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Green River Locks and Dams 3, 4, 5; 6; Barren River Lock and Dam 1 Disposition Feasibility Study

The draft feasibility report and draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Green River Locks and Dams 3, 4, 5, and 6 and Barren River Lock and Dam 1 Disposition Study has been published and is available below this narrative in pdf files.  The purpose of this report is to evaluate the feasibility of, and make recommendations regarding the possible deauthorization and disposal of the existing navigation facilities.  The facilities are located on the Green and Barren Rivers between Brownsville, Kentucky and Rochester, Kentucky on the Green River, and at Greencastle, Kentucky on the Barren River. These structures are no longer used for the authorized Federal purpose of commercial navigation.   The facilities and the pools are no longer maintained by the Corps of Engineers; however, the Corps still has ownership of the properties and inspects the facilities periodically. 

A study was done in the early 1990’s to determine if it would be feasible to restore navigation to the upper reaches of the Green River.  This study found that there would be insufficient benefits from commercial navigation operations to support restoration of navigation.  The Corps of Engineers currently maintains the properties in a caretaker status.  There are two other navigation facilities on the Green River. Lock and Dam 1 near Spottsville, Kentucky and Lock and Dam 2 at Calhoun, Kentucky are still used for commercial navigation. This study does not include these two locks and dams.  

Contingent upon a favorable finding regarding deauthorization of the facilities, the sites could then be disposed of using the provisions regarding surplus government property administered by the General Services Administration (GSA).  Disposing of these facilities supports Presidential Memorandum dated June 10, 2010, entitled “Disposing of Unneeded Federal Real Estate”. 

A Draft EA of the proposed action and possible alternatives has been prepared.  This draft EA is being circulated for public review and comment as well as review by State and Federal resource agencies and stakeholders.  Comments that are received will be considered in the decision to sign a Finding of No Significant Impact or to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement. 

Any person with an interest with regard to this proposed project may provide comments.   Comments received by 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on March 17, 2014 will become part of the record and be given due consideration in making a final decision regarding this action.  Please address all comments or inquiries to Mr. Nathan A. Moulder, CELRL-PM-P-F, email at Nathan.A.Moulder@usace.army.mil, or (502) 315-6776.

Main Report
Appendix A Cultural Resources
Appendix B Geotechnical and Structural
Appendix C Hydrology and Hydraulics
Appendix D Environmental Assessment and FONSI 
Appendix E Environmental Baseline Survey
Appendix F  Real Estate
Appendix G USFWS Coordination
Appendix H Cost Engineering