. for local neighbors and businesses at a nearby apartment complex. Aerial photos depicting the levee specifications were among some of the visual aides presented. Visitors asked questions about truck traffic, detours, tree clearing and noise.

Project manager Mike Holley, civil works, said the project is well over half-way complete and that progress continues at a steady pace. Work on the Fairfax portion of the flood damage reduction project was completed in 2006.