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Levee Safety Program


The mission of the Levee Safety Program is to assess the integrity and viability of levees and recommend courses of action to make sure that levee systems do not present unacceptable risks to the public, property, and environment.

Public safety is the number one priority of the USACE Levee Safety Program.

The Louisville District's levee system inventory includes 54 Federally authorized and constructed Levee Systems and 6 Non-Federally Constructed Levee Systems located in 5 Levee Safety Areas as shown here. Any proposed modifications to these systems must be technically reviewed by Louisville District. Adherence to Louisville District's Standard Operating Procedures or guidance documents during preparation of construction drawings and specifications in conjunction with any proposed modification will facilitate the review process and may reduce the length of time necessary to issue a permit or letter of no objection. For more information about Levee Safety please contact us.

Contact Us

Located at:
600 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Louisville, KY 40202

Mailing Address:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
ATTN: CELRL-ED-TG, Levee Safety Program, Rm 921
P.O Box 59
Louisville, KY 40201-0059

For more information, call (502) 315-6291 or email the Louisville District Levee Safety Program.

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Slides for the Louisville District 2016 Levee Safety Meeting are available via pdf below:

2016 LSM Day 1-AM 
2016 LSM Day 1-PM_1 
2016 LSM Day 1-PM_2 
2016 LSM Day 2-AM  <-- Broken link is fixed
2016 LSM Day 2-PM 

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