Contracting Opportunities

The Louisville District procures a variety of supplies and services. Examples of these opportunities follow:

Reserve Centers, barracks, dining facilities, maintenance shops, aircraft hangars, hospitals, airfields, gun ranges, roads, levees, dams, industrial facilities and dredging.

Engineering Services:
Concept studies, master planning, engineering studies, surveying and mapping, remediation, architectural design and inspection.

Supplies and Equipment:
Generators, pumps, turbines, heating and air conditioning, kitchen, parks and recreation, electronic gear, petroleum products, repair parts and lumber products.

Other Services:
Trash collection, mowing, landscaping, janitorial and recreational park maintenance.

Large businesses awarded federal contracts valued at more than $1.5 million for construction, or $700,000 for other than construction, are required to submit subcontracting plans that include percentages of work to be subcontracted to small, disadvantaged, HubZone, women-owned, and disabled veteran-owned businesses. To assist you in your marketing, there is a listing of all Department of Defense (DoD) Prime Contractors at DoD’s home page.

Phone, email or visit the Louisville District’s Small and Disadvantaged Business Office to discuss these opportunities.